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Moyashimon Returns 09

Moyashimon Returns


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Binbougami ga! 09

Binbougami ga!

I want to be verbally abused by Kana-tan Ichiko-chan as well :(

And lol, poor Nadeshiko finally got a line in the main show. Hooray~

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Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon II 08

Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon II


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YuruYuri♪♪ 09



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Tari Tari 09

Tari Tari

Man, Wien’s really in to this sentai stuff isn’t he? Funnily it doesn’t feel obnoxious either, since he sounds so damn passionate I can’t hate him for it lol. The rest of the cast may find it different though www

So we move on to the guys now with Wien’s “past” brought out in light. I was expecting something a bit more tragic but it seems the writers aren’t really out for full drama for Wien’s character, but they sure are developing it in the background, what with the Principal making a hard decision. Even the unflappable Vice Principle is shaken too. I find that a good touch as it leaves me wanting for more of it, but it doesn’t overshadow our main quintet either.

Well, Wien looks set to have his sentai fun next week and I do want to see the girls doing all those weird attacks they shouted in the preview. I’m expecting a few good laughs there, P.A. Works!

And dammit, Tanaka, isn’t that pose a bit too ridiculous!

Tari Tari

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Hyouka 19


This episode would have been sooo much more memorable if she DID kiss Houtarou.

So basically Oreki shows off his deduction skills again by guessing the backstory behind a random school announcement, which he gets rather right but it’s still as impressive as catching a fly with your toes. People do get lucky some times, especially if they have some contextual knowledge.

I mean, Oreki’s deduction was mildly impressive, but it wasn’t like really moving or monumental or BANG! whatever. Weird how some people were all over the episode, especially the “they (almost) kissed ahmaigawdddd!” parts. Still, for a budget-saver episode, this was okay I guess. Much decent than last week’s episode at any rate I guess.

Almost wish the series ended at the school festival arc. Actually, they should have. Then the show would have truly ended on a high note for me.

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Sword Art Online 08

Sword Art Online


Fuck yes, finally in to the good stuff. Took you long enough, SAO anime!

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Kokoro Connect 08

Kokoro Connect

Fujishima, you rock.

Maaaaaaaan seriously, she’s awesome. This week’s episode was totally stolen by her, and partially by Gossan (homeroom teacher) too.

On the other hand, our main quintet pretty much broke up this week as they couldn’t stop arguing with each other. Poor Iori :(

Well, next week’s preview has Heartseed so I assume that fucker’s popping up again to screw things over for his own entertainment again. God damn aliens.

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Accel World 20

Accel World

That fucking bastard, I haven’t felt like punching a fictional character so damn hard until his face is a bloody pulp in such a long time.

And so we are back to Accel RAGE. Chiyu’s pretty much a gone case, while Haru and Taku are now left to their own wits to try and win somehow. I find it funny though, if you already mastered the Incarnate System, Haru, why can’t you teach it to Taku instead of trying to look for Sky Raker again? I mean… you pretty much mastered it on your own while Raker only gave you tips. Oh well, not complaining if it means having Niko back :D

The RAGE Crow scene was rather cool though, but RAGE pork dream was just lol. And slightly uncomfortable to watch.

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Binbougami ga! 08

Binbougami ga!

D’aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww Ichiko.

Yeah, it’s pretty much past the comedy genre now and straight in to heartwarming. Tomatoes’ manly voice is holding up pretty damn well too. It’s almost impossible to think Rindou and Asuna are voiced by the same person www

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