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Inukami! The Movie

Oh god, it’s finally out. I swear, the producers of Inukami are f*cking geniuses. Seriously, no normal people can think of this kind of stuff. It’s so homoerotic, yet so comedy gold at the same time.

So basically, the movie is more of an OVA to say than really a movie, because it’s just 26 minutes long. The story is about Karina, who’s suddenly found dead, and the mysterious appearance of a group called Project K, hell-bent on capturing and cleansing the city of all its perverts. Keita, being the Ra-Oh (Naked King) steps up to stop the nonsense, and finds out that the Project K guys are basically clones of Karina created by a madougu (evil magic tool) filled with his hatred of being called a pervert. So after some really LULZ gattai scene and nekkid Keita riding around on a giant stone frog, they manage to defeat it and save poor Karina before he’s cremated (since his real body was in a frozen status and all).

Some of my favourite shots from the movie after the jump, probably a very good idea to not put them on the front page in case of permanent scarring of some of my more innocent readers.

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Inukami wins, seriously. Don’t listen to all those shortsighted people who claim that it’s nakkid men anime, there’s more to it than that,really. A story of love, friendship, blood, sweat and tears awaits as well. Oh, don’t forget the elephants too!

That being said, Inukami! is such a refreshingly entertaining comedy anime, I’m regretting dismissing it when it was being aired. The jokes are unrestrainedly over-the-top and I really bust a gut or two laughing like hell while watching Inukami!, mostly at the expense of poor Keita. Probably what I like about Inukami is that their jokes are not just restricted to the females, but the males get their fair share of the short end of the stick as well. Many a times, I was really going to laugh and barf at the same time with some of the antics they pull off. Best was probably episode 18’s infamous ending, which really needs to be watched to be believed. Ironic since my interest in Inukami! peaked when I took a liking towards Yuujou Monogatari, the series’ ED.

Keita is also probably one of the best male characters I’ve seen in a while, mostly due to his antics, and well, luck with girls as well. It’s really god damned funny to see him go all out trying to attract the girls but in the end, he attracts more perverts than females XD. I do share his concerns about bringing forward his relationship with Youko though, the prospects are kinda mortifying LOLOLOLOL. Still, the poor chap is just plain likable and I really wouldn’t mind having a friend like him around, it’d be fun everyday just enjoying at his antics.

Seriously, don’t look down on Inukami!. It’s a show that needs to be watched before judging it. It’s probably one of the better ecchi comedy anime in recent times, and I’m even ranking it just behind the legendary FMP?:Fumoffu in terms of eliciting all-out gut-busting laughter. Be a bit more open-minded and give it a try, now that Mendoi-KAA-SHS have completed releasing the subbed DVDrips.

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