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Tylor’s War: An Exceptional Episode

Following on the mind-boggling ending of the TV series, I surged forth in to watching the OVA and wow, I seriously do not know what this show is trying to do. \

First off, I keep wondering how the hell did Tylor escape punishment from all the shit he does, which seriously speaking, goes against every inch of common sense that I have. Seriously.

Despite such, I do agree there is a certain “magic” in the way he does things I guess, but seriously, I can’t believe it’s being taken this far. I think Maestro has something spot on when he says Tylor is probably an incarnation of Loki. Seriously, you don’t know what the guy is thinking 100% of the time and whether he is a real genius or a bloody lucky fool.

The first OVA somehow kinda ruins the crew a bit though, when considering that just before this, they totally kicked up a huge mess by deciding to follow Tylor no matter what, but loses confidence in him as soon as they get captured which actually escalates to the point that they remove him democratically from his seat when they’re released unconditionally. Thank god he is vindicated in the end.

The same also goes for Ru Baraba Dom as well, and considering his character in the TV series, the OVA incarnation seems to be a TOTALLY different person somehow. It was really weird seeing him doing so many out-of-character things, that I wondered was he replaced by an idiot twin or something! Seriously, how could they have lost the character continuity like that? Even Shia Has felt really weird, but not substantially as much as Ru was.

Oh I really have the mention that “personal scene” between Azalyn and Tylor. I went like “Oh wow….!” myself too. They sure did a number on her. At the least she’s one of the characters I feel to have grown for the better in between the series and the OVA.

Only 8 more episodes left!

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For his was a genius no rule could contain

I just finished watching the finale of Tylor. Holy shit, that was a truly “WTF!!!” ending. What the hell just happened?!!!

I sure hope the OVA’s answer something for me.

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Irresponsible Captain Tylor is sure not what I expected…

Up to Episode 19. If all goes well, I’d probably be completing the show by the end of this week (also avoiding totally my Java assignment that is due soon).

I certainly didn’t expect the show to take such a serious overtone by having Tylor getting captured by the enemy and only to be saved from execution thanks to his dumb luck again. Seeing Tylor as a bard was quite the sight, and he really manages to easily throw people off with his demeanor that really makes you wonder if he’s really a fool or is he pretending to be one and saying whatever he wants using it as a guise.

Biggest surprise for me is when he gets grievously injured while protecting Azalyn-chan and falls in to a deadly coma, luckily to be saved by the stubbornness of Yuriko-san. I surely didn’t expect him to get injured that seriously considering his dumb luck, but it sure makes a big difference in defining the show as a serious drama piece than just a comedy show dependent on the antics of Tylor’s luck.

Of course, I have to touch on the crew getting imprisoned by their own allies, even to the point of them possibly getting “disposed” off by the UPSF higher-ups to settle the Tylor issue. That’s just seriously uncalled for. Good thing to see that Tylor’s dumb luck isn’t just limited to himself, Yamamoto sure was GAR when he ordered them to solo-warp right in to the middle of the enemy fleet and leaving the rest to luck.

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Dear God, Tylor is one madly lucky SOB

Seriously. That crazy luck of his is soooo overwhelming that even I feel jealous of it. I pity that poor Raalgon Admiral who almost had him, only to be pwned by a solar flare caused by his own shots.

Nevertheless, Tylor’s right. Despite overwhelming strength, numbers and tactics, one can always win by running away, as long as they have 65536 LUK. Crazy natural LUK is crazy.

Man, when is Azalyn getting her spotlight?

P.S.: And I realise the episode titles for Tylor are pretty much some of the best ones I’ve seen for an anime. This episode was titled “Be Prepared, Be Smart or Be Lucky”. How bloody true.

P.S. 2: Oh hai, here I am blogging at 4am again for the second day consecutively LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

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Irresponsible Captain Tylor begins

At the recommendation of a friend, I managed to watch the first four episodes of Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Now I’m seriously hooked. That Tylor guy is one damned lucky sonnavabitch, like “Ehh? That was a bomb?!” God, that was hilarious.

Watching those four episodes made me laugh so hard, my guts nearly broke. This shit is even better than RAPE!RAPE!RAPE!RAPE!, considering how old it is.

Here is a brief summary from ANN on the show: ▼

I’m surprised to see a familiar voice in the show in the form of Emi/Yumi, both voiced by Mika Kanai (Satoko,Higurashi series; Vanilla H & Normad, Galaxy Angels). Never knew she was that old, lol. And the girls of the Soyokaze are all kinda hawt, in an old-school kind of way, especially Ltr. Cmdr. Yuriko Star who is appealing very much to the tsundere lover inside of me. Ohh~ I really miss those old school tsun-tsun types.

God, I can’t wait to get the full series and watch it. From what I hear, this series will get pretty epic in a lot of ways.

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