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Bai~ bai~ Manabi-tachi!

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Striaght

It has been a really fun ride all the way. I salute ufotable for that nice touch of incorporating the OP sequence as curtain closer for the episode, further emphasizing the message the final episode wanted to send.

Definitely, Manabi Straight lived up to my earlier expectations, even if I doubted it for a while at times. Possibly one of the best “school life” genre anime. I so miss my sekolah menengah (high school equivalent here) days and friends all of a sudden.

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Manabi Dropkick!

Manabi Straight

Shimojii no uragirimono!!!!!

Oh. My. God. Another bloody awesome way to kickstart(pun intended) another episode of Manabi. More proof she’s related to Haruhi here, with that awesome dropkick of hers. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that… >.<.

Also, unexpectedly, Aya Hisakawa plays the Aikoh Superintendent. Oh man, how much I’ve missed that alluring voice of hers and she’s really enjoying this role of hers from being deadly serious and bitchy to childishly lovey-dovey in flash. Best part of the show for me must’ve been when she first introduced herself to Manabi at her home, claiming, surprisingly, that she’s her brother’s girlfriend. Awesome… just damned awesome.

Not forgetting my favourite Mei-tan too, she’s totally in to the tsundere tsukkomi role already, playing a nice foil to Manabi’s boke-ness. I think her harisen skills are only second to Chidori Kaname of FMP, with that gravity defying hit of hers that causes instant, on-the-spot backflips.

And “YAY!” for my country being mentioned, XD.

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Overworked lolis are dangerous lolis

Manabi Straight

Manabi breaks down.

Never go near them when you know they’ve been up for the past 48 hours. Without coffee. With a deadline approaching.

That aside, what the hell was with the scene with Manabi and Taka-san? I saw no point in it. At all. I was half-expecting a flying squid to appear.

Also, Momo-chan is awesome. Not only did she worm her way out of doing any real work by going to Hawaii, she had the best line of the episode too (“Mei-tan, you’re such a tsundere.”) and her tan is hawt.

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Manabi Straight! 02

I’ve had my fair share of good episode beginnings, but Manabi takes this cake with this…

Manabi Straight

Seitokaicho~~ STYLE!!

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Loligakuen Utopia Manabi Straight GO!

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight

Massugu GO!


Yui Horie sugoii~~! Her loli~loli~ voice is a formidable one and certainly fits her persona well. Purely worth a watch for her voice.

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight


Not forgetting too Aya Hirano as Mei Etoh. God I love her tsun-tsun voice.

Now let’s just hope ufotable doesn’t pull another “Gothloli Sucktime Show” on us again.

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