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Four years too late.

Okay, actually three years if you consider that Eureka 7 ended in 2006.

Yes, I’ve finally finished watching Eureka 7 after that long. I kinda stopped around episode 35 (please don’t go looking back at my old Eureka 7 posts, I beg you) due to various fansub faggotry(remember Nanashi?) and kinda forgot about finishing the show off. Only recently did I get a complete copy of the Eureka 7(DVD source to boot!) and I’ve just finished it.

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Eureka Seven 35

Gekko State launches a full scale attack to the island that’s holding Norbu. The operation progresses smoothly, with the only setback of Eureka not willing to fight as she senses that innocent people are on the base. Talho successfully infiltrates the base’s systems and locates Norbu’s whereabouts and relays the info to Holland who confronts his brother, Dewey.

With the help of Nirvash, after Renton calms Eureka down, they successfully rescue Norbu and escape from the island, leaving a little present in the form of a total blackout across the base, pissing Dewey off.

Not much plot here, but a lot of action was in this episode. I have to say though, that the fights are seemingly quite one-sided here, almost to the point of “Kira-ism” levels, with the military hardly giving them barely a scratch or two.

But anyways, the main point of Eureka Seven is in it’s story anyways, so I’ll ignore that for now. Norbu’s surprisingly not the usual stereotype of the priest, which is quite likable and unique :). As for now, with Norbu resuced it seems that the series is slinking back to slow pace judging from the preview.

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Eureka Seven 34

The crew of the Gekko-Go discuss about Norbu, who’s being held at the military base of Shito and they prepare for a sub-orbital flight. After the meeting, Holland talks in private with Renton and Eureka about Norbu.

Apparently, they met during the battle in Del Cielo which was the fateful battle which lead the desertion of Holland and Eureka. He was the head priest of the Vodarek and one of Holland’s main objectives was to kill him. He manages to reach the temple that Norbu was in and tries to kill him but fails as somehow, he manages to manipulate the Compac Drive of Holland’s KLF to stop it.

Holland, witnessing his power, questions why he didn’t run away when he knew the military were after him. Bringing him to a cliff overlooking Del Cielo, where he enlightens Holland about the truth behind the Coralians, which have long been seen as monsters. The Coralians are apparently the dreams of the earth itself.

Holland dismisses that and Norbu starts to mention about Sakuya, a girl he met when he was young and was his first love. Holland gets angry until Norbu states that she wasn’t human and that she was the same as Eureka, a Coralian in human form, continuing on that Eureka now is like a blank piece of paper and that she will change based on what that influences her but Dewey and Holland are unable to change her and are now only using her as a tool for destruction.

Holland counters back saying that they’re only protecting the world, but Norbu reveals that they intend to start a second Summer of Love with her to destroy the world because they can’t understand the will of the Earth.Holland, still disbelieving, is surprised when Norbu suddenly slams his hand on the earth and clusters of tree-like formations surround him.

Norbu states that the will of the Earth responded to him and asks him that being a Reffer, why can he read the Trapar waves when they can’t be seen, stating that if they can understand the Trapar, why can’t they understand the will of the Earth as well.

Norbu shows more proof in the form of his powers and summons a Trapar current which runs up the twin towers marking Del Cielo and destroying them and collapses soon after. Holland rushes to him and turns him over, suprised at what greets him, prompting him to ask what he is. Instead of answering, he points to Eureka, who’s arrived on the scene with what-will-be Maurice, Linck and Maeter, asking him if he wants to see her true smile from her heart.

Their conversation is interrupted by the appearence of Norbu’s guards and Holland makes a hasty retreat with Eureka and back in base, he’s punched by Dewey. After that, only did Holland decide to desert the army. The alarm sounds and Holland leaves a piece of advice for them to believe in themselves as they’ve chosen each other, eliciting blushes from both Renton and Eureka.

Heading into sub-orbital flight, they discuss about the course of action to take. Talho is the point person for this plan and she’s needed to infiltrate Shito. This leaves them with a problem of who’s going to pilot the Gekko-Go, which Moondoggie nervously volunteers for as he has a Ship Operator’s license. Disbanding, Talho walks into Holland’s room and tells Holland that she’s pregnant, causing Holland to stop Talho from going, but she’s determined to see this through for the sake of her child and everyone else.

In Shito though, a big commotion is caused when Dewey takes out Norbu for a walk and shows him the things he has done with Orange(?), the Coralian summoning device. Norbu pleads him to stop, but it falls on deaf ears. Taking a walk in a garden on minature landmarks, Dewey questions him but Norbu doesn’t answer, instead taking off his robes to reveal a Compac Drive lodged in his chest, which was what that surprised Holland before and now Dewey as well.

Ah darn, this was a long entry, but this episode was a very important one in terms of backstory and explanations. Written this a bit too long, but it’s still not guranteed accurate :P. A lot of interesting plot lines have been arised with this, such as about Sakuya, the predeccessor of Eureka and possibly Anemone, the reason behind the Compac Drive in Norbu’s body and the Great Whirl(Wall?, Whorl?). Talho’s pregnancy also came as quite a shocker though, but then,well, this just adds to the drama later on :).

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Eureka Seven 33

In the aftermath of the second Coralian attack, Eureka and Renton try to search for survivors among the ruins but none are in sight. Back in the Gekko-Go, Eureka retires to her room in sadness causing Renton to try and find a way to cheer her back. He accepts advice from the fat scientist (couldn’t catch his name, *gomen*) about making memories with her.

Meanwhile, Talho is looking back at some old pics with her and Holland and reminsces about the past. She finds Holland in the midst of a meeting but decides not to interrupt and heads for the lounge, bumping into Renton who’s even more confused. Talho gives him some advice, and when they pass over an area with good waves, she decides to help them out a little and “forces” the Gekko-Go to land, so they can enjoy some Reffing.

Taking Renton to a storage area, she lends him a long board for Reffing and tells him to use it with Eureka.While Renton does that, the rest of the crew are also enjoying a break, Talho and Holland included. Both of them have a chat that inevitably leads to Holland trying to Ref, but failing miserably thanks to his injuries, but Talho’s confession leads him to make a decision, while Eureka and Renton are enjoying themselves with the longboard.

Back inside the Gekko-Go, Holland announces that he’ll be disbanding Gekkostate, saying from now onwards, he’s heading to rescue and important person and it will most probably be very dangerous and those who want to leave, may do so. After the announcement, he heads back to the bridge, to find that noone’s deserted and Renton saying that they’ll follow him and they head off full speed to their destination.

A pretty laidback episode, and I was supposed to post flood this, but got delayed due to many matters _|-|0;;;;. The third arc of the series seems to be starting now, with them heading off to rescue an important figure that seems to be a Vodarekian priest, Norbu, that seems to hold the hope of uniting humans and Coralians in peace.

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Eureka Seven 32

After the Coralian attack, some of the Ageha Squad and Dominque visit the site to collect samples. Meanwhile, Gekko-Go receives a SOS signal from refugees from the city and drops by to help them. There a young boy who’s traumatized into muteness by seeing his parents killed recognizes Eureka as a Coralian panics and causes Eureka to suffer another breakdown. Holland also hears from one of the survivors about “arrows of light” striking down before the Coralian attack.

In Bellforest however, things are not going well as it seems the military has caught wind of Axel’s work on Nirvash’s new board. Realizing it, Axel makes preparations for getaway and when the military comes around, he successfully manages to deliver the board.

Meanwhile, Gekko-Go is desperately heading to the contact point when they get wind of Axel’s situation, when the Ageha Squad launches another round of “Arrows of Light” luring out yet another Coralian, which unfortunately appears at the contact point that the Gekko-Go are supposed to go. Renton, believing in his grandfather, launches out in the Nirvash without a board only to confront theEND and Anemone, who are in the vicinity and are supposed to be playing a part in observing the Coralian attack.

Axel’s board arrives in the nick of time and after a flurry of attacks, Eureka and Renton activate a small-scale Seven Swell which they compress into a ball, slamming it into theEND, causing significant damage. theEND retreats and the Coralian disappears shortly as well. Back in the Gekko-Go, Renton receives a letter from his grandfather and is touched to read it. Meanwhile, Colonel Dewey is listening to a report stating that there’s a time limit to the Coralian activation,which is 1246 seconds (I might be wrong in this, so don’t take me to word on this matter).

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Eureka Seven 31

The third season arc starts off in fullswing with this episode, Animal Attack.

Dewey’s new platoon, the Ageha, drops in some form of digging devices from orbital ships, causing a Coralian to appear with numerous alien life forms surrounding it as well. A nearby city is the victim of it, with the life forms undiscriminately attacking humans in the city. A military fleet tries to engage them in battle, but are easily defeated.Eureka and Anemone both suffer breakdowns as the Coralian attacks.

As for Nirvash, the refit isn’t going too well as the Nirvash isn’t happy that they’re just refitting it with it’s old specs. Eureka conveys the Nirvash’s desire to be fully remade and spec’d up so it can be of use. The research team has no choice but to redesign, including asking for help from Renton’s grandfather as well.

As the refit is going on, the Coralian attack is happening nearby them with Holland watching in shock of the destruction wrecked by the Coralian. Fearing discovery and capture, he orders the whole setup and Nirvash to be taken on board the Gekko-go and heads towards Bellforest, to complete it.

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Eureka Seven 30

Keeping up with it’s episode name, Change of Life, quite a few new changes are in this episode.

Nirvash finally gets a new refit, in the military base which first developed it. The military base is also once home to the newly discovered Eureka, and we get to see some footage of her testing the prototypes, not to mention more background info on the LFO’s, but don’t ask me to translate :).

Talho also decides to take on a new look, or specifically, going back to her old look. I’m not too sure if I can really agree on her new outlook, but it’s a good step for her. Maurice, the eldest of Eureka’s “kids” also seems to be taking up an interest in photography from Mr. Observer. It’s also revealed that Diane, Renton’s sister seems to have died.

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Surfing robots are pretty cool too….

Source: Unknown


Very engaging, truly a work worthy of Studio Bones reputation.

Just finished marathoning this and also converting my whole house in to Eureka 7 fans at the same time. Score another one for the otakus ;).

The second arc with the introduction of Charles and Ray, is quite entertaining, especially since I’m an Aya Hisakawa fan as well…. ahhh… her voice~~~. I did get quite disappointed when she died too T_T. But so far, the production crew has handled the “oh-I’m-killing-people-so-i-don’t-want-to-fight” arc quite well.

Renton is growing up to be a very likable character, on the same way I’d liked Ayato Kamina in Rahxephon. The writers are shaping up his character very well, neither too predictable nor too boring and stereotypical, injecting a suitable amount of angst that’s believable, which IMO is one of the aspects where Studio Bones shines best.

The other characters, from Holland, Talho, Eureka down till poor ol’ Dominic still remain tightly intertwined by an invisible web of connections, that keeps tightening with each episode is very engaging to watch and follow, especially with the major revelation of episode 29 regarding Eureka, which admitedly had me surprised, even if I did expect it beforehand. I’d also liked how they’d sprung the revelation on us too, in a supposedly breather episode, instead of than in a more “serious” one.

There’s still quite a lot of questions out there that remained unanswered, such as the role that Diane plays in the SOF(probably teammates with Holland,Charles and co.), Renton’s connection with everything, the origin of Eureka, the truth behind Adrock Thurston’s researches, his subsequent death and labelling of as a hero, not to mention as well, about Anemone, which I suspect might be the same as Eureka herself or the anti of it.

Well, I’m going to grab the raws and take a look. I don’t have much confidence of watching it raw though, due to the amount of technobauble being spewed, but I hope I can catch at least the basic premise :P. In any case, I’ll just sit back and relax and enjoy Eureka 7 for it’s awesome blend of drama, action and storytelling.

On a sidenote, I miss hearing **Himitsu Kichi** for the ending :).One of the best songs I’ve heard and I’m rotating between it and Aka no Seijaku repeatedly :).

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Surfing robots? Sounds clichéd…


Yes, it does sounds clichéd, which was quite why I didn’t really pick up Eureka 7 at first. I did get some of it’s OPED singles and particularly liked it, especially the first ED, **Himitsu Kichi**. I did thought of watching it sometime when I’m particularly free though, just to see how it is, well, y’know, surfing mechas? C’mon.

The chance kinda came this week, when I “acquired” the subbed episodes from a “certain” source, and seeing on how I had nothing to do(well, technically I had a few…”not-so-urgent” assignments) in the meantime while waiting for the next week of anime, I sat down and marathoned it.

Safe to say, I was quite surprised by it. The first episode already attracted me thanks to it’s FLCL-esque vibe it’s been giving off, mostly with Renton (I could’ve sworn he had the same *seiyuu* as Naota), the music and the whole setting, plus the whole “mecha piloted by mystery girl crashing in to house” really kinda reminded me of FLCL too.

The later episodes was also a joy to watch, as Studio Bones retains their Rahxephon style by focusing more on the characters rather than the action. Michiko Neya(Talho) wins this series, really missed listening to her voice recently :P. The rest of the characters are well fleshed out, and although some similarities can be seen with their previous works, it remains a good watch. I’d always liked how Studio Bones interconnects their characters together.

Well, that wraps my semi-review of Eureka 7, mainly for the first 13 episodes. I’m going to catch up on the rest now ;).

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