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Gundam SEED 3?!!

This just in from ANN, apparently there’s a 3rd SEED series being planned by Sunrise. Whether this remains true or not is still unconfirmed, but if Fuk-u-da is still directing it….. safe to say I’ll steer clear of it :P.

Other Sources : Gunota, MoonPhase

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Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus

Well…. just watched finished it. Basically, it’s just an extended version of the final episode. But as what Omni has said, it doesn’t really save the whole series from mediocrity.

Anyways, the extended sequences really give more depth to the fight scenes of the final episode. There’s more of them, and for the first time in watching Gundam Seed Destiny, I don’t feel like I’m watching a rehash/reangling of previous fight scenes.

Some resolution is given in this episode, with ORB and Plant signing a peace treaty (I think) and also it seems that Lacus-sama is in the PLANT Council.Kira and Shinn also get introduced with Shinn turning crybaby again :P.

Still…. Gundam SEED Destiny isn’t really one of the best shows around to watch. If so, anybody who hasn’t watched it, should be warned that there’s really tons of flashbacks…. enough for even Gundam SEED non-watchers to understand what happens in SEED just by watching SEED Destiny. Replace episode 50 with this episode though, much more better to watch :).

I guess the best things to ever come out of SEED would be Lacus-sama, Lunamaria-chan and Meyrin-chan. God darn it, they really hot, especially Lacus-sama in battle kimono…… Ah…. why aren’t there local shops selling their models :(.

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