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Hellsing Ultimate 08

Hellsing Ultimate

Best fucking episode of Hellsing so far or the best fucking episode of Hellsing Ultimate so far?

Jesus fucking christ, it’s been almost two damn years since the last one (Dec 23, 2009) and finally the 8th one is out. Thank god the wait was vindicated. The Vatican invasion, Alucard finally returning, Enrico getting pwned, Alucard vs Hellsing, these are best fucking parts of the entire manga easily. I am glad that the OVA gave it justice and dammit, I fucking enjoyed every moment.

To top it off, they reused an old, awesome track from the TV OST for the ending this time. Shit, that hit the nostalgia button sooooo hard.

Now I just hope it won’t take another 2 years for the next volume. Seriously, HxH might end before this OVA does if it keeps at this.

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Hellsing Ultimate Vol. VI

Hellsing Ultimate

Oh fuck yeah! The Extra Long-Range Bombardment Firearm system for Localized defensive use “Harkonnen Cannon II” finally makes it’s appearance in the OVA! I must say this was one of the best parts of the manga and it’s fucking win to see it finally getting animated!

Now, for the looooooooong wait for Vol. VII.

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Hellsing Ultimate 04

Hellsing Ultimate

Oh yes, it’s finally here. Oh fucking hell yes.

This episode covers mainly the unveiling of Millenium’s true identity, that of the Last Battalion of the Third Reich, lead by the insane Major. It follows further with his declaration of war to England and Hellsing, followed up by Rip van Winkle’s arc and ending finally with the Major’s infamous “I love war.” speech.

Screenies galore after the jump.

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Hellsing Ultimate III Trailer out!

Yeah, I’m late for the news, blame my C++ ASSignment for it. The trailer can be viewed through this link, or watch the uploaded version of it here.

Hellsing OVA III Trailer
Uploaded by digiwombat

BTW, the official site owns. Why?



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Hellsing Ultimate 02

Hellsing Ultimate

Well.. this took quite some time to come out… but anyways, well worth the wait. I’m not going to post up screencaps though, the action isn’t as awe-inspiring as the first one, even though it’s still good. To put it in a simpler way, the action of the first one can be said as poetry in motion while this one was just purely blunt action and gorefest. Really, this show cannot survive without Alexander’s fanaticsm.

Anyways, this episode starts off with a flashback by Alucard on how he was defeated by someone, probably Van Hellsing and he wakes up from it, laughing it off. The Round Table is convening in the Hellsing Manor and meanwhile Walter, Ceras and Alucard are in the basement, checking out their new armaments in the form of Alucard’s new 13mm “handgun” and Ceras’s 30mm Halkonnen cannon. Man… they really have the coolest guns.

Outside, the Valentine brothers march up the entrance and take out the guards, initiating a full-scale invasion of the Hellsing Manor using the Ghoul army. They overpower the internal human security forces easily and all that’s left is to attack the meeting room. Yan Valentine leads the march up to the meeting room while the other brother, Luke heads off to face Alucard.

In front of the meeting room, Walter and Ceras face off the Ghoul army, and Walter shows off his 1337 _shinigami_ skills, while Ceras easily annihilates the Army with her Halkonnen. But a second wave of Ghouls appear, consisting of the previously human security forces of the Manor and Yan manages to invade in the meeting room but he is weakened greatly and goes down in a hail of bullets. Ceras is attacked by the Ghouls as she can’t bear attacking her ex-comrades and goes berserk after a while, defeating them.

The other Valentine brother (oh, how I pity him), faces off Alucard and seems to be in the upper hand, but Alucard releases his powers and easily defeats him, pissed off at his grovelling right before his death. Upstairs, Integra questions Yan who says he can’t reveal anything due to the chip in his head and explodes in flames, managing to utter the keyword, “Millenium” before being reduced to ashes. The episode ends with Integra guessing it’s Hitler and of her attending the funerals of her former security team.

True to their word, Hellsing Ultimate is following the manga exactly and it’s a joy to see such faithfulness to it’s original material as even the humourous scenes are kept exactly similar to it’s manga counterparts. This episode covers the manga’s Volume 2 chapters up to the 1st 10 pages of the 5th chapter, so the next OVA will be covering the parts of Integra’s meeting and Alucard’s trip to Brazil hopefully.

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Mecha and Vampire Day – 25th August

Top wo Nerae II’s final episode release date and Hellsing Ultimate OVA II’s release date has been announced to be on the 25th of August. Double celebration for me on that day, and so will the otaku-dom as well.

Trailer for Hellsing Ultimate II, Make A Raid available on streaming video here, while preview for Top wo Nerae II 06 can be downloaded here.


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Hellsing Ultimate DVD Vol.1


***Tsui ni kitaaa~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!***


Totally incomparable with the digest edition a few weeks ago, this is the real deal, the real work as the creators intended us to watch.**Chou kandouteki~~~!!!!!!!**

I can’t start off without venting my fanboyism-ness on it, beforehand. I’d been waiting since two days ago for the raw to come out, stalking Tokyotosho every 15-30 minutes or so, waiting for the torrent to appear.Unfortunately, my access to Winny is all but gone, but meh. Safe to say I wasn’t disappointed when this came out just 4-5 hours ago.

First off, a list of stuff that wasn’t in the digest edition:

– Glimpses of how Integral met Arucard in her early years.
– A short funny dream sequence with Seras.
– The hunting down of the “Bonnie & Clyde” freaks.
– For the Anderson worshippers, the short take of him working in his orphanage.
– Extra scenes for explanations and plot development.

The soundtrack is greatly improved and it seems that the digest version was held back in the soundtrack aspect. I totally take back everything I said about the soundtrack being sucky from my digest version entry. The soundtrack is now totally immersive and menacing, adding to the whole Hellsing experience. The ED is exudes grandness is spades and I can’t stop listening to it repeatedly, in fact I’m listening to it while I’m writing.

The fights are also expanded with more scenes in it, especially in the Arucard x Alexander showdown. Alexander especially is much much more psychotic, even in the orphanage scene. His *seiyuu* is infusing him with tons of psychoticness and I have to give credit to him. I could literally feel his psychoticness dripping out of the screen from him.

I’m at a loss of words here, so I’ll end my post here. For screencaps and such, check out my digest edition entry(which quite noticebly has received quite a lot of hits recently). This is going to be one heck of a wait for the next volume T_T.

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Hellsing Ultimate 01

Hellsing Ultimate 01

YES!!! IT’S OUT!! Well, not the DVD version, but the pre-release airing over TV, so quality isn’t top-notch, but still, really really good.
The first OVA mainly focuses on events in the first volume of the manga, which is the introduction of the characters, Seras Victoria’s induction into Hellsing and the infamous fight between Alucard and Alexander. Fans of the Hellsing series will no doubt have no need for summaries for this.

First of all, Hellsing Ultimate is more faithful to the manga’s style, with the art closely following Kouta-sensei’s style rather than the earlier TV series.This is most noted by the inclusion of the funny SD sequence in the middle of the episode, closely mirroring Kouta-sensei’s liking for including in SD sequences in non-action parts of the story.The animation is great, as expected and the action sequences are fantastic to behold as well.

However, there are a few down points as well, which is the general feeling of it being rushed. Seras’s induction to Hellsing was cut to only a few short moments and the action then jumps to the first Alucard vs Alexander fight. There wasn’t too much focus on Seras, but this is in accordance to the manga, although I would’ve liked it if they introduced her properly. I suspect there are parts cut off to fit in the TV screening as this episode only ran for 27 minutes rather than the reported 35 minutes. I guess we’ll have to wait for the DVD to come out to compare.
Ok, just read from the Animesuki forums that this is supposed to be a “digest” version of the OVA, whihc pretty much confirms my thoughts :). I’ll cover the DVD as well, when it’s released on the 10th later.

One more disappointment was the new soundtrack. I was hoping for the reuse of the original TV series soundtrack as any decent Hellsing fan worth his salt would tell you that it was the only high point of the Gonzo production. The new soundtrack is OK, but not as impressive as the TV series’ one :(.

I had a field day taking screenshots, so enjoy the 135 I took. It took me quite a while to crop it to that figure from the original 300+ I took :).

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