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Kei is so fucking tsundere

No really. She is… ROFL. It’s kinda…. how do I put this…. painful to watch her as she continually denies her feelings for Kusuda yet continually thinks about him, ahahaha.

Really, those two need to get a room already. I know the “initially antagonistic but finally fall in love” setup is very popular, but this is almost reaching to the point of overdoing the antagonism between those two. It’s so kinda blatant that we already know both of them are probably gonna be in for a looooooooong life together.

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Hatsukoi Limited 03

Hatsukoi Limited

An episode dedicated to the tsundere of the series, Enomoto Kei, aptly voiced by Itou Shizuka.

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Hatsukoi Limited is…

… what Kimikiss ~pure rouge~ could’ve been. Well, okay, it’s not fair to compare them both, but goddammit, the show is so clearly superior compared to that. Why?

Hatsukoi Limited

Saki-nee (voiced by Rie Tanaka) is why.

Oh god, is this like Rie’s revival season? Three HAWT roles in one season! Meido Maria, Bionic Woman Kurosaki and now ‘Oh god I want to be her child hood friend’ Yamamoto Misaki. Plus, the show also has Itou Shizuka as a hawt middle-school chick too. Dear god, why didn’t I watch this show earlier?!

Am so joining the Saki-nee fanclub. Where do I sign up?

Hatsukoi Limited

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