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Gothloli twincest? *nosebleeds*

Is it me, or is Full Metal Panic getting more and more moé with every medium adaptation it gets?

Let’s see, in the original Owaru Day by Day novel, the assassin twins under Gauron were 2 guys and were pretty much cannon fodder. However, KyoAni, being KyoAni, changed those two to become the infamous twincest couple in The Second Raid and like totally made a new moé zokusei for us otakus. And now, reading up on the manga version, FMP! Sigma…. OMFG! The mangaka made the twins gothloli as well….. /intense nosebleed/.

FMP! Sigma

Gothloli Twin 1?

FMP! Sigma

Gothloli Twin 2?

Not only that, the manga also makes Blueno, the Mithril traitor a sexy bitch and a lesbian nontheless, for maximum impact. So we get this abosuletely hawt scene of Mao almost engaging in girl on girl action.

FMP! Sigma

Mao sexx0red.

I so need to get more of the gothloli twincests. They were the hawtest thing in The Second Raid and my god, now they’ve made them gothloli as well… /me overloads.

Oh, and in before “SAUCE!” flood, here(Please note the hyperlink). Kudos to you good people over there.

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Full Metal Panic : The Second Raid Review

Well, I’m a bit outdated but it’s still not too late to put up a review, eh ;). Well, to be honest, I actually stopped watching this series at episode nine because I was a bit unsatisfied due to reasons below. So I was waiting for the batch torrents to come out and I’d just batch watched 10-13 :)

(long post ahead, so get ready :)

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