Seto no Hanayome’s ending is the naGAR-est

Seto no Hanayome

Seto no Hanayome

Seto no Hanayome

Seto no Hanayome

Way too manly, NaGARsumi. Way too manly man. I have no way of expressing the “FUCK YEAH!”-ness that I felt on this ending. Still got two more OVA’s to watch, but after that… T_T

Ah… dammit, I guess it’s time to go look for the manga to satisfy myself for more SetoHana.


  1. AznCoffee Said,

    June 20, 2011 @ 2:19 am

    Was even manlier than the first time I saw. u__u

  2. Rockmanshii Said,

    June 20, 2011 @ 9:25 am

    Be prepared for some even more crazy stuff when reading the manga.
    And don’t forget to read each character’s line while thinking of their anime voices, that’s what I do to forget my sadness.

  3. Videl Said,

    June 20, 2011 @ 2:09 pm

    No 2nd season, just mere two OVA, furthermore GONZO is gone along with some of its seiyuu, AIC may continue that series but its already 2011.

  4. Westlo Said,

    June 20, 2011 @ 9:12 pm

    The first half of OVA 1 is the most NaGARsumi of the entire show!

  5. Blacksun88 Said,

    June 25, 2011 @ 9:50 pm

    did anyone notice when that fish was punched, he spelled out “Seto no Hanayome”?

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