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Amaenaidayo! = Ah My Buddha


Media Blasters Announces Amaenaideyo!! DVD Release
Amaenaideyo!! to be titled Ah My Buddha; Doujin Work release also confirmed

The North American distributor Media Blasters has issued its solicitation for the January 27 release of the first DVD of Ah My Buddha, and thus effectively announced that it has licensed Amaenaideyo!! anime under that title. Media Blasters has also formally confirmed that it will release the Doujin Work anime on that date…

Source: ANN.

First, we had “Chibi Vampire”, then “Shadow Warrior Chronicles”, now we have “Ah My Buddha”. Dear god, who thinks up these names?!

While I’m sure there will be some quarters unable to stomach the religious slant of the name, I personally can’t believe they decided to associate the “Ah! My …” format for it. It’s quite an insult when they think Ah! Megami-sama! is an ecchi show like this one. I mean, aside from Urd’s flirting and the occasional Skuld accident, it’s is strictly pure, clean fun! Amaenaideyo! is positively smut when compared to it!

Nevertheless, I still think Amaenaideyo! is quite a enjoyable watch. Now the American ecchi anime market has a quality addition to it at the least. Haruka! \o/

Damn, I feel like rewatching the show now….

Addendum: On a semi-related note, Tokyopop seems to be releasing yandere manga Mirai Nikki for the English markets. Wow.

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Amaenaideyo! Katsu Wrap-up


Haruka needs her own series.

Kazuki just wins, with a lot of thanks to her seiyuu, Asami Sanada (famous for her Digi Charat and Viita roles), who I must say, pulled off her multitude of faces perfectly. It was fun to see her turn from cute to seductress to evil at the flip of a coin.

On to serious business, Amaenaideyo! Katsu is a perfectly well done sequel to the first season, and extends the story well, even though it does not resolve it yet again. I am highly suprised to see such quality from a series that was relegated to the anime shitlist since it’s debut. Amaenaideyo! really defines “do not judge a book by it’s cover”.

The best part of the show, which I’ve said before, is it’s equal focus on the characters of which none are ignored or relegated to stereotype roles.Not only that, all the characters are almost impossible to hate, which each of them having their own unique quirks that break them out of their “moe type” roles. The character development is satisfyingly done, though I would love to see more of Haruka. Perhaps left for a 3rd season, I suppose?

One more aspect that was greatly enjoyable about Amaenaideyo is definitely the parodies that abound in the show, from Kamen Riders to the EVA sequence and even a Gatekeeper’s reference. There are much more to spot, but definitely the most memorable must’ve been the EVA homage which left me whether to laugh or stay in shock.

Another point to moot about Amaenaideyo! is of course the seiyuu work, which all of them perform admirably, most notably from Ryoko Shintani’s Hinata, Asami Sanada’s Kazuki and of course, Mai Nakahara’s Chitose. It’s also a joy to listen to the Amaenaideyo! themes with the main cast singing both the cutely enjoyable OP’s while Mai Nakahara handles nicely both the ED’s. My personal favourite would be Katsu’s OP, Amaenaideyo!, as it was one of the rare times I did not skip the OP sequence in marathon. That song is oddly addictive, I must say.

In the end, I’d like to appeal to all the otakus out there that have relegated this show to their personal shitlist to seriously give it a try, unless suffering allergies to all forms of slapstick fanservice. I do assure you, the fanservice is done extremely well though, as I greatly enjoyed it. Last of all, thanks to the Mendoi team for not subbing this, it’s hard to find such great sub teams nowadays that dare to take up lesser known but good series’ like Amaenaideyo! , since most teams tend to focus on popular series’ to satiate their e-p0n0s’.

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Amaenaideyo! Wrap-up


Far from being the mindless fanservice show that I thought it would be, not to mention the usage of the Buddhist temple setting that made me put it in the anime shitlist when I first heard of it, Amaenaideyo! has been a big surprise for me, as it wasn’t as 1% as shitty as I thought it would be.

First off, the thing that saves this show is the characters. Everyone is undoubtably likable and the characters are all well developed and not 2-dimensional bimbo fanservice fodder that I’d thought it would be. Each character has their own attractions and flaws and each have their spotlight equally. I don’t feel like elaborating much on it but safe to say, it’s worth a watch.

Next off, must be the seiyuu work and I’m particularly impressed by Ryoko Shintani’s work here, esp on her episode. Mai Nakahara’s Chitose is reminiscent of her other strong type roles and the rest also shine on their own.

The later episodes actually seemed a bit messed up, mostly on the parts dealing with Ikko’s power, which still hasn’t been truly revealed yet as of how he get’s this ero power-up. The usage of the Buddhist terms is quite jargon-rific and I respect the amount of research that was put in to the show.

So, I’m looking forward to Amaenaideyo! Katsu, which I hope explains more on the show’s unresolved plot points and more mindless fanservice. Yeah, to be honest, I’m actually wishing for more skin to be shown :P.b

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Where is my mindless fanservice?!


I’m quite disappointed with Amaenaideyo!…. where the hell are the stripping scenes?! And there’s not enough bouncing breasts every episode!! And… what is with the non-generic personality girls and character development!

Ok, so seriously speaking, Amaenaideyo! is actually a good watch. Ikko as the protagonist isn’t annoying nor a pussy and he is seriously funny to watch when his “power” switch gets turned on. There isn’t any hints of a romantic development among the girls to him, thus the drama factor is almost nonexistant, with the girls treating him as a fellow trainee(that’s perverted and fun to tease). The girls themselves are actually quite interesting, with the elder trainees being the focus. I loved Sakura’s secret hobby of giving advice and making her look quite useless but which she actually isn’t that bad. Haruka is fun to watch too, as the lazy but good-at-everything type.

Another interesting factor to Amaenaideyo! to watch out for is the seiyuu work, with some seiyuu’s doing roles that they usually don’t do.Case in point is Ryoko Shintani’s voicing of Hinata, the silent type girl of the show, when Ryoko’s more famous for her hyper-genki voice roles, most prominently Milfeulle Sakuraba from Galaxy Angels. I was surprised to see that she was as good at voicing Hinata as Minoru Chihara did for Nagato Yuki.

Well, that wraps up my mid-marathon break for now. I’ll post more when I finish.

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He came!


And that sums up the first episode of Amaenaideyo.

Why the hell am I watching this?!! For the love of my braincells, I just can’t really answer. I’ve managed to pinpoint it to Chitose though, but I wonder if it’s her voice, boobs, tsundere-ness or the stripping scenes.

And the doll in this episode…. reminds me of Shinku….

Now, excuse me while I go fap to watch the rest of Amaenaideyo.

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