Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai 05

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai

Goddamn it KyoAni, HOW DO YOU… HNNG–

Regretfully, the author of this blog seems to have been too incapacitated to finish this post. His last words when we discovered him was “my… buttons.. hnn-“.


  1. bahutmut Said,

    November 1, 2012 @ 8:40 pm

    watching the opening kiraboshi pose of rikka reminds me of Star driver.

    which made me realised every1in star driver is chunnibyo as fuck

  2. Envy Said,

    November 1, 2012 @ 9:10 pm

    Yessssss perfect screenshot I was so taken by her smile here just HNNG……..

  3. Kah Said,

    November 1, 2012 @ 9:50 pm

    No more need be said.
    Rest in Hnnggggh, Kuro.

    Damn Chu2koi and Sakurasou for having ep 5s worthy of being final episodes and both sporting such divine happy smiles! oh my sugar rush ><

  4. What? Said,

    November 1, 2012 @ 9:56 pm

    This episode.



  5. Benigmatica Said,

    November 1, 2012 @ 9:57 pm

    Never mind that offensive image on her cellphone, Rikka’s smile is so divine!

  6. Karry Said,

    November 1, 2012 @ 10:02 pm

    How come there’s still not one live OP rendition for this show ?

  7. suning Said,

    November 1, 2012 @ 10:58 pm

    wow i was just waiting you to post something about chuunibyou cause that scene got me too damn kyoani now i will draw it too

  8. Akio Said,

    November 1, 2012 @ 11:42 pm

    You’re not alone, kuro, you’re not… HNNG

  9. Roarke Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 1:22 am

    Shit, they got me. There was no evading that. 100% hit and crit.

  10. Himajin Breaker Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 2:31 am

    @ Karry: Probably due to the sheer amount of editing needed to make it look right, what with the rapid left-right-panel-switching-thingy in some parts of the OP.

  11. Troggy Hordesman Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 4:18 am


    Looks like Kyoani got their thing going again. Reminds me of the old days, before the dark times, before the Eight.

  12. S_1 Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 4:21 am

    Someone rez kurocchi quick! D=

  13. faehkerlohl Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 7:19 am

    She made that super cute sound when the teacher told she was really bad in math :3 aaaah I wouldn’t mind to listen to her making that sound for hours ^^

  14. Entrav Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 8:59 am

    DARK FLAME MASTER!!! Too awesome.

  15. KLAC-satey-Lacus Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 9:15 am

    oh really now you all want take her home?

    yea 5eps of it yea really too good to watch indeed mu ha ha ha.

  16. Silver Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 10:03 am

    Besides Rikka… oh god Touko.

    Also Dark Flame Master revived!!!

    I’m also laughing at Kurogane’s comment about the milk scene on Twitter. Doujin moment eh? Just wow…

  17. sadakups Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 10:11 am

    How many times have you died by HNNGGHHH?

  18. meganeshounen Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 6:49 pm

    Over 10 comments and no mention of “death by moe”? Sad.

  19. ChronoReverse Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 10:49 pm


  20. Phazeshift Said,

    November 3, 2012 @ 12:04 am

    I liked her victory sign + the sound she made when she found out the class average was 50% :3

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