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2009 in Review, Part 1


First part of my 2009 in Review article. Only shows I’ve completed watching are in this list, divided in to four tiers of descending “accumulative entertainment value”.

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Higukai Ends


Happy ending all round, yay for Rika and gang for managing to alter fate.

Still, Higukai manages to end with a bang, with that short sequence of an adult resembling Rika appearing before a young Takano and possibly altering her fate as well. Coupled with the announcement of a 3rd season for Higurashi… looks like the mysteries of Hinamizawa will continue.


Frederica or Furude Rika?

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Matsuribayashi-hen: Bouryaku

Still on the past events arc, which is proving to be quite an insightful look at the origins of Takano, the disease and the reasons leading towards the tragic future that has been repeated countless times. Takano Miyo is proving to be the most intriguing character ever, as even though she has some cruel and extreme thoughts, but I simply cannot hate her fully for all her actions. Well, her life is just a big series of plus and minuses.

Most importantly, who is this mystery woman that appeared at the end of this episode? Argh, they called Rie Tanaka to voice her and, damn, I kept thinking “Suigintou” all the while she was offering her proposition to Takano. Rie Tanaka has one awesome evil voice.

Higurashi Kai

Oooh, evil!

P.S. Gotta love the HiguKai previews. “Disembowelment lover Furude Rika” XD.

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Rena DVD Omake

A short clip from the first HiguKai DVD APPEND Disc. Basically, it depicts and hints of adult Rena being an insurance agent, and trying to sell it to Oiishi-san.

God, that was so LOL.

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Matsuribayashi-hen: Ugomeki

Higurashi Kai

Oh wow, Hanyuu looks menacing and GAR during that faceoff with Miyo at the end.

So, Miyo’s past is revealed and we finally know from where her strong will came from. I can’t deny I pity with her past, especially when she was thrown in to that hellhole of an orphanage…. god, how can this places even exist? I really felt terrible for all those poor kids thrown there.

But still, it does not justify Miyo from taking such drastic actions just to prove the existence and her research about the Hinamizawa Syndrome. While I cannot deny her determination, but I guess her absolute determination has finally led her down a twisted path.

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HiguKai cancelled?

Uh, apparently due to the recent murder cases, HiguKai has been banned from TV.

Did I mention this is just not my day?

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Minagoroshi-hen: Shuumatsu



Oh well, they’re restarting the game with Hanyuu and Rika’s hax anyways. But I must say, Rena is pretty damn awesome. She managed to laugh in at Takano, while she was being pointed at with a gun. Respect points +10.

Ahh~ can’t wait for Matsuribayashi-hen. Hauauauauauauauau~~~

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Minagoroshi-hen: Higurashi Shoukougun

Yes! Despite some of the other stations cancelling the show, apparently Sun TV aired it, albeit with one minor edit to the OP sequence, which was the removal of a shot of Rena’s blood-stained cleaver. Not that noticeable anyways, unless you did a side by side comparison. No screencaps due to the fact I watched it on a less clearer source. Anyways, tons of spoilers in this episode.

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HiguKai 12 replaced with nice food!!

More bad news comes in the form of this week’s HiguKai episode getting cancelled as well and replaced with… of all things, a cooking show.

/me cups face and cries

Axe girl is soooo going to be remembered.

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