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Dennou Coil finished.

Dennou Coil

Right when I finished the first episode, I made a promise to myself to write about Dennou Coil when I finished it, even if it was not to my liking. I’m glad to have not to evoke that promise to myself.

Thus ends my massive Dennou Coil marathon, lasting over 2 days. Quite a lot of people felt that Dennou Coil’s plot was rushed towards the end, and I’ll somewhat agree with that, but to the end, it’s still a nicely done ending for me.

Towards the last 6 episodes of it’s run, Dennou definitely made me hard to peel away from it, due to the various plots being followed and certainly, the almost continuous plot twists. Especially involving the central 4-4-2-3 mystery and the true intentions of Nekome, along with the various mysteries of “the other side”. That in itself, was really enjoyable for me, since it really kept me continuously on my toes.

Towards the end, it the message of Dennou Coil is one of surviving through pain and hardships in life, especially towards the loss of a loved one. There is also the message of distance between people as well, represented by the relationship between Isako and Yasako. I definitely did get the message of the series, and I felt it was presented in a well-conveyed manner.

The serious issues being said, back to the lighter-heart of things, the other major star of Dennou Coil has gotta be the cyberglasses. Augmented reality is definitely a big promising field in real life, and it would really awesome if shows like Dennou Coil are able to give it a push upwards. I really admire the whole concept, both in it’s simplicity and flexibility, among the highlights of it being the beard civilization episode that had me laughing all around, but left me with a profound feeling of sadness towards the end.

Another thing I’d really like to mention out is the heartfelt voice work of both Orikasa Fumiko and Houko Kuwashima, playing Yasako and Isako respectively. Both are truly A-class seiyuus that really haven’t been given enough proper exposure, in my humble opinion. It was a joy hearing their performances and they truly brought their characters in to life.

Overall, one of the best shows of 2007. As for my final words here, I’d like say, “Densuke, you rock!”

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Playing Civilization with your beard.

Dennou Coil

Imagine playing nuke war on your own cheek.

I’m starting to fall in love with Dennou Coil more and more. There’s one episode where everyone actually plays Civilization with some weird living beard virus they all caught and it even progresses to nuclear and interplanetary wars.

God, imagine being the God of your own beard hairs. I can’t stop laughing over the sheer absurdity and ingenuity of this idea. Probably one of the best episodes so far yet.

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Isako rocks.

Dennou Coil

Wow, she’s freaking awesome. I can understand now why 0rion awarded her the “Best Use of Portals” award.

So yeah, I’m a bit late to jump on the Dennou Coil bandwagon, but so far, I’m finding it real awesome. The creativity in applying the concept is definitely inspiring.

Also, much kudos to Houko Kuwashima’s Isako. I’m starting to really fall in love with her. That voice just…. mmmmm!

Also, wrong timing to start watching. It’s 4:30am, I’m supposed to wake up at 9am and I can’t stop watching hahaha.

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