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Minagoroshi-hen: Taiketsu


“Save Satoko” mini-arc continues with Keiichi attending the village Watanagashi preparation meeting, where he finds out that the villagers are unwilling to cooperate with his efforts to save Satoko as they still perceive the Houjou family as “cursed”, even though no one hates them already. Spurred by this, Keiichi disrupts the meeting and manages to persuade the villagers and Kimiyoshi, the village chief, to join in their efforts, but one obstacle still stands in their way, the Sonozaki family.

Keiichi and gang then confront Sonozaki Oryou, and after a round of intense negotiation, Keiichi manages to get Oryou to support their efforts to save Satoko. With that said, the villagers start to campaign outside the Child Services office to help Satoko, but however, the Chief decides ignore the situation. As the battle starts to seem to become a long one, the intervention of the Sonozaki family manages to overturn it and the Chief finally appears to help Satoko, who is getting abused more and more by the day by her uncle.

Well, looks like the “Save Satoko” arc is coming to a conclusion. Many interesting things appeared this episode, with Sonozaki Akane, Mion and Shion’s mom, getting a nice share of airtime, as well as the first introduction of her husband and Mion & Shion’s father. The Sonozaki family definitely has some really strong political clout as well, as they really helped speeding up the process and even brought in a bigshot as well.

This week’s yokoku is worth a mention too, as it’s pretty funny with the narration about Hanyuu getting a postcard from a viewer concerning Rika’s age, due to her claim of living for over a hundred years already,.

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Minagoroshi-hen: Koushou


Continuing to try to save Satoko, Keiichi ropes in the whole school to go and complain to Child Welfare, yet their efforts are still wasted. Not giving up hope yet, Keiichi decides to rope in more people and manages to get the help of the baseball player who appeared earlier to gather more people to go with them to appeal to Child Welfare and even Irie, Takano and Tomitake join in as well, and the account of their inability to help Rika when she asked for their help. Keiichi is approached by Ooishi, who tells him that part of the reason that Child Welfare isn’t taking any action is on the account of the Sonozaki clan power, as they do not want to make enemies with them. Despite that, Keiichi still keeps his resolve.

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Minagoroshi-hen: Yuragi


Things start to spiral down this episode, with the return of some very familiar faces.

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HiguKai OPED released! Wai~~! Wai~~!


Whee~~ finally out! Naraku no Hana and Taishou-a!

First off, I must say, awesome, awesome covers. Rika and Hanyuu is total <3 :)!

On the songs themselves, I’ll say Naraku no Hana initially wasn’t what I expected. The electronica-ish buildup at the beginning caught me off guard a bit until the familiar slow intro we’ve gotten to love kicks in. The song kinda had some gaps as well in the some of the middle parts and overall, kinda felt empty at times. Still, I’ve grown to love it after a few loops of it.

Taishou-a, meanwhile, is up to expectations and it’s getting really close to be my favorite of the two songs. The slow and melancholic feel of the song really embodies the tragic elements of the Higurashi series.

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Minagoroshi-hen: Unmei no Kaekata


Fangirl Takano is scary

Oh my god… I shat bricks on this episode. Takano…..

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A bunch of Naraku no Hana MAD’s

So, one day I was bored and took a peek in to Nicovid…

Naraku no Lucky Star

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Minagoroshi-hen: Meiro no Housoku



Whee~ Hanyuu finally makes her appearance, albeit translucently.

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Yakusamashi-hen: Hinamizawa Daisaigai

So ends the Yakusamashi-hen, which played it’s purpose well to include in all the clues and hints that were removed in the initial season. In this episode, the Hinamizawa Disaster is implied as a manmade disaster rather and the mysterious group of men are shown to be the culprit.

That being said, poor Rika dies horribly once again, and I just really… feel so sorry for her, suffering as much as she is. Satoko also put up a brave fight in this episode, but sadly, she doesn’t escape in the end.

That being done now, it’s finally time for Minagoroshi-hen, and Hanyuu should be appearing in the flesh next episode. Minagoroshi is one of the bloodiest arcs, I’ve heard, so…

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Yakusamashi-hen: Yotei Chouwa

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

Yakusamashi-hen continues on showing Rika’s growing despair and feelings of hopelessness, and Satoko, meanwhile, starts to experience the similar condition that befell Keiichi in Onikakushi-hen and Rena in Tsumihoroboshi-hen.

Thank god for Ryukishi07 insisting on making the Yakusamashi-hen for the second season of the anime, as I’ve just completed rewatching Higurashi I, and while some important plot points were animated in, but they’ve never fully hinted on many of the important things that would be essential to solving the mystery, case in point the looping Hinamizawa and Rika, only seminally hinted and revealed at the end of Tsumihoroboshi-hen.

But now, Yakusamashi-hen finally fleshes out Rika’s character, and god, at the risk of being mislabeled, I’ll admit this, she’s now my favourite character of the Higurashi cast. Yukarin truly shows her talent with Rika’s role, perfectly switching from the “light Rika” and the “dark Rika” almost effortlessly and bringing out the despair that Rika feels to life.

Next episode should wrap up Yakusamashi-hen, and go in to the next arc, Minagoroshi-hen, which should be one of the bloodiest ones.

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Yakusamashi-hen: Muryoku


The sh*t hasn’t hit the fan yet so this episode is still in the “light-hearted” feel, but this time the main focus is on Rika and her growing despair about the events that will be taking place, and the episode title demonstrates that. Her growing despair and feelings of powerlessness have reached to such levels that she actually shows off “Kuro Rika” to Satoko.

I can only barely imagine what it feels to get stuck in a loop which ends with you getting killed every time. The more I think about how many loops have possibly happened, the more I symphatise with Rika and admire her strength for still managing to keep up her happy facade.

The bleak things aside, this episode still has enough laughs to entertain, and Keiichi was pretty awesome during the baseball game with his way of, ahem, persuading the opponent’s star pitcher to give up the game to them. Of course, who can forget his dramatic entrance with the golf club. I’m pretty sure if Keiichi loses his baseball bat in a fight, he’ll somehow pull out a golf club out of nowhere and continue.

Also, Rena’s omochikaeri :D~~~~~~~.


Hauu~~ omochikaeri!!!

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