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2009 in Review, Part 1


First part of my 2009 in Review article. Only shows I’ve completed watching are in this list, divided in to four tiers of descending “accumulative entertainment value”.

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Gundam 00 ends? … or not.

LOL. This ending is so bad it’s hillarious. Hell, even Gundam SEED Destiny’s ending scored higher in my books.

It started okay, and I was willing to accept the “RIBBONS CANNON” shit. Oh and the Gundam is “RIBBONS GUNDAM” too. And in fact, I can say the action scenes were quite orsm, what with Lyle going out in one-arm-one-legged Cherudim and still pwning that Innovado and Hallelujah finally getting a piece of the action.

But then, Ribbons running away with the stolen GN Drive was so hillarious, I couldn’t stop laughing, and then *poof* 0 Gundam magically appears in front of him.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention the scene where Tieria appears nekkid in front of Ribbons and nearly hugs him. OH GOD SO GAY.

[22:57:35] <@Iyn> man, Fujoshi gonna LOVE episode25
[22:57:54] <@Iyn> i was half praying for Tieria to hug Ribbons
[22:57:55] <@Iyn> or something


And Setsuna… god… lol… EXIA COMES FROM NOWHERE and both of them each plug in a GN Drive in to the suits and starts battling. And Marina is like annoying us with her interjection and narration of how she hopes Setsuna will achieve his happiness, bla bla bla until they finish fighting.

After that, cop out ending with everyone coming in to terms with the new world. Lyle taking his Gundam Meister job seriously, Innovado clones all over the world (OMG ANEW IS IN THE UN!), and Setsuna magically surviving and travelling around the world as CB as usual.

ADDENDUM: I can’t believe I forgot to mention Patrick and Kati’s wedding. I would love to see an OVA or Omake of how he popped the question to her.

Tieria is now VEDA, but the last straw is at the end, with the sudden shot of Jupiter and “The Childhood of Humankind Ends” subtitle. I sure hope the announced Gundam 00 movie isn’t a “Gundam vs Aliens” story. On second thought, that might ACTUALLY be fucking win!

Well, in any case, I’m glad it’s over. For now. Phew!

P.S. Just post any spoiler from the manga/sidestories. I do not have time to go and read all of them. Besides, it’s mainly a Sunrise marketing ploy to sell more merchandise by enticing fans to pay for “exclusive” background information. I don’t care about Gundam 00 enough to go and read ’em all.

P.P.S. Since they are hinting the movie might be set on Jupiter, will we see GAOGUNDAM? Or. Or. Setsuna going “FUUUSHION!” and employing ZA POWAA. Shit, my brain is going mad.

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The Aeolia Plan

So Gundam 00 finally reveals the contents of the Aeolia Plan. It had a noble intention, just a flawed execution. Koda’s post sums it up nicely. Plus all the crap about the GN Particles and the Innovation process just makes it worse. Suddenly dead people can talk! Like wtf?! Also LOL’ed @ Innovado crap at the last moment.

Coming to think of it, they didn’t properly explain about the “Innovation” thing and what Innovators truly are. My guess is that it probably involves unlocking dormant parts of the brain via GN Particle exposure. Does this mean that GN Particles are a health hazard?

I’m surprised there aren’t any deaths yet. The first season’s high point, was admittedly Lockon’s death. But I have to admit, seeing Lyle shoot Ali in cold blood was rather satisfying. It would’ve been pretty damn ignoble if he died getting shot in the back after showing compassion to an enemy that doesn’t deserve it.

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The Memento Mori Battle

Oi oi, Director Mizushima. I know you guys are disheartened by the criticism leveled on you guys for 00 but don’t copy the Return of the Jedi Star Wars so blindly lerr. Who knows, George Lucas might come and demand a royalty payment for that!

That said, Cherudim has BITS!! щ(゚Д゚щ) (щ゚Д゚)щ

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Gundam 00 S2 so far…

Gundam 00 S2

Is it me or is everyone in the show being emo just because it’s cool to be emo? The sudden humility and anti-war sentiments of practically everyone in the cast in S2 is turning out to be quite a painful watch.

God.. I miss Geass Sundays.

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Gundam 00 25

Gundam 00

GG Setsuna.

Fuck you Sunrise, just… fuck you.

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Gundam 00 24

Gundam 00

Lockon T.T

Hah! I decided to watch raw this time. If people are gonna talk shit about about me spoiling, fine then, muahahaha!

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Gundam 00 23

Gundam 00

LOCKONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT_TT *sheds manly tears*

God damn, that was a better death than I expected. He actually left Dynames, and sniped Ali manually by connecting his sniper attachment to the GN Arm gun. Incidentally, he relinquished ownership of the Haro before he did that, so the “any character with a Haro doesn’t die” rule still holds true >:).

Well, with Dynames’s GN Drive still intact, it does mean that there’ll be either: (i). Lockon’s twin brother taking up his role; (ii) A new Meister next season; (iii) Lockon is somewhat saved and returns next season as the masked protagonist (lol). Let’s hope (iii) doesn’t happen again ^^;;.

Gundam 00


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It’s a wedding!

Gundam 00

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs Lockon! May you both weather both FLAG’s and Thrones together and live until the world is finally rid of warfare!

BTW, Hallelujah and Setsuna were the bridesmaid and best man respectively.

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Gundam 00 22

Gundam 00

Red Exia = 300% Speed.

Oh god, Exia gets powered up, hax way. Turns out that ‘ol Aeolia didn’t unlock the full capacity of the GN drives, and after Corner tries to kill him, he unleashes the power of the Trans-Am system, with some nice timing right in the middle of the fight between Setsuna and Ali al-Sarshes.

With the Trans-Am system, Setsuna’s Exia turns red and his speed gets boosted up 3 times! Which translates to easy pwnage of Ali, even with his hijacked Gundam Zwei. But. BUT. He has to let the fella get away. Like, d00d, just finish the damn job there, man!

Anyways, poor Thrones, and they’ve finally reached the end of their line, with Micheal and Johann killed in action. Nena somehow still survives, proving that any character that owns a Haro will never die in combat, and I actually don’t mind it. The bigger question now is what will she do? Will she join CB or will she go berserk and hunt down Ali solo?

Gundam 00

Bye bye, Eins and Zwei.

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