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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 03

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Oh god, Erio, why are you so cute?!!

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Madoka Blu-Ray Vol.1 4-koma

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Oh god, the Mami strip brought a tear to my eye… T_T

So.. all that cake, was hand-made by Mami. I guess it also explains why she’s so healthy!

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Madoka Magica Drama CD 01

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Remembering the halcyon days when we first met…
  • LOL, first thing upon starting Drama CD? Black cat from OP. So… the black cat DOES exist!
  • Drama CD is set in original timeline. Homura is Moemura and Madoka is just your average junior Puella Magi.
  • Moving on.. events are the same as episode 10, Moemura introduced to the class, etc. etc.
  • Ah, original Madoka knows of the black cat, even gave it a name, “Amy” as well. Looks like the cat is a regular visitor around campus. Madoka and Homura bond over the black cat d’awwww.
  • ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \, Sayaka stole Hitomi’s math notes to help out Homura and Madoka.
  • P.E. Time; poor Homura pushed herself too far and collapsed :( Madoka brings her to the nurse station.
  • Homura launches in to a tirade about herself being useless, Madoka encourages her and uses a little magic to give her a “boost”.
  • Homura feels better, goes back to try the high jumps, clears the bar the first time, but magic goes berserk when she tries it again.
  • Madoka calls for Mami’s help to stop Homura’s legs who have gone berserk. With her help, Homura is saved, but she collapses again.
  • Unconscious, the Arc of Triumph Witch invades her psyche, playing on the negative memories.
  • Homura wakes up to a conversation of Mami lecturing Madoka about misuse of magic. Not understanding the conversation, Homura heads back.
  • Witch attacks, events are the same as episode 10.
  • Mami, Madoka and Homura retire to Mami’s house. Conversation about Puella Magi. Expanded from episode 10 a little:
    • Walpurgisnacht is described as a festival of witches.
    • Madoka also apologises for the events earlier in the afternoon with Homura’s legs going berserk.
    • Madoka invites Homura to become a Puella Magi as well, Mami warns her about the risks as usual.
  • Madoka and Homura walk home together. Madoka shares about her sense of purpose after becoming a Puella Magi with Homura, but tells her to consider it properly as well. Homura promises to think about it thoroughly first.
  • Madoka and and Homura meet Amy.
  • Madoka’s wish in the original timeline was to save Amy who was ran over by a car.
  • Madoka wonders if Mami will scold her for squandering her wish to save a cat. Homura says she’s a very kind person in return.
  • Cute moments with cat and Homura… maa~
  • Next(?) day; very big storm happens. Homura remembers about Madoka warning her to not go out on a very stormy day. Madoka also didn’t attend school earlier. Homura googles up Walpurgisnacht.
  • Worried, Homura goes in search of Madoka. Meets up with Amy who ‘guides’ her.
  • Homura monologues in an ominous manner. Drama CD ends.

Oh man, I was wondering what would the Madoka Drama CD in the first Blu-ray volume be like, and I’m glad it’s not some fanservice thing. Instead we get an expansion of what happened in the original timeline from Homura’s perspective and we finally get to know what the heck that black cat in the OP was for! Yeaaaaaaaah!

This just makes me wish that my secret dream of a Madoka Magica movie project expanding on episode 10 will come true. Seriously, I want to know more about Homura’s past and her timeline traversals.

EDIT: LOL, I just realised that the black cat IS Aoi Yuuki’s own cat, Eimi. www

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Fuck yeah, Haqua!

The World God Only Knows 2

Yes! Haqua arc finally!

This arc introduces the second Demon member of Keima’s growing harem and also marks the first real change in tone of the story. It also gives a bigger importance to the whole Soul-capturing operation as well with the plot exposition that Haqua gives to Keima.

More importantly though, a real tsundere character! \(o.o)/

Tsundere Saorin is delicious :DDDDDDDDDDDD

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica – The Finale

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Never has that phrase carried that much weight

It has been a surprisingly hard thing to actually make myself sit down and start writing about the Madoka Magica finale over the past few days since it aired. Partially due to IRL concerns (job skipped out two months of my pay, company melting down), partially due to laziness and the rest due to me trying to organize my thoughts about the finale in a proper manner.

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The Church of Madoka – A FAQ

The Church of Madoka

Praise be to our Goddess Madoka, for She died for our sins and gave us Hope.

Man, I didn’t expect my joke to go this far, but I guess I should lay down some guidelines before it gets out of hand.

What is the Church of Madoka?

The Church of Madoka commemorates the sacrifice of our Goddess Madoka, who gave up her existence in order to free the Puella Magi of the cruel fate of being Witches, thus releasing them from despair and giving them Hope.

What does the Church of Madoka preach?

There are only two messages the Church preaches: (i). to remember the sacrifice of our Goddess Madoka and (ii). to never lose hope.

Who leads the Church?

Our Prophet and Saviour is Akemi Homura. In real life, I don’t really see a need for someone to lead it.

How do I become part of the Church of Madoka?

One only needs to remember the sacrifice of our Goddess Madoka and to never lose hope. No obligations otherwise should follow. Religion is about faith, not material needs or social validation.

I’m not satisfied with just that! What else I can do to show that I am part of the flock?!

Well, uh, you can like the Church of Madoka Facebook page, follow the Twitter account @ChurchofMadoka and maybe wear a pink ribbon to remind yourself of your faith. Be aware I do not run either Facebook and the Twitter account. If you have the financial means, there’s always the option of purchasing the Madoka Blu-rays. Volume 1 comes out on 4/27.

Questions can be asked below.

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Why do you like/hate Madoka Magica’s ending?

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Praise be to Goddess Madoka!

Okay, since this is going to be inevitable later on in whatever post I make about Madoka’s finale comments’ section, I’m just going to open this up to the readers first and deal with it early.

Why do you like or hate Madoka Magica’s ending and what is your justification for your stance?

I would really like to see how the opinions are really divided amongst the viewers. For the time being, you can count me in the “like” camp, but I realize there are flaws in the ending.

P.S. I sincerely hope no one actually takes the religion jokes about Madoka that seriously.

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Goddess Madoka

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

I have found a goddess and her name is Madoka.

Join the Church of Madoka now.

P.S. Still trying to finish my full post on Madoka’s finale. It’s surprisingly hard on me.

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The Church of Madoka

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Don’t forget.
Always, somewhere,
someone is fighting for you.
As long as you remember her,
you are not alone.

Remember kids, Jesus Madoka died for our sins.

Our prophet is Homura, she is our leader and our Saviour.

Join the Church of Madoka now.

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Madoka tonight

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Just a friendly reminder to my readers, tonight’s the big night ;).

Sure hope your body’s ready.

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