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Accel World 12

Accel World

Awesome move there, Silver Crow. And that takes care of the Chrome Disaster arc for now, though it seems the armor itself is still sticking around…..

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Sankarea 12


LOL GJ on the ending twist there DEEN. Spend the entire episode building up to a bittersweet happy ending… then pull the “SANKA IS STILL A ZOMBIE OLOLOL U DERPS” card on us.

So yeah, pretty much season 2 baiting right there. Yes, I wouldn’t mind a second season either if it’s done as well as this one was. I’ve been consistently surprised at how well this anime turned out to be and this cliffhanger ending really cinches it for me.

Well, those not following the manga are going to be pretty confused and I’ve heard reports of people raging over the ending in fact. Still, this is definitely a better way to end this season rather than the shitty twist Ghostits pulled on us. Oh man, I’m still mad about that one. After such a beautiful parting… SUDDENLY BACK BECAUSE OF KISS LOL WUT? Yeah…

In any case, best adaptation anime DEEN has done in YEARS now. If you are a fan of the manga, I highly suggest watching this for the extra character development they’ve put in to the show. Especially about Rea’s family members and Wanko.

Rewatch: Prospects are iffy.

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Sakamichi no Apollon 12

Sakamichi no Apollon

8 years later, our OTP finally gets their happy ending… ;_;

I honestly expected a lot more from Apollon, but the terrible execution and forced cramming of every Asian drama stereotype coupled with bad pacing did not end up well with me. Aside from the highlights (which was every time some jazz got played), the rest of the show was DORAMA, DORAMA and more DORAMA… which is okay, if it’s done with proper building up, but Apollon failed hard on that.

For example, the episode after Kaoru first confesses to Ricchan but gets epicly rejected then goes in search for his mother suddenly… yeah that was kinda “huh? why?”. In fact, I think the subplot of Junichi and Yurika was probably the best handled drama of the entire show, as it wasn’t resolved almost immediately.

I mean, it’s not that the drama is bad or anything, but it should be executed properly! Apollon really failed on this account. Which was too bad, considering the big names behind this show. I guess it’s a limitation of the source material as well.

Liked: Not very much.
Rewatch: Unlikely.

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tsuritama 12


Never thought fishing could feel so manly, in a serious manner too not the hot-blooded-kids-show type.

Basically the show promised “saving the world by fishing” and that’s exactly what we got. Surprisingly, I would consider this to be the superior Noitamina show this season over Sakamichi no Apollon.

While Apollon had the backing of pretty big names, tsuritama mainly ran on the appeal of its color palette and the director’s name, whom you may know as the guy who did Kuchu Buranko, which was another pretty dang awesome Noitamina show. Watch that if you haven’t yet.

tsuritama actually did quite well on all accounts, from the character development to the drama building up. If you looked past the veneer of absurdity it puts on to itself, it’s actually quite a nicely done story about a boy discovering true friends and a passion for the first time in his life after being forced to drift around. Seeing how Yuki grew from the Socially Awkward Penguin in the first episode to the manly “never-ever-give-up” type turned out to be quite nice.

The other cast also had their times to shine. I especially liked Captain Ayumi (if that wasn’t clear already!) plus Natsuki had a pretty involved subplot regarding his family. While you could say it’s all pretty standard stuff, but the key thing now is execution and tsuritama did not disappoint on that account for me.

Of course, it’s not all perfect, as the absurd setting tends to result in some red herring plot points and devices, but you learn how to ignore it for the main thing that matters the most, which is the strong character relationships the show build itself upon. While I can’t say it’s a must-watch, it not that bad either and if you’re in the need for a fun, but nicely done anime that doesn’t force you to think too hard, give tsuritama the three episode test.

Liked: A lot better than expected.
Rewatch: Maybe, but not any time soon.

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Jormungand 12


Well, that guy got offed really quick. Off-screen too, wtf?

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Acchi Kocchi 11

Acchi Kocchi

Mmm~ furisode service. And Sakaki has some really ‘traditional’ tastes. Napes… huh. *shakes head knowingly*

And I should really compile a list of Sakaki’s “killer lines”.

Acchi Kocchi

He really does know how to say things in a polite yet strangely aggressive manner, doesn’t he! Grrrrrr… Io!

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 12

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Aww yeah! Elder God sentai squad for the final episode battle!

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Aquarion EVOL 26

Aquarion Evol

Haha wow, after 26 episodes, 20,000 years and 4,000 more, Apollon Amata and Silvie Mikono finally get to a happy ending together. Poor Zess, but at least she got back home safe and sound despite everything. And there’s some odd sparks between her and Kagura….

You know, after rewatching this episode and discussing it a bit, I realised that this episode oddly resembled the final episode of Macross Frontier, down to the permanent song accompaniment, the giant mecha final boss and Amata diving straight in “HOW CAN I GIVE UP RIGHT NOW… MIKONO-SAAAAAAN!!!”. Yeah even I’ll admit that was pretty fucking manly. Though I still think Mikono really did nothing useful except for being the damsel-in-distress to Amata’s manly saving of the world by taking over the giant Aquarion with the POWER OF LOVE. Actually, just watch the entire episode. It’s worth it.

Even Mykage got a happy ending, as after all that, Apollonius GEN ZEN finally took responsibility and accepted him. I’m actually happy for him too! I mean, after all that shit he’s been through for the past 20,000 years and 4,000 more, he surely deserved something from Apollonius. Now let’s just hope that there’s not ANOTHER plot twist and ZEN’s actually Apollonius’ pet cat.

Most of the cast got their moments in the spotlight too. Shrade reappearing in spirit form was awesome without losing the meaning of his sacrifice earlier. Crea going out to battle was certainly unexpected and even more unexpected was her teasing Donar and Suomi right before heading off www. Of course, Andy and MIX gattai’ing finally brought a smile and a tear to my eyes ( *=‿=*)

Overall, really entertaining episode, but still didn’t quite explain every plot point properly. For instance, they totally forgot about the residents of Altair after the world got saved… I mean what happened to all of them? Did they get their females back? I mean, I can kinda imagine some of the guys there reverting back to girls… oh man, that’s gonna be fucking awkward isn’t it? And does this ending mean Apollonius got his true love’s soul NTR’ed by his own dog?! OK, THAT’S ENOUGH FOR NOW LOL.

Liked: Had its ups, but the downs are bad enough to say otherwise.
Rewatch: Ehhh… probably not.

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Hyouka 10


>”let’s go for tea.”
>goes to a proper, high-class Japanese place with tea ceremonies and shit.

Oh wow, Irisu-senpai seriously is living up to the “Empress” nick name.

Which brings me to…


Man, Mazui could’ve made it funnier if they translated “勅令” literally. Because that’s the effect Houtarou was going for.

And the cameraman → murderer solution? Seriously?!

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Accel World 11

Accel World


Man, Niko’s berserker fuck-you-all mode is awesome seriously.

Black Lotus’ breakdown was kinda “huh?” to be honest. I mean, after all that talk about getting to level 10 at all cost, she just… collapses when she’s reminded of it? I mean, she’s had two years of hiding to dwell over that fact and she hasn’t gotten over it… I guess all that time she spent inside the game doesn’t change the fact she’s still 14, heh.

Too bad the showdown between her and Yellow Radio (ooh, it’s Akira Ishida!) got interrupted by the monster. I thought it was about time Kuroyukihime put her money where her words are :)

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