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Another (de)Motivator (CLANNAD this time)


Yeah, I know it’s been done to death already, but I still blame Ci from the channel for this. He just had to put the concept in to my head.

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CLANNAD After Story 03: Saishuu Heiki Imouto

CLANNAD After Story

“Isogai Sanako, jyunanasai desu~~!”

キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!! *faints* They really did it! I knew they couldn’t let such an awesome chance slip past by. It just wouldn’t be Kyo Ani otherwise.

However, this ends up being a Mei-focused episode, despite the facade presented by the preview last week, and oh wow, I am LUCKY that I’m not Stripey. Even non-imoutokon like me nearly died from Mei’s “Onii-chan~”, what more a full on self-confessed siscon. Tomoya takes the full brunt of Mei’s Imouto attacks this week, and oh boy, never has the word “Onii-chan~” gained such destructive power. Seriously, it’s so powerful that it should only be used upon authorization of the UN’s Sec-Gen and the five Security Council members. This is a weapon so gentle yet so deadly, it may one day end all wars. Oh god, what am I rambling about now?

*Ahem*, despite the high parts of the episode, this remains a serious one as well, as Mei continues dealing with her troublesome brother, who’s… well, you know how he is, and she wants him to become a kind and nice person again, like when they were both younger and he would regularly save Mei from the local bullies. She also would like for him to regain a purpose in life too, like when he was in the soccer club, but the trauma of what happened still hangs deeply inside him. She’d even go as far to a pretend relationship with Tomoya to “incite” him back.

A nice balancing job that KyoAni did for this episode, between the moments of fun and serious drama. They sure went all out on Mei this week, and it’s not surprising since we won’t be seeing much of her after they’ve done her story. While it’s gonna be sad to see her take a backseat… I’m somewhat glad on the other hand that we might not see her for a while. Any more longer, I think I might just give up and join the Stripey camp.

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And I thought pimp Sunohara was bad enough… the Internet hasn’t failed to prove me wrong yet. Admitedly, Sunoko is… is… cute.

There! I said it! I-i-i-it doesn’t mean I wanna do it with him! O-o-o-okay?!! D-d-don’t m-m-misunderstand me! I j-j-just thought it was c-c-cute, that’s all!

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Fabulous Sunohara is fabulous!

CLANNAD After Story

My head imploded.

Thank god they didn’t include joshikousei twintail meganekko Sanae in it. I would’ve shat bricks as well.

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CLANNAD After Story 02: Sanae Attacks!

CLANNAD After Story

KyoAni’s gonna kill me soon these days with the moe damage attacks. Any more of this and I might just lose my sanity for real. Why are they sooooo good at titillating me?! It’s like they have a manual to all my moe buttons and are purposely doing it to me!

Story this week begins the Sunohara Arc (OMG! NOT THE YAOI END?!) and no, I assure you, that homosexuality is present (phew!). A slight tone of deep sibling love might be present (whatttt?!!).

Mei is very worried about her brother (who wouldn’t?) and thus decides to stay around for a while to make sure he’s doing alright. Tomoya decides to “help” out Sunohara a bit (you mean having fun teasing him again, don’t you) by suggesting he finds himself a “girlfriend” to assuage Mei-chan’s worries. Sunohara is excited about the idea of course, so with Tomoya and Nagisa tagging along, he proceeds to ask around for a girl willing to pose as his other half.

They first approach Ryou, but Kyou soon makes them regret the idea. (Fuck yeah! Kyou Dictionary ATTACK!). Tomoyo is next, but Sunohara gets knocked out as usual. Proceeding to Kotomi, she gladly agrees to help out, but since her idea of a date is a violin recital (DEATH VIVALDI!), Sunohara rejects it. Tomoya remembers of Yukine, but her bodyguard soon scares off, well, actually nearly kills him. Even trying to pick up girls on the street (LOL Talent scout Sunohara) fails.

In such bleak times, Tomoya and Sunohara bump in to Sanae, who hears them out and decides to volunteer for it. Bear in mind that Sunohara still thinks Sanae is Nagisa’s sister, ROFL. Both of them are shocked but decide to go ahead with the plan since Sanae’s so enthusiastic about it… although they keep it hidden from Akio and Mei of course. Nagisa has terribly mixed feelings about hearing her mother go on a date with her classmate. Someone ONE YEAR younger than herself at that.

Sunohara informs Mei about his “girlfriend” and Mei requests for a meeting, naturally, which he gladly obliges. On the day itself, Sunohara is dressed to the nines and (horror of horrors!) Sanae, perfectly disguised as a high-schooler with Nagisa’s uniform. In RPG terms, Joshikousei Sanae would be a totally unavoidable, instant 9999-dmg special attack on par with megane-Maria. Mei of course, totally finds it unbelievable that her brother can snag someone of that level. Anyways, to be continued!

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CLANNAD After Story 01

KyoAni sure loves their baseball. Every time they do one, it’s bound to be awesome.

First episode of After Story starts off slow, with the Akio getting Tomoya to rope people up for an upcoming inter-town baseball match. Predictably, the main cast + extras are all roped in, consisting of:

1. Akio
2. Tomoya
3. Nagisa (replacing Akio midway)
4. Kyou
5. Tomoyo (following Misae)
6. Misae
7. Sunohara
8. Yoshino Yusuke
9. Kotomi
10. Mei (because of Yusuke)

Big hitters are Kyou, Tomoyo and Misae, Tomoyo even hitting a crazy homerun despite being it her first time holding a bat. Sunohara becomes the joker as usual, hillariously failing at batting or base, although the most amusing one was Yusuke’s self-monologue whenever he goes up to bat and hits the ball, forgetting to run to base. Kotomi’s “calculation” of ball trajectory was worth some laughs too. Also, she looks almost similar to Kyou when she’s wearing a helmet.

Nagisa replaces Akio midway in the game when he gets injured accidentally, and it provides us with a ton of moe-moe faces whenever she her pitches are hit or she fails to bat. Despite that, she’s actually pretty okay at baseball, probably from watching her father’s games all the time, and even gets the final winning point for the team after Tomoya manages to hit the final pitch for her.

Final victory celebration had a nice moment when Sunohara actually asked Tomoya if Sanae was Nagisa’s sister. “Bijin shimai” ROFL.

Funnily enough, I was half expecting Fuko Hijack to happen, but none did, so I guess KyoAni’s toning it down a bit for the serious tone of the show. Still, there sure was a ton of “fanservice” this episode with all the burumas and the sports action… mmm~~

The new OP by Lia sounds pretty awesome, and KyoAni has updated the animation to include some new stuff. I think I died seeing kindergarten teacher Kyou. The ED gave me a bit of a shock with the “noisy” intro, but it got better after that. Not dangos anymore, sadly :(.

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Another World, Tomoyo Chapter

Tomoyo OVA


Erm, so anyways, the Tomoyo OVA is out, and according to trusted sources, it’s the exact replica of Tomoyo’s route in the game, after you’ve eliminated the rest. This sadly explains why we don’t see anyone else in the episode except for Tomoyo.

Basically, the story deals with Tomoyo and Tomoya’s relationship, after they start dating, and because she gets elected as Student Council President, Tomoya the delinquent is “advised” to stay away from her to not drag her down. Thus begins a long emo separation, with Tomoya in despair most of the episode, while Tomoyo works hard and crazy to fulfill her duties and to to preserve the sakura trees on the hill. Finally, Tomoya manages to graduate properly and even finds a job at a recycling company, and Tomoyo manages to fulfill her dreams, so they both return to each other’s arms.

Granted, Tomoyo is still awesome on her own, but god damn, Tomoya was such a useless lamer in this episode. Hell, he’s like totally different from the Tomoya in the TV series, which to me, had some GAR in it, but this Tomoya… let’s just call him the “trash guy”. Sigh, emo episode is emo.

The best part of this episode has gotta be Sunohara in black hair! LOL. That was surely unexpected.

Tomoyo OVA.

… and okay, I guess the last part in the snow was very pretty as well, but still… :X

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CLANNAD Extra Chapter: Events of Summer


I went “Nyaa~” at seeing this.

Mei-chan isn’t as sweet as everyone thinks she is….

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[アニメ]TVA「CLANNAD AFTER STORY」製作決定! このエントリーを含むブックマーク


Moonphase reports that CLANNAD AFTER STORY will be made, with no staff changes. The news was reported in Dengeki G’s Magazine 2008/05, in an interview with the director.

No further information at the moment.

UPDATE 1: Added a line (presumably from the interview article). “At first, we only decided to take Nagisa’s route, however after many discussions this was decided instead.”

UPDATE 2: So yes, the announcement at the end of this week’s CLANNAD is the preview of CLANNAD AFTER STORY. Here’s a nice upload on Youtube of the 15 sec clip.

First thing I thought when I saw Ushio… “Ijimeko?!” Shit, so cuteeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~

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Definitely, a smile like that fits Nagisa the best :).

Finally, for a change, a happy ending that I like in a KEY series . I can’t deny that the ending arc was rather weakly executed though.

Anyways, it looks like there will be another omake episode to cap off this series. One can’t deny that the comedy aspect of CLANNAD was integrated the best amongst all the 3 KyoAni-KEY series up till now, so more hilarity is always good :).

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