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Kage Kara Mamoru 07

Quite a cute episode about an episode 7 years back where Yuuna is kidnapped by a bunch of guys. Mamoru does question on why he has to protect her, but then, a childhood spent together really justifies it :).

Anyways, this episode is all about Yuuna’s cuteness and I just love how airheaded she is without being irritating. Knowing that she got kidnapped from the TV news really fits her :P.

Not much more to say, came down with a fever and semi-cold right now, might not be really blogging much this few days.

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Kage Kara Mamoru! 06

Kage Kara Mamoru keep surprises me every week.Initially, I’d thought that it would just a generic harem anime with a ninja theme, with fanservice here and there and disproportionally more than character development and drama.

But it’s given me quite a surprise with it’s pleasant blend of humour and seriousness at times, especially exhibited by Yuuna, who although is quite airheaded most of the time, but is quite serious with her love for Mamoru.

Anyways, this episode we have another girl (the last of them I hope) appearing, who is Kumogakure Hotaru, representing the shy girl stereotype. All is not it seems as although she confesses to Mamoru, but she’s actually a female ninja harbouring revenge on the Kagemori clan as they had “disgraced” her clan in a ninja *taikai* :).


– Mamoru on imagining the prospect of an Airi and Yuuna flood.
– Airi and Yuuna messing up Hotaru’s confession.
– Mamoru and Yamame using the ol’ UFO diversion trick and the effects of the loss of the ninja *taikai* on the Kumogakure clan
– Yuuna sulking in her room.

It’s nice to see Yuuna expertly changing from airhead mode to lovesick mode. Hotaru is quite likable with the BGM that plays when she’s on-screen quite helps too :).Yamame and Tsubaki are on the backseats this episode, so we don’t really get to see much of them, but they still had their 5 minutes in this episode too, with Yamame revealing out Tsubaki’s feelings.

Next episode has Hotaru meeting Yamame, the real cause of the Kumogakure clan’s resentment. It seems that knives , or should I say *shuriken’s* are literally being thrown around amongst them :). There’s also some flashbacks of Mamoru and Yuuna as well. *Chibi* Yuuna…. *kawaii~~*.

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Kage Kara Mamoru! 05

A ninja *shitagi-doroubo* has appeared and Tsubaki suspects Mamoru of it. She drags Mamoru along to catch the thief to prove his innocence but on their first night, Yuuna mistakes 2 at night to be 2 in the afternoon(don’t ask) and distracts Mamoru from his duty while Tsubaki faces off the thief but fails to catch him. Not satisfied with Mamoru’s explanation, she decides stay with him for the whole day.

Seeing that, Mamoru’s mom suggests that they both go out for a date. While having fun, they’re spotted by Airi and Yuuna, who decides to follow them. Yuuna, being an airhead, heads for the toilet at the local *konbini* in the middle of the chase, but the *konbini* she’s in gets attacked by a robber. Mamoru, after being informed by his mom, heads off to stop the robber, but the robber uses a smoke diversion and runs off, only to be finished off by Tsubaki.

A seemingly comedic episode, but it’s there’s actually quite a lot of character development in this episode. Tsubaki was pretty cute in her normal streetwear this episode and her *tsunderekko*-ness really shines too. It was pretty funny to see Yuuna replacing the *koi* (come) with *koi* (love) and her freaking out when she sees Mamoru and Tsubaki out for a date and not to forget too, how the heck she can mistake 2AM for 2PM ?\_?. Airi’s giving off a pretty *shoujo-ai* vibe with Yuuna this episode too, while Yamame had some show stealers with her *nekomimi* outfit coming out again, complete with the *nyaa~~* too ^_^;;.

Once again, the production crew of KKM is proving to be quite good, making out a cast of stereotypical yet likable characters and balanced storytelling. Each girl had their fair share of screentime this episode, with the format seemingly to be the one becoming the focus (Tsubaki in this episode), the other taking a secondary role(Yuuna) and leaving the rest appearing in short but funny cameos spread round the show(Yamame). The next episode is another introduction one, with the last girl appearing and seemingly tons of comedy involving Airi and Yuuna in various funny poses.

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Kage Kara Mamoru 04

Airi has entered Yuuna into an idol contest, which spurs Tsubaki and Yamame to join in too to attract Mamoru’s feelings. Tsubaki performs some of her sword skills and caligraphy, but tries to commit *seppuku* when she miswrites “Samurai” with “Wait”. Yamame does a hillarious *kage bunshin* dance and hopping around in a bag trick. Yuuna “wows” the audience with her *dojikko*-ness and her own original song, “**Banana Banana**”.

Later, Yuuna is accepted in the third round and goes to perform. Before it starts, the producer tries to make her sleep with him, but she “skillfully” declines it, and Mamoru deals a fatal blow to him. A new producer comes in and decides to make Yuuna a star, but when he disallows her to socialize with Mamoru, she refuses the offer. Mamoru, having heard that Yuuna is going to be an idol, sulks on the roof, and he’s pleasantly surprised to see her at school the next day, and even more suprised when she starts to talk something logical for a change, saying that she’d rather be a normal student ;).

This must the one the best episodes to date, with enough humour and character development. I’d never expected the second half part involving the producer’s seduction scene and Mamoru’s sulking when he hears that Yuuna’s going to be and idol, turning the series a bit serious for a change too.

However, humour is still in spades here, with the hillarity of Tsubaki’s *tsunderekko*-ness on commiting *seppuku* and Yamame’s *kage bunshin* dance. Yuuna’s banana song has to be heard to be believed and it really made me went “WTF?!”. We need more Tsubaki though :P.

Yuuna also made me LOL in the dressing room scene where she uses paper to answer people while she’s eating, reminded me of Ranma’s father for a while there :). Her airheadedness is definitely her best weapon, as she easily “disarms” the producer’s flirts, although she still needs Mamoru to clean up for her. I do have to say, that they really should reduce Mamoru’s ninja intro sequences as it’s detracting from his *kakkoi*-ness, of which he excels extremely well, with his sarcasm and tone :).

Kage Kara Mamoru is proving to be an interesting show for now and there hasn’t been a *faux pas* yet, so I’ll continue with it. The next episode seems to have some drama and action with Mamoru and the girls. No screencaps this time, had an incompatitable raw :(.

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Kage Kara Mamoru 03

Another introduction episode (seriously, I keep forgetting their names :P), with Mamoru’s distant relative, Hattori Yamame, coming over for a visit. Yamame mistakes Mamoru for a useless pervert because of how different(a.k.a how ugly) he is from when he was young. Later, she gets into trouble with the local mafia boss (I pity the guy) who’s employed a new underling, Chim Panji (yes, it rhymes with Chimpanzee), who uses some funny Animal Style and hypnosis on Yamame, turning her into a nekomimi fighter (:rollseyes). In the end, he’s defeated and the next day, Yamame transfers in too.

Well, nothing innovative, but it’s still fun to see Yuuna and Tsubaki, especially Tsubaki’s cameos involving her training with the sword and tennis racket, which really is quite a showstealer :) . Yuuna’s wordplays and action still boggles and humours as usual.

Yamame provides the loli factor in the equation of Mamoru’s harem, and Ai Shimizu does an OK job voicing her, though not as noticable as her other roles. IMO, we need more Tsubaki :).

Next episode is an idol contest (again?) with more hijinks by the rest of the cast. I gleefully await more of Tsubaki, she’s just sooo cute and moé :). With that, this wraps up this week’s backlog, phew.

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Kage Kara Mamoru! 02

The second episode introduces Tsubaki, a talented and deadly swordswoman. She’s helping out the *yakuza* leader from the first episode to take revenge against Yuuna, claiming that she’s an evil person. But she fails at it, thanks to Yuuna herself, with her “blur”-ness disarming Tsubaki at every turn when she tries to challenge her. Mamoru also has a fight with her, leading into some fanservice. In the end, Mamoru enlightens her about the truth and Tsubaki decides to pay her “customer” a good lesson. She tranfers into their school the next day.

Not much of a summary, but don’t let it hamper your expectations of KKM. This episode is quite funny and Tsubaki herself is quite likable, being a mix of *tsunderekko* and naivety. She’s kinda cute too ;). Yunna was hillarious as usual this week, with her air-headness at the right mix, neither too boring or too much. I love her when she told Tsubaki she put her katana in the umbrella stand, making Tsubaki going OTL and then commenting if the broom closet was a much better choice, XD.

So far, there’s not much bad points for the series, except for the cheesy intro that Mamoru makes before he fights Tsubaki. Definitely on my watch list this season.Screencaps as usual.

**P.S.**: I’ve fallen in love with the OP song. Kinda really nice to listen to.

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Kage Kara Mamoru! 01

Kage Kara Mamoru! 01

Another rom-com series for this season, hot on the heels of Magikano, only with a more Japanese theme of ninjas this time.Perhaps to give the Narutards a reprieve from the filler-hell I heard they’re having now.

The show’s about Yuuna and her *osananajimi* neighbour, Mamoru. Yuuna is a *dojikko*, kinda “blur” and really carefree, while Mamoru is a typical nerd and looks perpetually tired. Both of them have been in the same classes for thirteen years straight. Yuuna has a knack of always getting into trouble, but lucky for her, Mamoru is actually a shinobi-in-training who has protected her all this time.

The whole thing is really what you’d expect from a typical rom-com shows so no points for story. I still like this show, especially because of Yuuna, who’s really cute and really moé, because of her *dojikko*-ness. As for Mamoru, I was expecting him to be a Keitaro type while he’s in normal form, but luckily he isn’t, as even if he looks like a nerd, he still has “sharp” *tsunderekko* type personality, making him interesting to watch. He seems to be quite attractive towards the ladies too, with Airi taking a (very obvious) interest towards him. Throws the nerd stereotype out the window totally, eh.

Artwise and character design-wise, KKM is good and consistent in animation. The OP and ED are pleasant to listen to, but probably won’t have the spammage factor that is **ETERNAL BLAZE**. The *seiyuu’s* are doing a good job on the characters, although Omni has other opinions. Mai Nakahara’s profile seems to be increasing rapidly recently, no doubt thanks to Mai-HiME. Ryoko Shintani too is showing her voice range with this show, as I couldn’t recognise her voice as Airi ^_-. I did mistake Miki Itou’s voice for Aya Hisakawa though :p.

The only down part of the show is the action seqeunces as it seems they didn’t really put much budget into it. But I’ll think of them more of as plot devices than anything, so hopefully they don’t overuse the stuff like the kidnapping sequence too much as it may get distracting.

Overall, a fun show to watch and I’ll probably follow it.Screencaps following below.

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