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Negima! 330


Oh boy, the last boss finally makes its appearance!

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Steins;Gate 13


Ka~na~shimi~ no.. mukou e to tadoritsukeru nara…

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFU MAYUSHII. Seeing her die three times in a row because “LOL IT’S FATED” sure sucked. Goddamned fucking FB bitch.

The train one was super depressing too. Loli death tackle orz. Depressing lack of Part-Time Warrior after the OP played also contributed.

Though I must say, it doesn’t hit as hard as Madoka episode 10 since you know they have infinite tries and it’s going to be a happy ending anyways. And Okabe isn’t as badass as Homura :P… yet.

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The World God Only Knows II 12

The World God Only Knows II


As much as I wish they make season 3, I’m not sure the blu-ray sales of the show will support it. Just too bad, the captures only get more and more fun from here onwards. Hell! They have’t even put in Nora or Haqua’s contractor yet! Not to mention Yui…. sigh.

As for the episode itself… YOKKYUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The World God Only Knows II

Can’t believe they actually got Sakura Tange to voice her. Kobayashi Yuu was doing the girl in the beginning though.

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Astarotte no Omocha 12

Astarotte no Omocha

Ah, this scene was worth forcing myself to sit down and watch this retarded ending unfold itself. Asuhariet and Mercelida (´;ω;`)

While I know that the manga isn’t even past five volumes yet and hasn’t even had anything that’s suitable to be a season-ender… they COULD have executed this forced melodrama ending a lot better. I mean, the rest of the series discounting 1, 11 and this episode was actually quite decent relatively. They fixed up some characters, gave them more screen time, compiled the random chapters together for somewhat coherent episodes and actually made me feel this anime was worth it. And it still is. I would still watch episode 5 again and any of the episodes with decent Mercelida airtime. And Asuha always makes things better. Even Sigurd was actually pretty entertaining.

It’s just… this ending leaves a bad taste in my mouth. First the World Tree goes berserk for some “wtf?” reason, then Astarotte’s life is apparently in danger as a result. Making things worse, the whole “unable to talk to each other” set up was stupid as fuck and following that the “please go on a date with me even though we can’t communicate with each other!” gimmick. Ugh. Doesn’t even try to make sense at all. To top it all, they laughed the whole set up as some random quirk of the World Tree and a fucking bug bite. A fucking. Bug. Bite. Seriously? I don’t fucking believe they don’t have any entomological records of a bug that produces such a distinct looking bite in the Demon World. Retarded.

But! Forced melodrama ending aside, I did enjoy my time watching this a lot more than I expected. It’s a refreshing take at the least and it’s at least worth watching the first ten episodes, if only for Mercelida (well, you could just watch 5 and be done with it I guess). It’s really a lot more decent than it should deserve to be and if not for the horrible ending setup, I would heartily recommend this show. Alas, I can’t if you really want to slog through this and expect to be wow’ed by it at the end.

Liked: Most of the show, if only the ending was better written.
Rewatch: The Mercelida parts.

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Gintama 214


Badass conclusion to a badass arc.

This arc was actually pretty short compared to the other “serious” arcs, but I still got touched by the ending. Pirako and Jirocho both got a happy end and closure, while that big bitch Kada got her just desserts. And life goes on as usual for everyone else in Kabuki-cho~

Can’t wait for the new OP/ED and the return of the biting comedy/parody!

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Hanasaku Iroha 13

Hanasaku Iroha

Heh, Satsuki might not be so bad after all. Her charming of Nako was really funny though, even if nonsensical. Or maybe Nako is secretly really ドM.

So, Satsuki’s return throws the inn in to quite a mess, but not as badly as I expected though. I’d have thought she would be doing stuff like demanding really crazy food for her meals or causing trouble with the employees… oh wait she DID do that, but at least it was all done in a “want-to-help-make-it-better” critical manner instead of being vindictive for the sake of it. Deep in her heart, I guess she really does love the inn. I guess this really salvaged her character from the initial bad impressions she’s made.

Hanasaku Iroha

Of course, the women of the Shijima household also finally had a nice “heart-to-heart” bonding session together, helped on by a nice serving of alcohol and juice, lol. Drunk Ohana sure was a sight to see, and that’s just on some “juice” or so they claim.

Also, looks like Ohana’s giving up on Kou-chan for now… the shippers aren’t gonna be very happy about that, but I wouldn’t really count on that as totally resolved yet. It’s more of Ohana finally making the choice to concentrate on Kissuisou in the present rather than outright denying her feelings for Kou though, so there might be hope for that angle later on. Frankly, I’m more interested in this show as a family drama instead of a romantic one, so it’s not a big loss for me.

Next week’s finally going to focus on Yuina, from the previews. And Tomatsu (Yuina’s seiyuu) herself has said that the next two episodes will feature some major developments, so… お楽しみ!

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I really admire Seven Arcs.

I admire how they spend the money to create a new original series.

I admire how they create a fantasy world populated by kemonomimi humans, with its own nature, geography, religion, literature, political systems and technology.

I admire how they created a good number of named characters to fit in with the scale of the show’s setting. And then hire some of the best known seiyuus in the industry to voice them.

I admire how they built up expectations for this show by hinting on a dramatic plot about trying to Screw Destiny. (many people are suckers for that)

I admire how they then took all this effort and wasted it on a story that didn’t even try to be consistent towards the end.

I admire how they resolved the biggest threat the story was building up in just around one episode, ignored the part about trying to Screw Destiny, and then spend 2 more to build up a grand farewell scene for Shinku, who has only been there for about a month tops.

I admire how they could manage to drag out something that could have been done in half an episode to a full episode and then still make it feel they didn’t have enough time for whatever they wanted to do.

I really admire Seven Arcs. I really do.

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In a show full of moving scenes and much crying, coupled with this ending, I found that this scene. This one scene, touched me the most. Menma is such a good girl… 。・゚(ノД`)゚・。

Man, that ending totally broke me down. Definitely not watching this show in public if possible.


Rest in peace for now, Menma. And one day, hopefully we’ll meet again at the secret base.

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Negima! 329


Oh god, after more than half a year(?), Akamatsu finally remembers Setsuna. Epic pwnage of Tsukuyomi there!

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Steins;Gate 12



In war, the innocents always suffer first. T_T

Herp derp, so the Okarin vs SERN plot finally starts now, with the dramatic killing of Mayushii as the first (and main) casualty. I knew Moeka wasn’t good news, but she sure made that sudden transition to villainess with a real bang.

Aside for the last 3 minutes, this episode was pretty standard fare. Kurisu and Okarin getting closer to each other, everyone having some fun time in the lab, the ridiculous science…

Seriously, I want to know how to compress 3.24TB of data in to 36 bytes myself. And how long it takes to transfer 3.24 TB of data from Japan to a server in Europe using an average private home Internet line. And how to run the LHC without the entire fucking facility noticing a 27km long particle accelerator powering up for no reason at all to zip a file. Not saying I’m nitpicking or anything, but as a geek… setups like this are fucking ridiculous even if entirely fictional, LOL.

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