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YuruYuri♪♪ 05




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Tari Tari 05

Tari Tari

Dancing Sawa squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Tari Tari

And dohohohoho, are we seeing a potential Taichi x Sawa here?

As for Wakana…. well, NO COMMENTO.

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Hyouka 15



Yes! Houtarou’s finally able to stand up to that woman. Best part of this episode hands down. Damn woman, can’t she see he’s trying to eat there?

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Kokoro Connect 04

Kokoro Connect

… oh, okay. Well, that explains quite a bit about Iori’s “trauma”. Yes, having five dads is not really a good experience. I can really empathize with the “putting on so many masks you forget who you are” part.

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Sword Art Online 04

Sword Art Online

HNNNNGHHH Silica-chan kawaii yo Silica-chan~

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Accel World 16

Accel World

So hawt she makes me uncomfortable

Yeap, this was purely a training episode as Sky Raker teaches our useless Porkyuki the “Incarnate” system or should I call it the Kamina Doctrine? You literally are hacking the system to conform to your own means www

I’m surprised that the episode was just 100% about Porkyuki learning how to use something he already knows, so there’s really nothing much else to say about this episode once we’ve gotten past the “Sky Raker is hawt fap fap fap fap” and requisite explanations. On the other hand, at least this was gotten over with in one episode so we can finally move back on with kicking that gigantic jerk Noumi.

And this time he better make sure he gives him an ass-kicking he’ll remember, or otherwise he might as well just give up his MC position to Ash Roller instead.

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Natsuyuki Rendezvous 04

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

…. ahh Hazuki. It’s not going to be easy to win her over. She hasn’t actually moved on from Shimao-kun, just…. stood still there after his death. You’re gonna have to put in a much harder effort to actually make her fall for you.

And no, asking her for sex right after she says that is probably not the best way to go about it either.

Well, now that you’re ‘renting’ yourself out to Shimao-kun, this is going to get substantially messier…..

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Moyashimon Returns 04

Moyashimon Returns

So moeeeeeee~~~~~~~

Well, looks like Moyashimon’s finally getting back in to the groove. Hasegawa’s delayed betrothal finally comes to a reckoning, what will the gang do to get her back? And man, she really got a terrible fiancé too. No wonder she was so against it.

And poor Sawaki, totally not believed by Oikawa. Well, I’d probably wouldn’t quite believe it either if you walked up to me and said you could see microbes until you showed me some conclusive proof lol.

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Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon II 03

Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon II


Oh god, it’s frightening how the Elevens managed to figure out it’s Hocchan voicing her (nicovideo account required) one week before it got official lol.

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Binbougami ga! 04

Binbougami ga!

d’aaaaaaawwww Ichiko.

Less funny episode this time as the show introduces a new character, Dog God Momou and develops a little more on Ichiko’s character. Still enjoyed it but I miss the zany antics between Ichiko and Momoji a lot more. Although the choice of Kana as Ichiko does show in this episode.

In any case, god himself couldn’t help you if you peek on Ichiko bathing.

Binbougami ga!

I don’t think so!

I did not know it was possible to equip bath tubs as weapons.

Next week: loli Ichiko tiem!

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