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OreImo x Angel Beats

3 minutes of Kirino/Kuroneko doing the preview narrations for each episode of Angel Beats! while Tenshi does the same for OreImo. DKIA

Poor Hikago. Someone in Japan is seriously out for his life.

And oh, btw, Angel Beats! True End turned out to be Otonashi not leaving Limboworld; instead he took up Tenshi’s position and looks set to be at least a little more successful than she was at persuading people to move on from their regrets. Oh well. At least there was some proper closure in that two minute extra.

Also, I suggest a LOT of alcohol if you are going to watch Stairway to Heaven (special episode in the last BD). It’s tremendously headache inducing. Maeda went full nigger on writing that one.

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Angel Beats! ends

Angel Beats

……………………….. what?!!

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Angel Beats! 12

Angel Beats!

Lol what, the beginning 30 seconds are like pulled out from some summer Hollywood movie climax. But it’s okay since it’s Kanade-chan~

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Angel Beats! 11

Angel Beats!

Pretty boring and bullshit episode. Kanade’s wings were awesome though.

Otonashi is nearly criminal in his unawareness of Kanade being another human soul as well. My god, how ignorant can you get!

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Angel Beats! 10

Angel Beats!

Yuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! わ~。°(°´д`°)°。~ん

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Angel Beats!

Yui is now my second most favourite Angel Beats! girl. Because she’s such a good girl ;_;.

Also, Yui is actually Misuzu’s reincarnation. It all fits. And furthermore….

Angel Beats!



I can’t wait for Little Braver to come out now.

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Angel Beats! 09

Angel Beats!


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Angel Beats! 08

…. they just bloody rehashed the Guild episode this week. And I was expecting something more interesting as the explanation for the multiple Tenshi’s.

Angel Beats!

Admittedly the Red Tenshi’s had a kick-ass attitude, literally. I wonder why Kanade programmed that skill to be so offensive… not to mention uncontrollable as well.

Angel Beats!

a meganekko Yurippe is fine too

Still laughing at how there is an instruction manual (in English too!) for Tenshi’s Angel Player software. I guess Tenshi wasn’t a Starcraft pro player, but a UMS designer instead. Not going to ask how Yurippe managed to edit the skills here and how did she figure out to chain them together using a timer skill.

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“She gave her life for Aiur”

I guess I wasn’t the only one to notice how similar the Hand Sonic sound effects are to the Protoss warping sounds.

Shin’s theory sounds pretty plausible, considering all the crazy shit that’s been going around in Angel Beats! so far. This is a show where anything and nothing, can and will happen anyways.

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Angel Beats! 07

Angel Beats!

If she had lived, she would be a first-class yandere imouto

Otonashi’s memories are finally unlocked thanks to the Animus Naoi’s hypnotism skills. Turns out he used to have this sickly cute little sister and he was directionless in life until one day, he killed her by taking her out for a Christmas walk. From then on, the loss and guilt made him decide to dedicate his life to saving others like her but he died on a train crash before he managed to do anything proper.

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