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Fall’07 Snippets No.2

In this installment of Kuro’s Fall’07 Snippets, we have more awesome big gun girl from Night Wizard, cheese factor from our favourite policewomen duo, losers crying and lolis panchira‘ing


Night Wizard

Oh yes, why is this so awesome?

Oh yes. Akari is awesome. God damn, they better give her more screen time if they want this series to be successful.

Probably what makes Night Wizard so entertaining is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Also, the producers are inserting a lot of comedy in to the show, which really makes it pretty enjoyable. I definitely loved that Renji was bumped down a whole year just to be in the same class as Elis to protect her. Seriously, that has to be damn embarrassing for him, hell, I would be positively mad. Anzelotte is pretty brutal towards Renji :D.

You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle 02

Oh wow, the cheese factor in this episode was OVER9000, for god’s sake. At the least they closed this arc already, halfway in the episode, I almost thought they were gonna make Miyuki and Natsuki take care of the kid for like, the rest of the series. Wow, I would like to see Nakajima’s face if it happens, lulz.

Also, awesomely, Miyuki manages to wake Natsumi in time for work. XD.

Kaiji 02


You got suckered, d’oh!

Wow. He’s such an idiot. Can’t blame him though, it’s easy to get suckered in those conditions, but crying out and attacking the guy is just… classic. Btw, loved the minor 24 reference, gg for him, at that time.

It’ll be interesting to see how he manages to get back 5 stars with only 5 cards.

P.S. Forgot to say this, but much <3 for Triad for doing this show.

Kodomo no Jikan 01

Kodomo no Jikan


Not a bad first episode, though they seemed to have cut and pasted a few chapters of the 1st volume together.

Poor Aoki-sensei… he’s got a long, long way ahead for him.

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Fall ’07 Day Two


Wow, it’s been a while since I heard Sawashiro Miyuki in an ojou-sama role. Dear god, I truly miss her ojou-sama voice, and when she goes all out in it, one can really get enraptured by it.

Definitely following this show.


Good enough to get it’s own post.


Not extremely good or bad, Mokke’s beginning was a tad slow for me. The slice-of-life-ness is prevalent here, so I just felt it was a bit of a waste for Kawasumi Ayako and Mizuki Nana voicing the two leads, as the roles aren’t really too challenging to voice. Maa, I guess I’m a bit too much of a seiyuu fanboy already. Honestly speaking, I was expecting something like Ayako’s role in Yumetsukai, but I guess that’s off the mark for Mokke.

One thing I liked about Mokke was the OP, “Kokoro no Ato (ココロの跡)” by Riyu Kosaka, a very nice song that sets up a mood for the show. Already on my “Must-get’s” for the Fall season after M;Y’s OP and ED.

Hope the next episode would be more interesting.

Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro

Hmm… pretty interesting, even if it’s rehashing a lot of tropes used in detective shows. I’ll say the producers know their stuff, with their subtle distraction of the steak meat in the kitchen. Seasoned readers of detective shows or Roald Dahl readers will probably get my reference teehee.

While it’s a bit cliched, Neuro isn’t too boring of a show, for it’s initial outing, and seeing Takehito Koyasu in full scale voice acting in Neuro’s role was pretty enjoyable. Kana Ueda provides an excellent backup to him as well.

Too bad the animation quality looks pretty artificial and cheap, although it’s not bad. Kinda find this “cheap” look really distracting when watching anime lately. Well, I’ll stick on for a few more outings, if just to see more of Takehito Koyasu.

Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji

Ever since trying out Akagi on a whim last year, I’ve fallen in love with Nobuyuki Fukumoto, the creator of the series. Sadly, it’s been a bit hard to find his works in English, not strange because of the deep subject matter of his works.

I’m pretty happy to see another of his work being adapted in to an anime, and Kaiji sounds like it’ll be fun. While the titular main character isn’t as awesome as Akagi was, but he has an aura of normality to him, so it’ll be interesting to see how he’ll be gambling.

Even the games he’s going to play looks interesting, with the first round being a game of Jankenpon, but on 12 cards instead, 4 for each of the 3 combinations. Ahh… I wish Triad or some other dedicated subbing group would pick this show up.

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