Spotted Flower

What if, after the end of Genshiken, Madarame and Saki got together?

Man, what a total ship-tease from Shimoku Kio.


  1. arigatou Said,

    November 25, 2010 @ 6:19 pm

    I imagine myself a few years now, ended up with a second hand girl as a wife. Girls can’t be picky when they age. What about the biggest revelation that the baby insider her tummy was courtesy of the ex-boyfriend?

    Anyway I expect more chapters from this new manga.

  2. trinket25 Said,

    November 25, 2010 @ 6:26 pm

    I kinda wish the original story could have developed into something like this. They definitely make a more interesting couple.

  3. ryvrdrgn14 Said,

    November 25, 2010 @ 9:21 pm

    Eh… I didn’t really keep up with this. Who is Saki?

  4. Haesslich Said,

    November 25, 2010 @ 10:15 pm

    For some reason, I’m getting less of a Madarame vibe, and more a Sasahara one despite the glasses.

  5. Athos Said,

    November 25, 2010 @ 10:18 pm

    As always, mangafox fails miserably at page numbering.


  6. DocAstaroth Said,

    November 26, 2010 @ 9:48 am

    What? A grown up Otaku with a pregnant Deadpan Snarker wife and a job!? Unbelievable!

    Just kidding, I think it is a great step forward in portraiting Otakus in anime and manga.

    However it seems Shimoku Kio is quite fascinated of babies and otakus, there is another manga called Digopuri about a Gothic Lolita, her twin sister and her sister´s baby, who live together.

    The guy, who impregnant the sister seems to have died. There is no way, you would run away from such a cute girl!

  7. Terina Said,

    November 26, 2010 @ 10:22 am

    there’s too much otaku-speaking going on… >.< i swear I'm missing half the conversation!

  8. shaoron Said,

    November 27, 2010 @ 5:15 pm

    i just noticed.. why is it that there’s quite a lot of “otaku slice of life” these days…

  9. ahelo Said,

    November 27, 2010 @ 5:47 pm

    I spy the railgun girls

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