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Black Lagoon third season, Umineko anime, Indon TV station pwned.

Well, shit. On the heels of my earlier post, now comes this tantalizing tidbit about Black Lagoon’s third season getting announced. Oh fuck yeah, Roberta arc!

Then, Umineko no Naku Koro ni is also getting animated, and I wonder how would it be like, considering that Higurashi’s anime adaption wasn’t really that good overall, but I guess there’s one more interesting anime to watch later on.

Lastly, I totally LOL’ed at this ANN article of an Indon TV station being reprimanded for broadcasting One Piece. “Violent, bloody imagery” I can understand. “Sensual looking women,” nearly made me fell off my seat, but then Nami does have some nice melonpan but.. “close-ups of “women’s body parts”… huh where?!!

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Black Lagoon MUST have a 3rd season

Black Lagoon

Oh god, how much more awesome Black Lagoon can get? They even have a lolita DFC Mad Dog Meido in the latest chapter, and oh boy, I’ve fallen in love with that sharp attitude of here. Fabiola <3.

I can’t wait till they make the 3rd season of Black Lagoon. Fabiola and Roberta both DESERVE it.

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Ten Shows of 2006

I realize it’s a bit late for “Year in Review” posts, but some inexplicable urge just compelled me to write this out. Possibly attributed to my current holiday I guess. In anyways, I suck at ranking things, so this is not a “Top Ten” styled post, but more of a focus list of shows I thought best represented the year that was 2006 for me.

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Requiem for the twins…

Black Lagoon

Kirei da wa…. umi….

That…. was singlehandedly one of the most touching scenes in all my journeys throughout otakudom…. the sheer beauty of the scene… the sheer poeticsm of the death of Gretel(or Hansel… but meh)… just really highlights the sheer injustice of this world that we live in….

Of course, we might not meet people like the twins…. but we are definitely able to see such scale of injustice in this world…. that most people would probably not face…. but let us spare a thought over to those unlucky ones, those poor people that suffer in silence over the sheer craziness of this world.

Black Lagoon has definitely earned its place in my heart as one of the more memorable anime amongst the countless others that are and will be out.

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