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Fate/Stay Night 14

Archer and Rin

This is as close to man love as I can get….

Damn… Archer was freaking cool this episode. Not only was he the Servant of my most favourite character in Fate/Stay Night, his backstory, if you’ve been spoiled to it, is very, very romantic, in my own personal opinion. The way that they put in the new ED sequence this episode as a somewhat of a commemoration to Archer gets 10/10 in my book to me.

The only thing I find that’s too bad was that he didn’t really get much action in the series. I’m actually hoping for some *deus ex machina* to happen and bring him back :P. ARCHER DESERVES MORE!!!

Let us all join together in tribute to Archer.

“I don’t mind buying time, but it wouldn’t be a problem if I defeated him, would it?”

P.S. : Fanboys will love the next episode. Don’t forget about Archer though.

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Fate/Snore Night 10

***Warning:*** *This post should be taken with a pinch of salt. No F/SN fanboys have been harmed in the production of this post.*

Fanservice episode this time, although more focused on Shirou and Saber, so it was kinda too bad for me, being a Rin fanboy and all. Rin did win the show with her sleepyheadedness in the beginning….. *moeeee~~~~!!!!!*

Ok, now let’s see what this episode brought us. First off, we had Saber fanservice, no doubt a lot of fanboys have been waiting for that. Then, we have Shirou awakening his inner roripedofin with Ilya. Next up, we have…… oh, that’s all?

Well, so you can see, even for a fanservice episode, Fate is still getting more and more boring. Plus the fact that Rin was absent for most part makes it even more boring…. God… what happened to all the action and fights that were promised in the Curtain Raiser…. haizz…. where’s the plot development dude? Shirou *is* no Rin, we don’t want to see him for the wuss he is, we already know that.

Sigh… they could’ve just put in Rin for an extra 3-4 minutes or more and I wouldn’t be complaining that much…. I seem to be watching F/SN now just because of her. Dang… she’s really the (forgive my abuse of language) *moe*-est *tsunderekko* I’ve seen to date :P. I want a Rin *dakimakura*~~~.

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Fate/Stay Night 07

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The next day begins with Saber asking Shirou why he didn’t summon her when he was attacked by Rider, to which Shirou has a hard time answering.Saber decides to follow him to school and begins to chow down a large amount of food, to the despair of Taiga-nee (^^;;). Later, Shirou and Sakura are setting off for school, with Saber in tow, when they’re greeted by Rin. Shirou manages to persuade Saber to stay home as Rin’s with him, but Sakura storms off to school first, misunderstanding the situation.

Reaching school, Shirou and Rin are confronted by Issei, shocked to see them together. He tries hard to “save” his friend Shirou from the clutches of Rin, but to no avail. During lunch later, Shirou skips his appointment with Rin on the rooftop to chase after Sakura and explain to her what happened. Sakura gladly accepts the explanation and goes off, relieving Shirou until he turns around to see none other than Rin.

Rin and Shirou then head for the rooftop to discuss about the *kekkai* and she explains that to break the *kekkai*, they need to destroy points known as *jikoku* to slow it down and weaken it.Shirou instantly points to a spot near him, saying that he feels something there, which Rin initially disbelieves but after checking it out, finds out it’s really a *jikoku*. Surprised at his talent, they both set out to detect and destroy the various *jikoku* around the school.

After a productive day, both of them head home after a cup of coffee and conversation on the rooftop. Rin warns him to be careful and return home quickly and sets off. However, Shirou suddenly detects a ominous presence and decides to check it out himself. He follows it to the archery *dojo* and enters it to find a big casting circle on the wall and Rider. Rider’s master appears and it’s none other than Matou Shinji, his friend, confirming his suspicions from earlier on. Shinji then invites him to play at his place >:).

A more laidback episode after the events of the last one, with more of comedy involving Shirou and his harem, succintly put by Garten as him playing Harem Master.

I tremendously enjoyed the episode for the presence of Her Gracefulness Rin, who seems to be having a lot of fun with Shirou. I’m finding myself increasingly liking her more and more with each episode now.

Shirou was less annoying this episode as he did play an important role in it. His talents in magic seems to be more towards passive abilities rather than active ones, so his partnership with Rin is quite successful, with him detecting and Rin destroying.

Other than that, it was a pretty bland episode, and TBH, I do feel that F/SN is slowly losing it’s steam for now. But it’s rumoured (?) to be more than 13 episodes so I guess it’ll be better towards the end and the production crew would just like to set-up the intricate and complicated world that is Fate/Stay Night for now and also the development of characters too. They better make the second half real good here :).

Next episode is a drama one, judging from the previews with Saber, Rin and Sakura. Personally, I don’t mind more of this episodes, only that I hope they won’t waste too much time with talks and explanations. We need more Rin-Shirou tag :P.

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Fate/Stay Night 06

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Shirou takes on Rin, but they’re interrupted by a girl’s scream. It seems that she’s had her life force taken and Rin proceeds to try and heal her, but Emiya senses a killing presence and blocks a hit meant for Rin. Leaving Rin to heal the girl, he runs out to confront Rider. He puts up a valiant fight but still loses and Rin comes to bail him out.

Seeing him hurt, Rin brings her back home and reveals that there’s another Master in the school, who has been kidnapping and taking life force from the students in the school and proposes a temporary ceasefire for both of them to find the mystery Master, which Shirou gladly agrees. When it’s time to go back, Rin orders Archer to escort Shirou home, and Archer takes the chance to question in Emiya’s beliefs, leaving him flustered. Back home, he finds Saber in the *futon* but she’s not asleep yet, asking Shirou why he’s late. He assures Saber it’s alright and then sits by the walkway, looking up at the moon.

Frankly, a kinda boring episode, with more development and drama. I was expecting more action and more Rider too, but we don’t really get to take a good look at her :P.She was on screen for around maybe 5 minutes or so, and she was spending an awful lot of it in the trees. Saber didn’t have much screentime here, but Rin did get quite a lot, as this episode kinda focuses on her too.

Still it was a pretty good episode and further reinforces my desire to get my hands on the OST and also the ED song.Next episode seems to be a breather episode and there seems to be quite some service.

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Fate/stay Night 05

Not going into depth with this episode, but basically it’s a breather episode after the rollercoster ride of the previous 4 episodes.

Highlights of the episode include:

– Taiga-nee getting pwned by Saber, then complaning that her beloved Emiya has been taken away by a *gaikoku-jin*
– Rin and Emiya’s little game of tag around the school. Go Rin!

Other than that, Emiya’s still pretty unlikable as usual and I keep thinking of Asa everytime Taiga-nee opens her mouth. Ayako-sama doesn’t seem to be flexing her vocal talent that much, we need her to talk more =.= and Kana Ueda’s Rin would be sooo perfect if she did her Kansai-ben ala Hayate style. I find Kana Ueda + Kansai-ben gives me a boner incredibly sexy.Rider’s the next on the list of characters to appear, and I hear that she’s quite a woman ;).

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Fate/Stay Night 04

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Ilya introduces herself and Berserker. Sicking him on them, Saber rushes to defend Shirou. Saber puts up a valiant fight while Rin deduces that Berserker is Hercules, thanks to hints from Ilya. However, Lancer’s wound on Saber slows her down and she takes a critical hit. Berserker tries to deal the final blow, but Shirou takes it instead, severely injuring him. Everyone is shocked and Ilya loses her interest in the battle and withdraws.

The next day, Shirou wakes up to find himself bandaged and Rin drinking tea. He seems to have forgotten what happened until Rin reminds him of yesterday’s events. They have a little chat about Shirou’s almost nonexistant powers and how the Servants are forced to eat human souls if their master aren’t powerful enough to recharge them. Rin takes her leave and on the way back home meets Sakura, who detects a smell from Rin, making her wonder why she’s there.

Back to Shirou, he searches for Saber and finds her in the dojo. They have a chat and Saber reassures that she won’t eat human souls as it’s contrary to her chivalry. Shirou says that he doesn’t have much of a chance to win the war, but Saber counters that she’ll create those chances herself. Both feeling hungry now, they both head inside the mansion to get breakfast.

A nice episode, with half devoted to some nice fighting and the other for character development. I kinda felt a bit bored though, I think it was because of Shirou. But it’s more than made up by Rin and Saber. I’m kinda disappointed to see that Ayako hasn’t had much chance to flex her talent in Saber, but the next episode seems pretty promising, as I spotted SD Rin and Saber smiling :).

I’m getting some serious Rin and Saber obssesion though. My 93 screencaps could’ve been easily cut into half… :P.

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Fate/Stay Night 03

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So far so good… F/SN is showing signs of great promise. In balancing action and plot development, episode 3 is a good one as the first half is devoted to fights, which is Saber facing off Lancer and subsequently Archer, while the 2nd half focuses on more explanation about the War of the Holy Grail and the introduction of the particularly influential character, Kotomine Kirei, the Manager of the War.

I have to admire Ayako-sama for bringing out Saber’s stoicness in this episode. Part of the beauty of Ayako-sama is that she is really talented at bringing out the characters that she voices. She can use the same voice over and over again and yet, I still can differentiate the individual characters she plays from Mahoro right down to Fuu.

Production values remain high and the BGM arrangement continues to awe me. I’ve also developed an big liking for the ED too, which really has great dreamy quality to it, added with the awesome accompaniying visuals of Saber in a wide open field, enhancing the dreaminess of it.

Next up is the appearance of Ilya and Berserker, with some nice moves by Saber shown in the preview.

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Fate/Stay Night 02

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Well, later than usual,but at least I did watch it :)

Emiya gets suckered by his friend, Matou Shinji into cleaning up the kendo dojo while he pimps around with his girlfriends. Cleaning up right into the night, Emiya stumbles upon Lancer and Archer’s fight and gets fatally wounded by Lancer. Rin-chan (she’s my favourite right now), feeling regretful, heals Emiya with her mana stone, and Emiya manages to reach home later. Lancer, however is a neat and tidy type, and upon discovering that Emiya’s not dead, decides to finish him off. Emiya desperately fends him off and the fight continues into a storeroom, where a summoning circle completes and Saber appears, saving Emiya in the nick of time. Saber then asks Emiya, if he’s her master.

A pretty impressive second episode after the slow first one, with tons of action and Saber finally appearing. I have to admire the BGM’s for bringing out the dramatic atmosphere of Fate/Stay Night. So far, F/SN is meeting fan expectations and hopefully will right up to the final episode. Screencaps as usual.

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Fate/Stay Night 01

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Frankly, I was quite underwhelmed by this episode, after high expectations from watching the Curtain Raiser. A bit of note, I haven’t played the games yet :P.

This episode was quite slow and more of an introduction to all the characters, particularly on Emiya as we get to see him living a peaceful and ordinary life. He is living alone after the death of his stepfather but he has the company of Fuji-nee, his guardian and teacher in school, and Sakura, the younger sister of his best friend, Shinji. The only real exception is that he knows about the existence of magic in this world because his stepfather was a sorcerer but Shirou himself doesn’t have any real talents in learning magic and applies what little magic he knows into his hobby of fixing items. But in a sense, the episode also feels kinda rushed to introduce all the characters.

They haven’t touched into the War of the Holy Grail yet in this episode, which kinda makes it quite boring. The only Servant around this episode is Archer, under Tohsaka Rin. Based on the preview too, it seems that the next episode only introduces Lancer in, with Saber( the main reason I’m watching) nowhere in sight. I’d guess she’ll probably appear only the ending of the episode for dramaticness.

Artwise, the quality isn’tas good as in the Curtain Raiser, but it’s still acceptable. The OP and ED sounds good, especially the ED, with the song fitting in with the visuals of Saber standing in a field.Really makes me want more Saber :P.

As usual, continue for screencaps.

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