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Ai no Sora

Ai no Sora

Well, apart from providing us with an awesome Megami poster, D.C. ~if~’s insert song, Ai no Sora 「愛の空」 by Kotori is a pretty great song. Hocchan’s vocals matches nicely with this composition from rino. They should team up more.

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D.C.if ~Da Capo if~ 02

Okay, finally finished with this OVA. Yeah, it’s really emo and draggy. I was practically multi-tasking at the first 16 mins or so until Sakura came in to the picture and opened up Junichi’s eyes.

Then everything just whirls past by so fast…. Kotori realizing what she loved about Junichi. Junichi peeking in to her singing as she reminisces under the sakura tree. The kiss. Yes, they kissed.

Da Capo ~if~

And of course, the immediate jump to the wedding. Guess you just can’t end it any other way, heh.

Da Capo ~if~

So yeah, for all you Kotori-shippers, hope you’re happy with this. Just too bad they made it so emo, I didn’t really enjoy it fully. Even Stripey concurs.

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D.C.if ~Da Capo if~ 01


Whoa, this OVA was so not what I expected. I thought it’d be a lighthearted romp through the Da Capo world again, but it turns out to be something like D.C.II.S.S. instead.

For starters, yes, this is a Kotori End OVA, but guess how they’re making it happen?


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