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Amagami SS 13

Amagami SS

Man, I’m smitten already with Nanasaki. While not as stimulating as Haruka’s arc, it’s still exciting enough while at the same time as charming as Sae’s arc was. Of course, Nanasaki’s wildly different from the aforementioned two, coming across as a very self-confident person, not above to working hard for her goals.

Of course, there’s always that little teasing side of her…

Amagami SS

Yukana positively sizzles portraying Nanasaki with the right blend of sexiness.

I quite like the Nanasaki’s ED, the lyrics really describe her awakening romance with Junichi. But why the inclusion of so many Engrish still leaves me baffled.

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Miya arc confirmed!

Amagami SS

The official website for the Amagami SS romance anime series has confirmed on Friday that the anime’s 13th Blu-ray Disc/DVD volume will contain the story arcs for the Risa Kamizaki and Miya Tachibana characters from Enterbrain’s original Amagami game.

Source: Anime News Network

I knew they wouldn’t disappoint us all.. nishishishi

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Negima! 303


Oh look! It’s another nostalgia piece from Love Hina! Remember that crazy demonic sword Motoko had? Looks like Tsukuyomi took it.

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Mitsudomoe 12

Taking a break from the streak of Mitsuba-focused jokes, this week’s episode places some of the more minor characters under the spotlight.

First, we have the stalker trio, doing as they do best; creeping the hell out of poor Satou-kun. Hell, their jealousy is so scary it even makes them forget about decency!


I hope she’s not going to go commando from now on.

Then we have Miyashita, the tomboy in Sugisaki’s little clique, trying a biiiiiit too hard to be friends with Hitoha…


No wonder she’s anti-social, if all she attracts are weirdos like the exorcist girl and groper Miyashita to be her friends.

Surprisingly, this episode, Yabecchi actually gets a few voiced lines and even a segment of his own! But I think he can’t fight the rising tide of the kids being kids though. Which is better at making me laugh anyways. Not to say much, but gets bossed around a little too easily.

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Amagami SS 12

Amagami SS

Kicking off directly after the ending of the last episode… Sae makes a somewhat obvious confession towards Junichi.

Not like she probably had much contact with guys previously.

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Amagami SS 11

Amagami SS

At first I was like, “oh she’s wearing short pants”. Then the wind blew and I was like O___________________________O.

Don’t you just love windy days?

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Negima! 302

The girls get their turn to shine a bit this chapter.


Well, even Negi can’t do everything at once.

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Katanagatari 09


Uh oh, Shichika’s manly charms have.. uh, manifested itself.

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Mitsudomoe 11

Took a break from Recettear to watch Mitsudomoe 11. LOL when I found out Kikuko-nee’s guest appearance in the show.


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Capitalism is addictive

No, I’m not dead yet.

I’m just busy helping a little girl from having to live with only two internal organs by selling overpriced wooden bows to pensioners (it’s the “in” thing right now!), candies to little girls, swords and armor to budding adventurers and recipe ingredients to housewives.


No, I’m pretty sure you’ll be dead with only two organs, Recette.

It’s seriously addictive and Recettear is worth all the 20 USD I paid for it from Steam. Capitalism, ho!

Of course, if you’re in to socialism, it’s okay to do so, but if you really like this game, and maybe hope to see more like this, SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY! Or wait till the Steam weekend promotions, which I’ll certainly highlight here.

Regular blogging will probably resume in another week or so. Hopefully.

P.S. Euria needs to fucking die. That Combo-breaking bitch.

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