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Kagihime Monogatari Alice 07

I don’t know why am I still watching this, apart from the awesome soundtrack which this series does not deserve.

Anyways, it was an entertaining watch, mostly because of Kisa-chan. I pity the enemy this episode, she had to come attack at the wrong time.

Other than that…..zzzzz…..

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Kagihime Monogatari Alice 06

The gang is doing research on Takion when an invitation drops out from a book asking them to the library. Accepting it, they’re lured apart and separated into two worlds, with Kiraha, Kisa and Kirika in a surreal world populated by crayon animals that chase them, while Arisu and Aruto are in a Forest of Alphabets, with both apparently settings from the Alice story.

Aruto is trapped in a vine cage and can’t be released unless they both kiss from the bottom of their hearts, as in the story. Their first kiss doesn’t work as both are equally embarassed and they try again later, finally breaking the vine cage. The gang find themselves in a room full of mementos and stuff from Alternate L.Takion and are fascinated by it until they’re interrupted by the librarian. She brings them to see the guy who’s supposedly Takion, but he introduces himself as Alice Master, overseeing the affairs of the Alice-nouryokusha battles. He asks for Aruto’s help with the third Alice book, the Endless Alice, which he gladly accepts.Back home, each of them recount their experiences and Kiraha learns about the kiss. Meanwhile, the librarian questions her Master about his purpose of doing that, to which he replies that Aruto’s power has some worth to be used.

Finally, some development, but it’s still kinda boring. It was kinda fun to see the surreal crayon world though, and some of the settings in this episode kinda reminded me of those in the old fairytales. The best part about the show is still it’s background music, sadly though.

I think I’ll just finish through this anyways, it’s not that hateble yet. Next episode would probably deal with Aruto and Arisu’s growing feelings and Kiraha’s jealousy.

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Kagihime Monogatari Alice 05

Arisu takes one more Alice-*nouryoukusha* down and Aruto copies her story, while being watched by a mysterious girl.Later Aruto is coming back from getting some groceries when he decides to take a shortcut and finds himself suddenly in the rain. He runs to a nearby house and the occupant invites him in to take shelter. Inside, she addresses him as Takion and asks him to tell her stories, which he gladly obliges.

Soon, he’s going to Delila’s, her name, place about everyday, making Kiraha and Arisu jealous. There’s also an obvious change in him too, as he seems to have the life force sucked out of him. Kirika realises this and decides to tell it to Arisu and Kiraha what’s happening. It seems Delila’s place is a special Melway space and Aruto is being sucked into it. As attempts to stop Aruto to go there fail, they all decide to investigate and find out that Delila has died a long time ago. Breaking into her room using their powers, they face off Delila and find that she’s a powerful opponent. She reveals that she was once Takion’s girlfriend but one day, he disappeared without a trace and since then, she has been waiting for his return, but to no avail. Finally, Arisu, Kira and Kirika defeat her and unlock her heart to reveal her story. Aruto promises to keep her story in his heart and she fades away after attempting to kiss Aruto.

Hmm.. seems like that Takion guy’s a bit of a bastard, but nothing really much has been revealed. Art and animation were quite OK this episode, but the story and development is leaving me wondering should I be continuing on this series. I’d like to see more Kira,Kisa and Arisu action :). I’ll see how this goes one for 1 or 2 more episodes. Enjoy the caps.

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Kagihime Monogatari Alice 04

Arisu is on her night rounds when she spots the library on fire. Rushing on to the scene, she discovers a girl burning Alice books and tries to stop her but fails. The next day, she relates her story to Aruto and the rest, when they interrupted by the appearance of the girl from yesterday. She gets stuck to Aruto, causing jealousy among the girls. Asking her name, she only replies Anderson and won’t say a word after that.

She follows them back home and stays overnight, causing Kiraha to be jealous. She tries to attack her, but fails as she’s too powerful. Arisu, Kirika rush on the scene but are still overpowered by her. Kirika speculates that she might be an Anderson-*nouryokusha* instead of an Alice-*nouryokusha*, and that she might be lost. Kisa arrives later and manages to win against her as she’s a Water element user. Unlocking her heart, Aruto reads out her story and decides not to take it, returning it back to her. The next day, they’re having lunch as usual, and she appears again, this time introducing herself as Akane.

Not exactly a good episode, but it was still fun to watch. A lot of jargon was used this time, making me quite confused, but meh, I’m not watching it for the Alice Game anyways. One thing I have to say is, the production crew really don’t seem like they’re taking this show seriously. Hope the next episode would be better. The loli twins at the end of the episodes really give out a bloody creepy vibe ~_~.

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Kagihime Monogatari Alice 03

The third episode introduces another Alice-*nouryokusha*, Kirika, who’s taken quite an interest in Aruto after watching him copy the girl’s story from the last episode. She asks him(actually, traps him) into helping her research on the Alice-*nouryokusha* and Aruto is given a bracelet to wear that will react whenever he shows a liking or excitement towards something. Aruto gladly obliges to wear it and the next day(or was it later?), he goes out to an art exhibition with Kiraha, bumping into Arisu. This sparks off a fight between the two in finding out Aruto’s interests. The next day, he returns the bracelet to Kirika and finds out he’s most excited when writing his stories. Later, Kirika calls on them to inform that she’s moving in next door :).

Ahh… yes, the introduction of the prerequisite *kyonyuu* girl of the show, which is Kirika. I LOL’ed a lot too on discovering her Alice transformation actually turns her into a loli, XD.

Increasingly, I find myself enjoying Alice more for the laidbackness of the show itself, where there’s not much tension in the air, even with the ongoing Alice fight. It doesn’t really help when the setting and BGM mesh in perfectly to produce a really dreamy atmostphere. I find it quite funny to watch Kiraha and Arisu fight over Aruto as well.

There’s also a change in the ED sequence this episode too, which you can see in the screencaps below. And speaking of that, now that I know it’s Aruto in the bunny suit in the OP, anyone thinks it’s quite gay?

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Kagihime Alice Monogatari 02

This time, the focus is on Kisa-chan, Kiraha’s best friend at school. Due to her introverted personality, she seems to be stuck with Kiraha, in the really really obssesive way too. First, she bakes cookies to attempt getting a indirect kiss with Kiraha ~.~, then she takes advantage of Kira leaving her to take care of the house to jump into her bed, check her wardrobe and do stalker-type things. She also participates in the Alice game to get at Arisu, whom she thinks is causing Kiraha to be sad. Man….talk about obssesion. Oh, did I mention too she keeps a cupboard full of “mementos” from Kiraha. @.@;;

But strangely,this just adds more to the quirkiness that is Kagihime. Looked at rationally, it’s just an average *mahou shoujo* show with a exceptional soundtrack, but somehow, I really can’t put it down. Kisa’s obssesion is kinda funny to watch in a way, and the fact that she’s sooo innocent and shy when with other people than Kisa makes her a great contrasting character.

The setting and rules of the Alice Game also seem to be pretty much illogical too, with Kisa suddenly getting a key and becoming an Alice-*nouryoukusha*, a seemingly powerful one at that too, since she has mastery over water and tradition dictates that elemental manipulators are typically powerful. Lucky for Arisu, Kisa is firmly under Kiraha’s influence, but Kisa’s still not going to let her guard down, based on her hillarious “*bimyou na kankei*” comment. By the way, Kisa’s design seriously reminds me of Hayate and Viita of Nanoha A’s, if both of them where combined, anyone thinks so?

It’s also revealed that the *monogatari* the Alice-*nouryoukusha* are aiming for are each person’s most important memory, and getting it would mean the person loses it. Aruto becomes useful this episode, as it’s revealed he has the ability to copy the memories exactly, so that the memories are not lost by the person having it.

Takion, the so-called author, makes an appearance towards the end to spout some random stuff. But meh, who cares about him anyways. Continue for screencaps.

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Kagihime Monogatari Alice 01

Kagihime Alice 01

I’d like to write a full blown summary, but I’m kinda short of time for now, so I’ll do it later.I’ll just leave my opinions about this show for now, and for those who want a summary, get it at the usual place ;).

I didn’t really expect much from this show, except for a chance to hear Ai Shimizu perform something other than a obese cat. But, unexpectedly, it is kinda good, though Omni doesn’t really like it :P. This show will definately appeal to the Rozen Maiden fans.

The most outstanding part of this show, IMHO, is the setting and the soundtrack. Never before have I had such an urge to get an OST right at the first 5 minutes of this show. The soundtrack is totally fitting in with the Victorian setting of the show. I need more listening to the OP and ED before giving away any comments, though.

But still, you can say Kagihime tends to borrow too much from other series’, such as the Melway Space (*fuuzetsu* from Shana) , the key weapons (Kingdom Hearts) and also the Alice Game (Rozen Maiden).Heck I even spotted Marjery and Hayate/Viita.

But still, I kinda like the show and it’s full of potential. It didn’t really felt *mahou shoujo*-ish for me, and the sweetness level is just right. We’ll have to see later though :).

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