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2008 in Review: The Good, the Bad and the WTF?!

2008 in Review

This post is dedicated to the good, the bad and the WTF’s of this year. It’s really been an interesting year…..

Heh, I was supposed to post this yesterday, but with all the shopping, satelite tracking, celebrations and epic rickrolling, I only finished it today. I guess this will be my first real post of 2009, hehehe.

Anyways, the point of this post is to relive the more memorable moments of 2008 for me, in terms of anime and such. Another year filled with good things, bad shit and “just WTF were they thinking?!” craziness.

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Da Capo II Second Season finally done

Da Capo II S.S

Yeah, I know. It’s already nearly a month since it finished. I kinda left the last episode on the backburner, mostly due to the fact I already knew what the ending was gonna be like.

So in the end, as I am proven correct, deus ex machina occurs and thanks to everyone’s memories of Yoshiyuki, he gets revived back in a final gesture from Sakura before she and the tree disappears. Everyone lives happily ever after. The End.

In any case, the second season has been quite a leap from the dismal shit that was Da Capo II. Honestly for me, I really couldn’t emphatise with the whole shebangs, since I was expecting things to develop in a more… hm, “epic” manner, but the main drama turned out to be mostly of Otome being emo, but at least Yume made up for it quite a bit with her strength. Poor Sakura-san though ;_;. One thing I can say I honestly like about this series though, are the awesome insert songs by yozuca and CooRie.

Well, hopefully we’re finally done with this franchise, but then, there might be a Da Capo 1.5 or something, LOL. Wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.

Lastly, here’s a parting shot of Nanaka. She wears China-dress for bed! OMG!

Da Capo II S.S

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Da Capo II S.S. 12

Da Capo II S.S

Much “BAWWWWWWW!!!!” in this episode. Poor Yume T.T

Bye bye, Yoshiyuki, for a week or so.

I’ll be so glad once this show is over.

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Da Capo II S.S. 11

Da Capo II S.S

BAWWWWWWWWWWW~~~~!!!! Yoshiyuki, T.T.

Yume has suddenly became extremely awesome. She chose to confront the fact instead of running away like Otome’s doing. Makes me root even more for the Yume ending.

Also, what’s with all the random Nanaka cameos in the episode?

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Da Capo II S.S. 08

Da Capo II Second Season

T_T Sakura-san, T_T. The beginning of the end.

Interestingly enough, D.C. II S.S might go for the Yume ending, from what I’ve read about it.

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Da Capo II S.S 06


“Let’s go, Watson!”

Otome episode this week, since it was Yume’s turn last week.

Nothing much happens really, just Yoshiyuki and Otome going around town to investigate the series of mysterious accidents that seem to have no explainable cause. Along the way they interview Junichi, who talks about the Da Capo cast a bit and talk to Anzu who tells the story of a girl that wished for better memory and had it granted, to which Yoshiyuki suspects it’s herself she’s talking about.

Poor Yume gets totally forgotten the whole episode, late lunch and late dinner for her :3.



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Da Capo II S.S. 05

Yoshiyuki and co. go on a ski trip in the mountains, and everyone is enjoying it fully with the exception of Yume and Yoshiyuki. Yume has a dream of her getting in to an accident and Yoshiyuki coming to her rescue, which she misconstrues as a foretelling of disaster, thus she unconsciously avoids him. Yoshiyuki notices this of course, and he is concerned about it.

In the end, Yume avoids going skiing the whole day, citing a variety of reasons to not go out, but she finally seizes the chance to enjoy some skiing herself by sneaking out when the others are holding a party over at the guys room. Coincidentally, Yoshiyuki is buying a drink for himself at the moment and spots Yume going out and decides to follow after her as well.

Lucky he did, because Yume was getting harassed by a bunch of losers and she manages to shake one off, but the other starts acting violent and Yoshiyuki arrives in time to save her. Yume is thankful, and Yoshiyuki invites her to ski together, but she remembers the dream and shoots off by herself. Yoshiyuki grows more concerned and follows after her of course, causing Yume to lose her attention of where she was going and she really does get in to an accident, spraining her ankles.

Thankfully, Yoshiyuki is right on her tail and rescues her. Yume initially tries to run away, thinking that she’ll get Onii-san in to an accident, but Yoshiyuki assures her that it’ll be alright, and they safely reach back to the ski lodge.Yoshiyuki treats her ankle and they both head for the baths afterwards, where they share another tender moment together.

Da Capo II Second Season

Oh Yume. Seriously, WTF were you trying to do the whole episode?

If she was THAT worried about Yoshiyuki getting in to an accident, she shouldn’t have snuck out to ski at all. Sometimes that tsun-tsun attitude of hers can be really irritating, even more so since she was rather asking for it when she snuck out despite having that dream. Well, in the end, we did get a cute moment with her in the bath there.

In any case, I guess I’m starting to get used to tsun-tsun Yume, with thanks to bluemist’s nice long summary of Yume’s route in the original game, which I just read recently. Too bad all the focus on Yume now just means that Otome’s route is the real ending of this season.

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Da Capo II Second Season 04

Da Capo II Second Season

Tsundere Yume is tsundere~~~

The Christmas festival finally arrives in this episode.

Yume continues on her tsundere-ness, which is pretty funny, especially when she goes all robotic when Yoshiyuki greets her at the start of the episode.

As expected, poor Koko gets KO’ed, and Otome saves the day with her very emotional rendition of Sheryl in the puppet play. The play is probably going to foretell the events happening later on in the series.

The episode ends with the Asakura sisters, Yoshiyuki and Sakura celebrating Christmas together (funnily, Jun’ichi seems forgotten most of the time), ending with Sakura’s ominous wish for this happiness to last forever.

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Da Capo II Second Season 03

Da Capo II Second Season

Otome gets the spotlight for this episode. She is earnestly helping Yoshiyuki out to practice for the upcoming puppet play, and we also see a glimpse of her past. Otome used to be more withdrawn and gloomy (wow, I so hear Noe when she’s like that) due to her magical powers, and it’s thanks to Yoshiyuki that she finally lightens up to the person she is now.

Junichi also makes a much awaited appearance in the episode, and boy, he’s sure turned old. Yume is still keeping up her tsundere-ness, to which I still find it quite unnatural, some what. Maa~ I’ll agree with Yoshiyuki that she’s cuter when she was still a kid :).

Still no idea about the general direction of the story yet, but the escalating incidences of fires in Hatsunejima is a big cause of concern. I wonder if Koko’s illness is also related to it, or just a convenient plot device to get Otome to do the puppet play with Yoshiyuki later on. Overall though, I would say D.C. II S.S seems rather blander than the first series….probably the lack of Nanaka.

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Da Capo II Second Season 02

Da Capo II S.S

Yoshiyuki sure is trusted by the girls.

Taking a jaunt in to Anzu’s story line in this episode. She’s pretty cute when she lets her hair down. Mmm~ otherwise, nothing much to comment on this episode. I’m surprised she managed to live alone for three years without anyone knowing that, though.

Also, Yume’s tsundere play in this episode was pretty LOL. I guess I’m just not used to her going all tsundere so abruptly, when back in the first series, she was totally tsun-tsun most of the time. Just feels awkward, I guess. Should’ve made the transition a bit more natural.

Da Capo II S.S

Yume… Yume…

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