Kakumeiki Valvrave 01

Kakumeiki Valvrave
Are you ready for some Space Vampire Gundam Geass?

Kakumeiki Valvrave

Also, Chihaya (Chihayafuru) in space!

Kakumeiki Valvrave

Those boobs are 77% larger than the average.

Kakumeiki Valvrave

Yes, mobile suit operating systems totally need OS-tans.

Kakumeiki Valvrave

Is that Space Führer? That goddamned better be Space Führer!

Well, Valvrave’s premiere sure was cliched as fuck, what with the entire episode being Gundam in Geass, only this time the big bads are Nazis instead of GLORIOUS PAX BRITTANIA. Is that why there isn’t much FABULOUS?

I really didn’t quite like the MC, and with Sunrise trying to stuff in tons of school-life cliches and YouTwitBook in space every chance they got kinda ruined the tension at times, just only wondering why they didn’t have NicoNico as well. Oh, and the random boob groping that totally killed the tension of people dying too!

Still, these guys know how to make a good hook and the post-OP scene pretty much secured me for the next 2-3 weeks on this show for now. Plus, twintailed Space Führer! I sure hope I’m right on that.


  1. ZakuAbumi Said,

    April 12, 2013 @ 7:23 pm

    Not a single image of neet-chan? Really?

  2. Rei Said,

    April 12, 2013 @ 8:03 pm


    But yeah the vampire thing wtf lolol.

  3. Fadeway Said,

    April 12, 2013 @ 8:31 pm

    Kurogane, something’s wrong with your RSS feed. It’s started reporting post comments too. Could you look it up?

  4. ChexGuy Said,

    April 12, 2013 @ 8:41 pm

    Is it just me, or do TM Revolution’s songs all sound similar?

  5. nil Said,

    April 12, 2013 @ 9:06 pm

    Having the same problems as Fadeway.

    >Are you ready for some Space Vampire Gundam Geass?
    Also yes.

  6. Karry Said,

    April 12, 2013 @ 10:15 pm

    Not only does it report comments, it takes several reloads just to open a specific post.

  7. Benigmatica Said,

    April 12, 2013 @ 10:36 pm

    Needs a Brightslap on Haruto, and he’s all better!

    BTW, I’m watching Valvrave for T.M.Revolution and Nana Mizuki duet.

  8. kiryuu Said,

    April 12, 2013 @ 10:43 pm

    Same problem with RSS as the others.

    Got the ep pulled just need to have a looksee to form an opinion on it.. seems a bit whacked so far though :D

  9. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    April 12, 2013 @ 11:23 pm

    The RSS issues are known, still looking in to why it’s happening.

    Also NEET-chan was pretty boring.

  10. nekomimimeido Said,

    April 12, 2013 @ 11:54 pm

    Well, Ginga kikoutai Majectic Prince got the NicoNico that why…

  11. Jaysus Said,

    April 13, 2013 @ 1:11 am

    WOOOOOOO! I’ve always wanted a Nazi Space Vampire Gundam Geass anime.

  12. kyon22 Said,

    April 13, 2013 @ 3:19 pm

    so many mecha anime, is japan trying to compete with del toro’s pacific rim?

  13. ThatOneAsianKid Said,

    April 13, 2013 @ 4:08 pm

    The scene where the MC was wondering what the hell he needed to do to activate the mech was so infuriating.
    Seriously, it gives two options RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.
    The MC took like a whole two minutes just to notice the two options and finally select “Yes”.
    My god, I wanted to throw something at my computer screen because of this scene.

    Other than that, I thought the episode was alright.

  14. sadakups Said,

    April 13, 2013 @ 4:28 pm

    The first episode reeked so hard of Gundam SEED… until he fucking bit the other guy in the neck after being stabbed and shot in the chest.

    I was like HORI SHIET.

    Seriously though, I’ve seen so much mecha that the first episode is unapologetic and probably self aware, but I’m watching this anyway.

  15. Tenryu Said,

    April 13, 2013 @ 4:38 pm

    There is enough cliche’s in this to make it good, at the least i think so. And kind of excited/wondering about that mage type mecha. Who knows it could turn out being funny(hoping?)

  16. Ikas Said,

    April 13, 2013 @ 9:34 pm

    A typical nice guy MC, a death/missing girlfriend, a mech drop out of nowhere which should belong to a young elite soldier that somehow has connection with the MC. Smell like both Seed and Seed Destiny.

    Conclusion, the MC will be a douchebag yet has a “Jesus” ego, aka Shu Ouma.

  17. Himajin Breaker Said,

    April 14, 2013 @ 1:56 am

    Heard Mizuki Nana shouting as a nameless face in the crowd during the eating competition in the beginning.

  18. leon Said,

    April 14, 2013 @ 1:44 pm

    I see gundam but where is Space Vampire Gundam Geass? Last 20 second of the show, oh that space vampire gundam geass! is it really such a great idea to combine gundam, geass and vampire?

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