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Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 03



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Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 02


キタ━━゚+.ヽYOROKOBE SHOUNENノ.+゚━━ ッ ! ! !

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Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 01

Of course, we can’t start the show proper without having this trademark scene happening!

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Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 00

GArcher 4TW

Yes, I’m back for GArcher.

So, ten years later we are finally getting a proper anime adaptation of F/SN, unarguably one of the most recognizable media franchises ever. Episode 00 starts with the Prologue chapter of Rin and if this was all the show was, it’d easily sit in the top 5 anime released this year.

ufotable, as usual, does amazing justice to the series and it shows quite obviously from the detailed backgrounds, character animation and battle scenes. I’ll be damned if this doesn’t get my hopes right up to the stratosphere for the rest of the series. Please do this justice ufotable! Even better if you can somehow find a way to insert more Rin and less of Saber!

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Ten Shows of 2006

I realize it’s a bit late for “Year in Review” posts, but some inexplicable urge just compelled me to write this out. Possibly attributed to my current holiday I guess. In anyways, I suck at ranking things, so this is not a “Top Ten” styled post, but more of a focus list of shows I thought best represented the year that was 2006 for me.

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New Saber Figurine

Awesome. The latest Saber figurine is so awesome, I’ve already pre-ordered 10 of them babies. Wanna take a look? Sure, no problemo.

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Fate/Stay Night Closure

Fate Stay Night

Yep. The major event this week was the end of Fate/Stay Night. So far, F/SN was a rollercoaster ride, with it’s Archer-gar UBW highs and the lack-of-Rin lows, but it was a good ride to the end.

The past few episodes built up nicely to allow Fate/Stay Night to have it’s glorious ending(not really all to glorious actually, but meh) and the ending is a very nice closure to the anime, even with it’s flaws. But I am still troubled over the Bedivere character (voiced by Noto Mamiko!), who seems to look like the spoofs in 4chan. That is some ugly character design. Thank god it only appeared in the last 5 mins.

The ending itself is probably the 2nd best episode of the series (with Archer vs Berserker being 1st. You can’t beat the guy who lost the battle but gained a whole legion of fans). Being more of a Rin fan, the parting between Saber and Shitrou didn’t affected me much, but I still felt the emotion from those two. It was also good to see Taiga and Ilya providing comedic fun for the last 5 minutes and I have to pity poor Sakura. Rin… well, she had her tsundere-ness in full measure for her 1 minute, leaving me a satisfied (BUT not happy) man.

Next up. I would love to request that Heaven’s Feel be animated, with the NORMAL ending. Oh, and Planetarian should be made into a movie of some sorts.

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Dating Saber

Fate/Stay Night

Finally a good episode of F/SN for a change. I’ve realised now what the main problem of F/SN was. It was the lack of character development past the first few episodes. After setting up pretty much the roles of Shirou as clueless justice guy and Saber as the quiet aloof girl, the whole show has been concentrating too much on the action, rather than the character development, making it especially boring (except for Archer) as there was a lack of empathy I felt towards the characters. It does make a bloody difference IF Saber was fighting for her lion doll rather than some powerful, ambigious artifact, ya know.

So well, the gist of the story this time round, is Shirou inviting Saber on a date, presumably because he’s fallen in love with her. I especially loved Rin’s reaction when she LMAO’ed on Shitrou when he told her that. After Rin decides to help out by planning their date (loved how clueless Saber was when Shitrou invited her to the date) and also taking out Ilya(main obstruction), Saber and Shitrou go out and have a fun, normal date. At the end of the date, Shirou has a heart-to-heart talk to Saber about asking her to live with him forever and they start to argue. Admitedly speaking, both of them argued each other quite well, with both hitting on each other’s weak spots. Shirou storms off after telling Saber to do what she wants.

Later that night, Rin wakes Shirou from his nap, asking where did Saber went, and a worried Shirou finds Saber back at the spot they argued. I felt pretty sad for Saber when she answered that she was thinking about what to do, but she had no idea, making me really appreciate Ayako’s voicing of Saber. Shirou drags her home, but midway, they get interrupted by Gilgamesh. BTW, doesn’t he look very very similar to Archer?

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Jason is a bastard and Sakura in tights wins

Fate Stay Night 18
Yeah… Jason is a right bastard for leaving Medea just like that….. how the hell can anyone resist that face of hers? Well, at least Kuzuki is quite comparable to Jason :).

Fate Stay Night 18
Anyways, the highlight of the show was definitely Dark Sakura. Damn… I have admire Caster’s (I assume that she dressed her up… unless Kuzuki is a closet cosplay freak) dress sense. Those tights… ahhh… damn it… those tights….

Still… Fate/Stay Night is really Fate/Snore Night. No thanks to Shirou, who still remains uncool, even with the fact that he can summon swords, blablabla and etc… Heck… even Rin has lost her charisma _|-|0”’… might be because of Haruhiism though.

Archer.. your loss will greatly be remembered….

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Fate/Stay Night 15


I can already hear the screams of a million (perverted) Fate/Stay Night fanboys due to the infamous “mana replenishment” scene being edited to some lame CG dragon eating Shirou. But at least, being a Rin fanboy, I did get to enjoy this episode, especially for Rin flirting with Saber :P.

Anyways, Shirou continues to bore me on as usual, and Saber seems to be in the *dere-dere* phase already, after her “mana replenishment” scene. Archer!!! I want you back!!!!!

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