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Sheer words just really fail me now, that I’ve just marathoned the whole series at once. Never before have I ever came close to drowning in pure kawaiiness and moéness… every one should watch this series once before they die, life just feels so complete now that I’ve known about the wonders of Yurieism.

The best way to describe Kamichu! for me is that it’s like watching Spirited Away only without the angst and with an extremely nice shot of moé that is just too perfect. I absolutely love the amount of detail that Aniplex has put in to this production, making it worthy of the Best Animation award it received.

Kamichu’s humour is the best to date for me, with it not being too over-the-top yet falling flat. Best scene must go to episode 4’s “Exclusive Self-Defense Policy” that Yurie-sama invoked in episode 4. Now I’ll know what to do if a bunch of soldiers surround me in Japan. Tama-chan is also a freaking riot, with the running joke in the series of her “abilities” being slowly discovered by Shoukichi. Besides, where else can you find a cat that’s not only just a cute pet, but also a poverty god, fighter and washes dishes as well?!

Truly deserves it’s award, a second season and more Miko-chan as well. Cutest _miko imouto-chan_ ever!

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