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Da Capo II S.S. 01

Da Capo II S.S

Okay, I’m signing on for another trip through Hatsunejima again. Yeah, that scene kinda sold me on to it.

D.C.II S.S starts not long after the end of the first season. Things are getting a bit busy in preparation for the upcoming Christmas celebrations, and Yoshiyuki’s class chooses to do a ningyogeki thanks to Anzu’s suggestion. Naturally, Yoshiyuki and Koko get chosen to play the main roles.

However, not all is right with Hatsunejima, and the magical sakura tree seems to be malfunctioning. Sakura-san is of course well aware of it, and Oto-nee also feels it too. Mysterious cases also seem to have been happening around the island as well, most likely connected to the sakura tree.

Mmm… so it looks like they’ll be dealing with the main Otome route in the second season. Despite the disappointing first season, I guess I like the way that Da Capo II is being handled enough to continue on for a second season. Here’s to hoping that Otome will get her deserved airtime this season. I like what they’ve shown of her so far.

Looking back now, it was really surprising that the first season didn’t show the Asakura sisters so much, considering they’re the pivotal characters of the franchise.

Oh, I have to give mention to the nice ED, with the flashback shots of Yoshiyuki meeting the Asakura sisters for the first time and progressing throughout their growth together. I see that Yoshiyuki sure has got his hands full with the sisters and Sakura over the years. I guess that’s what it’s like to have so many females as your family :P.

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Da Capo II ends

Da Capo II

I’ll be honest here and say that D.C.II ended for me at episode 7 (Nanaka! TT_TT), but I did still watch the rest of the episodes, which to many people’s surprise, took Minatsu’s route as the main plot.

Considering that Da Capo was the ultimate imouto-kon anime, this of course comes as a surprise and probably dashed the expectations of many. But still D.C.II wasn’t too bad at all, and considering the short episode count, it did manage to tell Minatsu’s story out, even if they took quite a number of episodes to actually get in to it. And her story isn’t that bad per se, just a bit rather typical in terms of the issues it was dealing with.

That said, unless you’re a Minatsu or Koko fan (I doubt there are many), D.C. II anime is largely forgettable after watching it, except for episode seven. I’m still happy of course it managed to portray Nanaka well, even if she was merely a side character throughout the series. And of course, thanks to it, there’ll be at least one or two insert single songs courtesy of Minorin to come out.

Addendum: Oh it looks like D.C. II S.S has been announced. Well, not too surprising, but I wonder which route will they focus on. Will they finally go back to its roots and focus on Yume or Otome? Will they throw another curveball instead and do Anzu’s storyline? Will they totally do a slap-in-your-face and go Suginami’s route? I wonder….

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Da Capo II 07 – Nanaka TT_TT

Da Capo II

Nanaka TT_TT

Finally, what we have all been waiting for, the Nanaka episode.

As expected, this episode deals with Nanaka’s feelings for Yoshiyuki, complicated especially because Koko is her best friend. This leads her to be distracted and starts to show at their usual band practice. Nanaka decides to practice alone for a change, and heads for the rooftop after the music room isn’t available, but gets trapped there instead, when a storm blows in. Poor Nanaka auuuu~~

Help arrives in the form of Yoshiyuki, who forgot his botebook back in school and heads out in the storm to look for it. While he’s there, he hears a cellphone ringing, which turns out to be Koko calling Nanaka’s as she’s missing. Yoshiyuki manages to save Nanaka from spending the night in the storm, and Nanaka is greatly moved by him. She almost confesses her feelings for Yoshiyuki, but as Yoshiyuki touches her hands, she realizes that he purely thinks of Nanaka as a friend and nothing more, so Nanaka decides not to tell him her feelings, but instead reproaches him for being too kind to everyone, without realizing that it’ll eventually hurt others as well (Nanaka TT_TT) and tells him to treat Koko more dearly.

Da Capo II

Nanaka is so strong TT_TT

That settled, Nanaka and Yoshiyuki head back home, along with the worried Koko who came to school looking for them as well.

Oh god, that was a pretty awesome episode for Nanaka there, especially when she almost confessed to Yoshiyuki but held it back instead. I was really touched at that. Sigh, why does the Da Capo series always do this kind of things towards the most awesome character of the series. Then and again, I guess it’s this “awesome but always the underdog” trait that makes me love the Shirakawa-type characters.

One more thing to add before I go, Minorin is doing a good job voicing Nanaka, but her singing in her Nanaka voice is still a bit rough, IMHO. Not bad, but not as smooth as her usual singing voice.

Da Capo II

Bonus Nanaka Shot: Embarrassed be-da Nanaka

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Da Capo II 06

Da Capo II

Minatsu episode this week. Her secret ambition to conquer the world is found out by Yoshiyuki, who has been nagged at by Yume since Minatsu isn’t mixing well in her class. He takes the chance to “blackmail” her to a date and brings her for dinner at his house. The End.

Okay yes, I am not exactly the biggest fan of Minatsu, since a “Banana-hating Banana-powered Robot Tsundere” (meganeshounen™) isn’t exactly on the moe qualities I’m attracted to, but I will admit Minatsu is rather cute when she isn’t going all haughty and “I hate humans and banana’s” mode. Also, didn’t expect this episode to be rather deep, with the little outburst by Minatsu on how humans have not treated robots well, forcing them to do things that aren’t of their own will, etc. etc., but it was a nicely done. Gotta LOL at Minatsu’s plan to dominate the world though. Ha ha ha.

Poor Koko gets shafted for another episode though.

Da Capo II

Obligatory Nanaka screencap. Worried Nanaka.

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Da Capo II 05

Da Capo II

Wow, 5 episodes in and it’s still on the Koko path! I’m surprised!

This episode, Yoshiyuki and Koko finally get to spend some quality time together on a date, with a little help from Nanaka and Koko’s friends. They go through the usual date sequence; watching movies, eating lunch, window shopping and hang around at the popular date spots and they finally start to hold hands together. This is like, what, half base? Looks like first base is still gonna be a long way ahead. Sigh…

What else can I say? Those two are really slow at love relationships naturally. Well, I guess it’s mainly because they have been friends for such a long time, it takes time to close the subsequent gap between them that’s formed. But still, I am finding myself rooting for the Koko end now… because Koko really is a good girl and a perfect wife material, mainly thanks to the short scene of her calming down a boy who lost his mother.

But still… will they truly stick to the Koko end? If so, man, the dorama later will probably and had better be pretty frickin’ awesome, else I want my time back :P. It would help too if there’s more Nanaka as well :).

Da Capo II

Obligatory Nanaka screencap of the episode.

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Da Capo II 04

Da Capo II

Anzu just can’t stand how slow they are.

Oh yes, I am still watching this show, although, I must say, watching Yoshiyuki and Koko’s relationship is just kinda painful.

So this episode is the sports festival, therefore we have everyone in bloomers. A heavenly episode for buruma-mania fans of the series. The episode is mainly focused on Yoshiyuki and Koko, trying to enjoy the sports festival together, but they keep getting disturbed by their friends and family. Highlights:

  • Anzu, the little pervert, forcing Yoshiyuki to be molest Koko. (see above)
  • Otome randomly going, “KORAAA OTOUTO-KUN!!!”. Oh man, she is made of sister-ness and win.
  • Yume “borrowing” Yoshiyuki’s shorts and boxers for the borrowing race.
  • Nanaka teasing Yoshiyuki and Koko throughout the day. Didn’t expect her to be doing the “bancho” cheer thing as well. God she is win.
  • Suginami, the bastard, setting up some weird contraptions. Although I must say that shot of Nanaka and Yume in a 69 position was pretty win….

Anyways, can’t believe that Yoshiyuki and Koko are still going strong after 4 episodes. Would be a real riot of they went for a Koko End.

Obligatory Nanaka screencap of the episode:

Da Capo II

Nanaka <3

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D.C.II 03: Nanaka is love.

Da Capo II

Nanaka is made of twintails and win. I love how casual she is when you get to know her, lol. Straight away she tells you to call her, “Na. Na. Ka!” And her smile… oh god, her smile. /me heart goes “Kyuun~~”. Can’t wait for her insert song to come out.

Koko is seriously turning into a very awesome girl. Not only she doesn’t try to prod further in to Yoshiyuki’s suspicious relationship with Minatsu, putting her belief in him instead, she even knows how to play bass guitars. Kewl. Sadly though, her relationship with Yoshiyuki is really at the shougakusei level… Oh god, when those two were alone, they were like, all awkward and stuff… /facepalm.

Minatsu must be the only person to have ever tripped on a banana peel while stomping on it….

Otome is LOL. Definitely. Also, is it me or is Yume getting sidelined much? Though I must say, Hocchan has really nice english now, mostly because I remember someone saying that she confessed that she sucked at English the most back when she was in school. I did a double-take when she said “Could you pass me the soy, please.” because it sounded really natural.

Bottomline, wow, Da Capo II is turning in to a nice show to watch, if just for the funny parts and the girls. /r/ more Nanaka plz. Yes, I have joined in the Nanaka fan club as well.

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Fall’07 Snippets No.1

Since so many shows interest me this season, I’m going to change my blogging style a bit and do posts in the form of snippets of shows that I feel like saying something about, but not enough to do a full post for it. WP 2.3’s native tagging system is kinda enticing now….



Tama-chan is made of SEIGI and <3 and win. She’s just sooo kawaiiiiii~~~~~~~

I loved the part where her father asked her whether she joined the Kendo club for interest or was invited by friends, and she answers, dead serious, “悪から正義を守るためです”. GOOD JOB! Tama-chan!

Da Capo II

Da Capo II

It’s just a banana, you pervs!

Oh boy… the banana-powered robot makes her appearance this time… thankfully this incarnation is tsundere, so it’s slightly more bearable than the tennen one last time round. I kinda quit D.C. because of the banana robot, really. While I can’t say I really like Minatsu, not to mention her voice is… kinda unique, she’s at least not annoying and brain-cell killing plus I really like her character design, mostly due to the cap she wears. Kinda makes her look… well, cute.

Also, poor Koko. She’s already on her way to getting shafted.

Sketchbook ~full colors~

Sketchbook ~full colors~

Ahh~~ this was a relaxing episode, yet not entirely yawn-inducing, thanks to the comedy they managed to put in the right amounts at the right timing. Most especially the sensei bringing in the new bust she bought… only to trip on the chicken she brought along to school. Plus, Kana Hanazawa’s voice really sucks me in to watching the show. Truly a great future voice.

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Fall ’07 Day One

Da Capo II

Hmm.. not as bad as DC I was. I like the guy way better than Junichi. Plus, the cast is pretty nicely voiced. Hocchan as the new Nemu is going to be pretty lol. Also, Minorin as Nanaka, but she only got one line this episode ;_;.

Also, Tamura Yukari as Sakura. Loli gakuencho for the win? I wonder what’s inside her himitsu kichi though.


Was wondering how the anime would turn out to be, since I kinda like the manga, and I’m surprised it’s pretty good, even with the “LOL INITIAL D” moment at the beginning. I’m kinda lol’ing at the choice of seiyuu for the sensei, being that it’s Katsuyuki Konishi (Kamina in TTGL) doing it. Everytime he goes shouting, I can’t help but get flashes of Kamina.

Interested in seeing Ryou Hirohashi voicing Tama-chan (<3~~~~), along with a pretty good choice of seiyuu for Miyamiya (CLANNAD people will know what I mean). The rest of the girls haven’t showed up yet, so I’ll reserve judgement for later.

Hope Bamboo Blade doesn’t go too much shounen-ish though.

Sketchbook ~full colors~

Ahh.. iyashikei anime. I’ll admit it. I almost fell asleep halfway through, like I did with ARIA, which was pretty lol since Aria-shachou made a cameo in the episode.

But still, all-star cast (again!), with Kana Hanazawa, Yui Makino and Yukari Tamura amongst the ones I recognized easily. Probably would give this another run through.

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