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Gothloli Faptime Show fails…

Immediately after episode 2, CRS has really experienced a downward spiralling trend in good and a very upward, almost horizontal trend to suckiness. I’m too lazy to type, but I’ll post some Anonymous truth.

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)11:58 No.851577

this episode made me realise how boring the animation and directing is. you have all the good elements there, good designs, characters, music, but it just doesnt flow well

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)12:00 No.851580

I know what you mean!
That it has all the right ingredients makes the failure even more frustrating…

Quoted for truth.

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)13:02 No.851721

Has Chelsea died yet? I stopped watching the show beyond episode 2 because of her.

Angelica and Oppai-chan should really be the main characters instead…

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)14:23 No.852001

I really don’t see why they had Franca escape. It would have kept some tension in the plot. Mister makes a big deal about a promise, but the fact is he didn’t do a thing to rescue her, she got out on her own, albeit ridiculously.

It is really mindboggling how close and yet so far this anime is to being awesome. I’ll probably keep watching, but without much hope.

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)14:31 No.852048

Yeah, I think that was the moment absolutely all tension in this show was destroyed. We spend most of the episode setting up this situation and Deus Ex Machina ends it in thirty fucking seconds. And we all know that Mister isn’t going to die from his wounds because he’s got major Plot Armor; if he DOES die it’s going to be in the final episode and I doubt they’ll even do that.

ufotable fails it when they’re not sticking with what they’re good at – batshit insane comedy.

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)15:41 No.852403


Plot armor is when you can hijack a fighter plane ( in flight ) have a passenger on your lap use foot pedals and a stick with no seat restrains at all to pull anime only g-turns wile a couple of thousand rounds miss you then you toss one short burst and boom one enemy dies.. two.. three… THEN when it is convenient for the plot your wounded and can only watch the bad guy ramble on about their plot for universal domination…

Again, Anonymous speaks the truth and nothing but the truth.

When Katana said “Wow, we have good timing!”, that was the biggest understatement of the year.

Fucking seconded.

ufotable, please don’t let this go on =.=….

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Coyote Ragtime Show

I’ve fallen in love with her. She’s just pure win. Or maybe I just have a weakness for loli’s with tragic pasts. In anyways, she’s god damned cute.

Coming into the 2nd episode, CRS is still on a winning run. This episode introduces Franka of course and doesn’t waste time in telling of her past, her relationship with Mister and the meaning of the treasure. Simple and yet tragic enough to evoke sympathy for her at the same time. There’s still the mystery of the form of the treasure still to be revealed.

Of course, the 12 Shimai is fully restored and in full swing this time, leading a full-scale assault to capture Mister and Franca, without wasting time. But personally, my favourite part is from Angelica and Chelsea. Chelsea’s intelligent usage of her “assets” is god damned funny yet god damned true at the same time. And it’s good to see they didn’t introduce that Rock n’Roll character in the beginning to waste time, as he plays a role in the end of the episode.

Dialouge wins hard as well… with notable gems in store. The writer deserves more than his pay. The ending this time is one of ufotable’s trademark claymation sequences, and it’s good to see them making their mark in the anime business. I predict that CRS will lift their name up highly.

Let’s hope for CRS to continue to be made of old-school coyote coolness, gothloli android action and Franca-chama cuteness. This will be an enjoyable season if it does :).

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That’s right, Mushishi rocks

Coyote Ragtime Show


God, whoever you are, DMP, you guys freaking rock at making a parody sub. The parodies were spot-on and weren’t overdone, unlike some I’ve seen where every frickin’ line is a total parody. You guys just rock for actually parodying by following the sounds and not over-parodying.

Thank god I watched gg’s version 1st, if not, I swear the “Mushishi commercial” will be forever stuck in my head.

Oh, and here’s some real Mushishi content, for those who were lead here by it ;).


Ginko rocks, doesn’t he?

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Summer First Impressions: Coyote Ragtime Show

Coyote Ragtime Show

2ble wielding PNF90’s…. I’m sold!

I take back what I said for this season to be lacklustre. I obviously didn’t expect Coyote Ragtime Show. This is easily one of the better shows this season, assuming if the quality of the show remains consistent with the first episode’s one.

Plotwise, it’s a western, space-opera styled story about a master criminal, Mister, and the cop who tries to catch him, Angelica. Expect all the usual twists and turns that come with this type of shows.

But anyways, who the hell needs to care about the plot?! I’m fucking sold on this show based on the action scenes alone. Hell, I just came from the appearance of the 12 Sisters parachuting in and slaughtering everyone in sight. Too bad they’re robots though, it’ll be fsking awesome if they were humans mainly to see them being screwed.

Uniquely speaking, it is refreshing to see the investigator being played by a hawt, busty, meganekko. It’s always good to see some bouncing boobies woman power, instead of some beardy, smoking macho guy. Chelsea is tipped to be a perfect, bumbling dojikko sidekick.

The supposed antagonist, Mister, is a deadringer for the gentleman thief types and I will expect from him, extremely high-risk, hare-brained robbery plans ala Italian Job, Ocean 11 style. I am a sucker for those types of plans, and there’s nothing that raises my boner more effectively than seeing those impossible type plans to succeed.

I’m having extremely high hopes for Coyote Ragtime Show and judging that ufotable did pull off Futakoi Alt. quite well (btw, is the 12 Sisters a tribute to Futakoi?), I think Coyote will end up being quite satisfying.

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