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Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood finished

Finished it all! I guess my decision to marathon the whole thing when it finishes was the right idea. Everything felt more intense compared to watching weekly, especially when the storyline’s on a railroad.

Not saying it’s a bad thing, in fact, FMA:B really does the manga justice. It pretty much felt like the manga coming to life and just shows how good the story was. Couldn’t stop my sniffling at the “Promised Day” arc, especially whenever someone dies.

One thing you have to love about the animated version is how it brings everything to life. Winry sure did grew up healthy, XD. Man she just exuded raw sex appeal just by being on-screen in some episodes. One of the drawbacks was some iffy animation during the action scenes though, but nothing going to full QUALITY levels thankfully.

King Bradley/Wrath is probably my most respected character of the series though, given his setting, skills and the way he dies. Somehow, despite being the bad guy, I just can’t help but to admire him a lot. Anime sure did him good justice too.

Noticed that the final episode differed a little from the manga chapter, but it’s actually good because they complemented each other. Hohenheim’s death was a lot sadder in the anime, but the manga version of Ed’s confession to Winry is better by a little bit. Still, it did great justice to the series.

There’s also the movie upcoming soon, but no plot details have been revealed so far. I just hope it’s not a compilation movie… maybe they might even do a trilogy of it like Kiddy Grade, lol. My hope would be it focusing on some of the side-stories/novels or maybe even a fully new plot to extend what happens during the Elric Brothers’ adventures to the east and west. That would be nice :).

Liked: Yes, did proper justice to the manga.
Rewatch: Iffy, because it’s quite long, maybe a few years down the road XD.

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Full Metal Alchemist is…

… a Sunrise show now?! Oops, sorry, it’s still BONES right? I nearly got thrown off by the spoiler-tastic YUI OP, gSS speedsubbing it and Lockon (Shinichiro Miki) + Ali (Kenji Fujiwara) combo of Maes and Roy. So weird to hear them playing best friends after just wrapping up a show where they were both enemies. That said, Shinichiro Miki just doesn’t match up to Toru Ohkawa. Roy’s supposed to sound GAR obnoxious, not bishie!

One great seiyuu change they made has to be Inoue Kikuko as Lust. Ooohhh, I got goosebumps just hearing her evil voice again as Lust at the end of the episode. Dunno how Winry will sound like though. Fumiko Orikasa’s Riza Hawkeye sounds much more sarcastic than serious in her only line of the episode, but it’s something that I might really like.

Overall, the first episode is pretty okay, with another anime-original plot to go with it as an introduction to the characters. They are still going to do it the flashback way though, with the second episode jumping immediately back to “that day”.

And glad to see ol’Armstrong still as FABULOUS as usual… ahaha~

Full Metal Alchemist

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