Uchoten Kazoku 01

Uchoten Kazoku

Oh god my seiyuu boners went a full ten on the Mohs scale with this show. Noto-sama’s intimidating voice and ojousama laugh…. I’ve missed those. Can’t really say we’ve been seeing her in many outstanding roles recently in anime.

Honestly, the best thing about Uchoten is the prevalence of senior seiyuus in the cast list. Takahiro Sakurai delivers a pretty hilarious performance as our crossdressing MC. Not to mention he’s got Belldandy for a mother and Mai as his little brother www. I can’t wait for their performances.

Uchoten Kazoku

Also now you know why girls in kyudo have that chest protector piece!

Uchoten’s not just a seiyuu lovefest though, the story is written by author of The Tatami Galaxy, which gives me a lot of anticipation since I really loved the storytelling style. Uchoten Kazoku feels very much a work from the same author right from the start, with Yasaburo and Benten’s “complicated” relationship with each other and their mentor. I love it when they drop hints left and right but never outright tell you, leaving you to piece things together.


  1. Kevin Yamagata Said,

    July 9, 2013 @ 12:34 am

    Work from same author as Tatami Galaxy, combined with artwork by Kumeta…that’s strange combination, but quite refreshing to see.

  2. Skribulous Said,

    July 11, 2013 @ 12:30 am

    > Also now you know why girls in kyudo have that chest protector piece!

    Either that, or cut it off, like what the Amazons used to do.

    This is also another reason why DFC is so highly prized.

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