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motto☆hade ni ne!


Damn. Awesome song is awesome. How awesome? Awesome enough for me loop it along with Ame ga Furu for the past 3 hours and karaoke’ing it awesomely. Thank god the house is empty except for me… wait it looks like it’s gonna rain…

Oh, the C/W song, Shiawase Sagashi, is very nice too. Haruka Tomatsu might just be the next Minorin if this keeps up. There’s still the Kannagi ED to look forward to her showing off her awesome vocal range.

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Kannagi 04


I’d confess to Zange-chan, iykwim.

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Kannagi 02


Kannagi continues to be the most delightful watch for me this season, with Nagi-sama’s antics continued.

This episode follows quite well to the manga story although there are a few continuity changes in regards to Tsugumi’s appearances. There’s also the fact they are bent on making Jin much more of a pervert than he was in the manga too, but it’s not such a bad thing since it provides a bit of a laugh and it’s done in a subtle way too. Can’t blame him for being “curious” about living together with a goddess.

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Fall 08: 「Kannagi」 Impressions

Good adaptation is good! I’m glad to say this episode was just as enjoyable as the manga was and maybe even better! They did change the sequence of events from the original manga a bit, but it doesn’t detract from the enjoyment and actually quite much makes it a bit more funnier too.

Tomatsu Haruka is doing a good job as Nagi. Now I know why j1mone likes her so much. Not only does she voice well, she also sings good too! The OP and ED sure did a good job to showcase her vocal talents.

The OP, motto☆派手にね!, is an catchy pop tune which is fittingly accompanied with footage of Nagi singing on stage and uh, pursuing a career in entertainment. I’ll say this is best OP for this season yet, in terms of the vocal and visual synergy.

The ED, 産巣日の時, is at the different end of the spectrum from the OP; it’s a slow, gentle lullaby song, accompanied by calming night footage of the holy tree and a zoom-out of Nagi and Jin, another good synergy between vocals and visuals. I really liked both the songs and now I’m thoroughly pumped for the singles release.

Tomatsu-chan also brings Nagi to life well, capturing the essence of her character well. Hiro Shimono also does a good job as her foil, playing Mikuriya Jin, and it’s not a surprise since he’s pretty well acquainted with roles such as these already. It was sure LOL to watch Nagi’s crazy reactions to Jin’s matter-of-fact explanations. Bishoujo Tochigami Nagi FTW!

Overall, I’m liking the series already, and it only gets better as soon as Zange-chan appears. Hanazawa Kana! \o/

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