Hanasaku Iroha 17

Hanasaku Iroha

This was my face too the whole time I was watching this.

I’m feeling an equal measure of disappointment and relief after watching this episode. Disappointment from how pointless this last two weeks of Hanasaku were, and relief that it’s finally over for now.

I seriously wonder what the writers were thinking when they decided to spend two weeks on a forgettable side character with the personality of a stick and the presence of a whipped slave boy. I think they were trying to show his character growth, although it ironically made me hate him more than before. Don’t even get me started about his reverse-weaboo crush too.

Okay, enough about this. Let’s all just forget about the past two weeks and look forward to finally getting Nakocchi’s arc. I just hope it’s actually a little bit dramatic this time around…. the show really has been losing it’s touch after the first cour ended. Sigh, this is why I am always worried when I watch two-cour original series’.


  1. Alt Eisen Said,

    July 26, 2011 @ 1:29 am

    Amen, pal. Also i LOLed at the sudden existence of a pool just for that ridiculous scene with Takako. Well, i can only hope they use it plenty for Nako.

  2. Skribulous Said,

    July 26, 2011 @ 8:40 am

    The only positive we could salvage from this “arc” is at least Yuina and Ohana are still together.

    Wait, that came out wrong…

  3. Ryggim Said,

    July 26, 2011 @ 8:47 am

    I never liked that glasses guy which I dont even want to memorize his name. Jirou’s arc is a lot more noteworthy than the last one. I just hope we get Ren’s past revealed hahaha

  4. sadakups Said,

    July 26, 2011 @ 9:21 am

    I don’t like Minko, but I liked that reaction. Exactly my sentiments.

    Goddamn that scene at the pool. *facepalms*

  5. YoU Said,

    July 26, 2011 @ 9:50 am

    Don’t quite like Minko in the first place but getting a better feeling on her later on. Especially like her expression on the screenshot, quite fun.

  6. du5k Said,

    July 26, 2011 @ 11:08 am

    That was my face too, when Enishi is blabbering non-stop to Takako. Whatever respect he gained last episode was gone.

  7. Metalnsnakezero Said,

    July 26, 2011 @ 8:27 pm

    The future has a mermaid in it, that is something to look forward to.

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