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“Tsubasa wa yume, soshite sora e!”

Kaleido Star

Yes, I just finished marathoning Kaleidostar. That’s really the reason why I’ve not been as enthusiastic about the new Spring Season as much as the other blogosphere has been, no I must say, I think has been, as the show totally absorbed much of my attention in to finishing it more than actually caring much about the new season instead. But well, I do believe the blogosphere is already at a self-sustaining level anyways, but that’s a different matter at all.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t liked Kaleidostar at all at first, in fact, the only reason I had the anime in the first place was due to recommendation from a friend more than a year ago, of which I gave up after the 3rd episode since it couldn’t hold my attention at that time. Now, I’m glad to be proud of having watched this show and recommend this anime to those who are looking for a truly inspiring anime, a story of a truly pure-hearted, yet normal girl doing her best to achieve her dreams and overcoming many obstacles in the course of it. Kaleidostar is just simply a compelling story to get in to once you’ve been captivated by it. I can’t deny being captured by the mood of the show now, and it really has made me feeling a little foolish right now, ha ha ha.

The best part of Kaleidostar would, to me, probably be the charisma of both Sora Naegino and Layla Hamilton, the main characters, one representative of purity, the other representative of discipline and strength. Both clashing at first, then slowly growing to trust and eventually rely on each other, Kaleidostar has been a platform for those two extremely charismatic people to stand on and show us all the true stuff that dreams are made of. Kudos to both Ryou Hirohashi and Sayaka Ohara for portraying both of them so perfectly. I especially loved the final 5 minutes of the Legend of Phoenix OVA, which truly made me shed a tear, from both being happy at Layla and also the tenderness of that scene.

Anyways, for those who have not watched this anime out, please do try it! It doesn’t need to be now, or soon, but the show definitely warrants a watch for those who truly love anime as a medium of powerful story telling. It might not seem to be interesting as there are no guns fired or fanservice being shown, but this show is truly another shining example of the power of anime as a medium.

“Tsubasa wa yume, soshite sora e!”

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