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About Kurogane

Kurogane Shiroikaze is a Japanese modern visual culture fan who currently resides in Malaysia. He is a totally in to moe and will watch anything, no matter how shitty, as long as it hits all the right buttons in his inner fanboy. However he also has a high appreciation for artistic and deep anime, and isn’t unknown to recommend obscure but awesome titles to others.

Kurogane’s Anime Blog is his first foray in to blogging and is hosted on a very reliable server thanks to the graces of Maestro, the ever-awesome admin of AnimeBlogger.net. Kurogane’s Anime Blog usually focuses on many topics that arouse the interest and/or fanboyism of the author, therefore, there isn’t any fixed focus or structure that his blog can be reliably classed in to.

Anyways, the author still hopes everyone will enjoy reading his sometimes awesome, sometimes weird, sometimes boring and sometimes funny scribblings on this little corner of the web. The author hopes any comments, brickbats, suggestions or legitimate requests to be sent to his email address.

The author can also be found on IRC (Internet Relay Chat), mainly at the Rizon and IrcHighway servers, lurking at a number of channels under the guise of “kur0gan3”.

About his nickname.

Another question that is always being asked about the author. “Kurogane”, meaning “black steel” in a literal translation, was initially the nick of the author, who was taken from the character “Kurogane” of CLAMP manga series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, as he admired the simplicity and how the name fit well to the character. Sadly though, the author has now lost interest in the series at the time being…

“Shiroikaze”, or “white wind” was a later addition by the author, to differentiate himself even more, due increasing popularity of the original “Kurogane” nick, and in terms of Japanese naming structure, one could say that it is intended to be the family name. “Shiroikaze” was intended to display the author’s embracing of the duality concept of the world, with yin and yang elements, always side-by-side, complementing and opposing each other at the same time. “Shiroikaze” was not particularly taken from anywhere, and can be said as the author’s original idea.