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Tower of Druaga

Boy meets cute girl… ahh, typical Gonzo.

Yeap, this episode totally makes me go… “Ahh~ this is truly a Gonzo show.”

You have the hotheaded idealistic protagonist in Gil.

You also have the complex, interrelated multiple plot threads going around, half of which are going to be used randomly then discarded.

You also have the cute, female lead in Kaaya, voiced awesomely by Fumiko Orikasa. She pretty much is gonna make this show work for me, elsewise, I probably dunno what to watch for.

Let’s see how episode 3 plays out, after the oh-I-saw-it-coming-from-a-mile-away twist they did at the end of this episode.

P.S. More Hocchan x Roper action would be quite win.

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There’s more to Tower of Druaga 01 than meets the eye

Thanks to heads up from a few people, I discovered that there’s a ura version of it as well. It’s basically set in the same time, only from a different point of view, and more of the characters are introduced, including Minorin’s Kooba, where she seems to be playing the cute but sharp “tsukkomi” character type. She’s the loli with the grey hair and black ribbon in the OP, btw.

Kaya is also introduced, and like most Fumika Orikasa roles, she’s instantly noticeable and likable, playing as, apparently, an ojousama who wants to explore the tower as well. Also we get to see more of the real Fatina (Yui Horie), and she’s like Yoko + Naru at the same time. I love it.

For those who want to watch the “ura” episode 1, unfortunately the only source of it I can find is from Nico Nico. Actually, it does make me wonder, will they only show the “omote” or “front” episodes only for free, while the “ura” episodes are going to be only for paying customers? I hope that doesn’t happen. Most likely this is just a one-time only thing. However, if it does prove to be correct, then Gonzo has definitely got a shrewd business plan.

UPDATE: After doing additional research, it seems that the “ura” version was only aired on GyaO, the Japanese partner for Gonzo’s video streaming plan. Without having to mention, it is for the paying customers only. I don’t see them making it a viable plan for different POV episodes for the future ones, but if they do… I sure hope they can pull it off.

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Tower of Druaga begins

Holy shit, that was a pretty unexpected start. They so blatantly made fun of so many RPG clichés, I keeled over laughing.

Best parts has to be the “I’m going back to my hometown to get married” taboo, Druaga going “Jil… I am your father”, the “I don’t want to fight you, so you’ll have to defeat me first!” part with the stag beetles comparison and the “Hero Jil: Final Form!” with the hammer parody. Lastly, the single most best part…

*Roper tentacle rapes Fatina (Yui Horie)*
Hocchan: Iyaaaadaaaaaaaaa~~
Jil: We need to save her!
Neeba: No, wait! Look!
*Roper continues to tentacle rape Hocchan*
Jil: We really should save her!
Neeba: Not yet! It’s just getting good!
Jil: Not yet?!!
Neeba: Hold on! Just a little bit more….
Neeba: Okay, let’s attack.

God, that was just… priceless.

Thankfully ( or not so thankfully), it seems that’s not exactly the real story, more like a omake style joke episode. They’re probably going for a “WTF LOL?” opening just like Haruhi for this one. Still, this show has piqued my interest enough to keep on for the 2nd episode.

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