Kuragehime 03


Ahh… the advantages of being a trap, you can have variable cleavage with an acceptable excuse.


And hurrr…… Tsukimi all dolled up. Nice job there, Kuranosuke. I wonder is he going to do that to every other Nunz as well. Would make for epic lulz.


  1. Honeythief Said,

    November 5, 2010 @ 8:40 pm

    Kuragehime has fallen to the zombie apocalypse!!

  2. Athos Said,

    November 5, 2010 @ 10:26 pm

    He’s not… technically a trap if everyone is in on it, right? Actually, does deceiving women counts? A reverse trap– No, the gender of the guy in question is still the same.


  3. kluxorious Said,

    November 5, 2010 @ 11:06 pm

    Things I look forward to:
    1. Kuranosuke doing a make over for all the nuns.
    2. The progress of Tsukimi’s love
    3. Shu-shu crush on Tsukimi.

  4. alex Said,

    November 5, 2010 @ 11:47 pm

    I smell Hollywood romance comedy here – politician’s son falling for “ugly Betty”, their house has to be demolished, trap is politician’s son and don’t want be politician at all…
    I don’t say it will be a bad show I just hope they won’t make the plot too obvious and predictable.

  5. ewok40k Said,

    November 6, 2010 @ 4:15 am

    oh man, I’d become a trap too if it would save me from becoming a politician…
    I want to see a total NUNZ makeover – go make them all princesses, Kuranosuke!
    Actually Tsukimi is beauty, only horribly hidden behind ugly glasses, hairstyle and clothes. I wonder what are real faces of the rest of the NUNZ.

  6. Icchan Said,

    November 15, 2010 @ 3:39 am

    Tsukimi is 10-tonnes of adorable this episode. Love it! Thank you Hanazawa Kana-san!

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