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9 weeks of MechaIdol later…


I wonder why am I still watching it. At first, I picked it up because of the A-list of seiyuus, then I continued with it because I saw it had some potential, but now, I’m getting a bit jaded with it.

Actually, I’m getting bored of Haruka hogging most of the airtime along with her somewhat, erm… strange obsession with her mecha, Imbel. Idolmaster has a really large cast, but they aren’t given enough airtime, seriously. Out of the nine episodes up till now, Haruka has probably 75% or more of the airtime. And the only character apart from Haruka which had an episode focused on her remains only Yukiho-chan, sigh, and she’s not exactly my favourite character.

The other thing is that the show is taking itself somewhat seriously, in my opinion, especially on the Haruka-Imbel relationship angle, which, to me, just feels really overdone already. The show needs to be less serious and, uh, dark, I guess.

Still, I guess I will watch on just for the heck of it, and since I’ve already come this far, I might as well put some hope in to it. But unless the show starts to get more interesting, either in a dramatic way or a character-driven way, Idolmaster is going to be deigned to the forgettable anime pile.

Hint: More Iori-chan plz. A Yayoi is fine too.

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Idolm@ster Xenoglossia OP: Binetsu S.O.S. !!

Idolmaster Xenoglossia

Surprisingly good and catchy. I’m starting to like Hashimoto Miyuki.

So far, Idolm@ster Xenoglossia has kinda exceeded expectations and it’s kinda enjoyable to watch. Sadly it seems the reaction it’s been getting is kinda negative. Well I haven’t played the game myself yet so I’m not that biased, but as a show, Xenoglossia isn’t that bad at all. Haruka, while being in the same character class as Arika, is actually likable while the other cast members are hillarious. I do wonder where did the doctor who appeared in episode 2, who gives off a Shizuru vibe, went to. She needs more screen time.

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Idolm@ster Xenoglossia looks kinda good!

Idolmaster Xenoglossia

Gundam Otome

I had somewhat dreaded this anime at first, since it’s by Sunrise, and being Sunrise, they somehow spinned in mecha in to a series where the original concept was to build the career of pop idol, based on 10 initial choices give to you. Can you say, “LOLMECHA”?

But well, the first episode isn’t that bad really, and it was far from my original expectation of “singing and dancing” mecha, but instead the girls seem to be part of an asteroid clean-up/earth protection team. It feels already a lot like Mai Hime/Mai Otome already, but of course this is Sunrise and it is being produced by the same team members.

But I’ll be honest here about the reason why I already like this show…

Idolmaster Xenoglossia

Yukari Tamura, in a tomboyish role. Period. God damned, I missed that aspect of her voice. Of course it also doesn’t help that Mai Nakahara, Hocchan and Noto-sama are playing main roles as well.

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