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Ten Shows of 2006

I realize it’s a bit late for “Year in Review” posts, but some inexplicable urge just compelled me to write this out. Possibly attributed to my current holiday I guess. In anyways, I suck at ranking things, so this is not a “Top Ten” styled post, but more of a focus list of shows I thought best represented the year that was 2006 for me.

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Half moons, beaches and hellboys

Hantsuki’s ending was not too bad, but it could use a little more impact. I’m pretty sad for Rika that she’s not gonna stay for long, but at least Yuuichi grew a spine already, so he’s out of the “Wimp Zone”. Overall, a good short and touching series, only lacking in impact. Didn’t really made me shed much tears unlike Narcissu.Looking forward to Momo now.

Kashimashi 07.…. ahhhh yes… the beach episode. They also seemed to have combined in the curry cooking episode into this as well. I have to say…. bikini’s + aprons = t3h WIN! Asuta’s on the short end of the stick here again, but I’m happy that at least he did get more screentime than in the manga. Seriously, he’s one guy I’d like to see being stuck in a harem situation. He could really sue Hazumu for unintentional *sekuhara* :P. Next one seems to be the *kimodameshi* episode, and I’m looking forward to see Hazumu in *chou-moé* form ;).

As for Jigoku Shoujo 20…. it deserves honourable mention for the WTF-ness factor. The string-puller this episode is really over the top and Mr.Hellboy is like… sooo lame. Ai-chan wins for gothloli outfit and for throwing Hellboy to hell. I’m really worried at how they’re going to end this series though :P.

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Hantsuki 05

I went like “**WTF?!! Damn you bastard**” on Yuuichi this episode. Rika’s lying in bed, sick to death, and he gets pwned and seduced easily by a woman he just met?!! Where’s the justice in that?! He **does not** deserve Rika. He was really well on the borderline of “**Wimpy Male Lead**” the past few episodes and this really tips him, no… more like throws him right into the middle of the “**Wimpy Male Lead**” territory.

The funny thing with me this episode was that every time I saw Rika, the first damn thing that pops in my head is “**!shegonnadie**”, where if you’re a usual lurker at #nipponsei, you should know that it’s the trigger for the Hantsuki OPED, released not too long ago. I have to say, their sense of humour is getting really better by leaps and bounds recently.

Still, I can’t wait for the next episode. I greatly care for Rika and although they said in the end of this episode that she’s not in the best of times, I still pray that she’ll survive this series. I have to praise the production crew for the masterful stroke of genius of making the preview of the next episode or rather the review of the series, at the end. If she does survive and marries Yuuichi, she’d better keep a good lookout for him, that wimpy bastard, :P.

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Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora 01

 Hantsuki 01

Pretty good show. Not in the mood to say much, read the usual place and some others too.

So far I’m liking Rika a lot. Needs better animation too.

Enjoy the screencaps. This show almost made me in to another abq/moyism.

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