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Kuragehime 10


Koibuchi-Aniki is so gullible, he’s kinda cute.

Seriously, can someone bring the bitch down a few notches. I’m not usually a proponent of violence against females, but I was so bloody happy when she got slapped this episode.

Oh yeah, Hanamori needs more airtime or something, he’s the single best character of the show right now. Chieko’s super-sewing was amazing too.

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Negima! 312

Mahou Sensei Negima!


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Panty and Stocking ends

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Amazing opening lines, Gainax. Stay classy there.

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Amagami SS 25

Amagami SS

Doesn’t she kinda look like Marimo You from STAR DRIVER?

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Merry Christmas 2010~

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my readers a very Merry Christmas 2010!

Now, go and take this festive holiday a chance to catch up on Tantei Opera Milky Holmes if you haven’t yet :P.

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Milky Holmes, you are the BESTEST ending ever.

Milky Holmes

Oh god, Arsene rape faces galore this week. Arsene is truly being the Magnificent Bitch this episode.

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MM! 12


You will never welcome Mio-sama as your bride ;_;

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OreImo x Angel Beats

3 minutes of Kirino/Kuroneko doing the preview narrations for each episode of Angel Beats! while Tenshi does the same for OreImo. DKIA

Poor Hikago. Someone in Japan is seriously out for his life.

And oh, btw, Angel Beats! True End turned out to be Otonashi not leaving Limboworld; instead he took up Tenshi’s position and looks set to be at least a little more successful than she was at persuading people to move on from their regrets. Oh well. At least there was some proper closure in that two minute extra.

Also, I suggest a LOT of alcohol if you are going to watch Stairway to Heaven (special episode in the last BD). It’s tremendously headache inducing. Maeda went full nigger on writing that one.

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Motto Pseudo-Incest Fanservice (and Nutbladder bursting blonde lolis)

Motto To-LOVE-ru

Motto To-LOVE-ru

Mikan, you jelly? wwww

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My Shitty Anime Ending Can’t Be This Shitty?! 12

Ore no Imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai

It’s Akira-level big, Kuroneko.

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