Gintama 252


Moving on with the endings spree…. Gintama, you nasty bastards. Putting in fucking barf jokes in the final episode. Just when I thought they were past that…

Keep on staying the same, you fuckers. And I can’t wait for the Kintama arc to open the next season of the show.


  1. Athos Said,

    March 27, 2012 @ 1:08 am

    For an apologize episode, this was by far the most offensive thing I’ve watched this year.

    …up until they got to the second half. Then it wasn’t so bad.

    Then Kagura read the letter. And then I cried.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The day Hideaki Sorachi stops drawing manga will be the saddest got damn thing ever.

  2. Hayate Said,

    March 27, 2012 @ 1:20 am

    if u watch carefully, its the staff that are apologizing instead of the character(notice Sorachi himself giving the apology letter and Kagura being out of character and reading it in formal manner)

  3. Athos Said,

    March 27, 2012 @ 1:52 am

    Pretty sure that was Sorachi himself talking. I remember him saying something like that about his editor at one of his volume rants.

  4. Nick Said,

    March 27, 2012 @ 2:29 pm

    This is one of the saddest days ever! Of course watching an old episode once a week is more than sufficient to pass the time (a year or more) until they restart airing, but still, I can’t wait that long!
    Danshi Kokusei no nichijou is ending this week too!! No more Sugita!!

  5. lol Said,

    March 27, 2012 @ 8:56 pm

    I wonder why on crunchyroll it says there is going to be an ep253, well I hope it comes back

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