Angel Beats! ends

Angel Beats

……………………….. what?!!

Angel Beats
Uh, how did you arrive here BEFORE Otonashi did when he died first?

Angel Beats
Oh god, this can be sooooo taken out of context. Otonashi, the Heartless.

Angel Beats

Angel Beats
And finally the last confession…

Angel Beats

…. and thanksgiving….

Angel Beats

… and disappearance.

Geez, that’s an amazingly shitty way to end the show. Maeda sure doesn’t know what pacing is even if it was a 380-pound albino gorilla wearing the Brazilian jersey emblazoned with the words “PACING” and blowing a vuvuzela to each ear. So many questions left unanswered, so many possibilities unexplored, so much key frames wasted.

Okay, enough of the pacing jokes. Seriously, this is probably the most disappointing show of the season, given the pre-airing hype over the last year or so and the “star-studded” names behind the project. Good job, Maeda. Good job, P.A. Works.

Bah, well, it’s just as well the show flopped. Of course, there will probably be quite a number not sharing my sentiments but hey, each fandom to its own taste and blind worshiping. Well, it wasn’t as if the show totally failed, there was a few positive aspects to it.

On the top of that list (which is pretty short I might add), is the music. Girls Dead Monster isn’t perfect throughout, but when a song shines, it really shines (literally for Shine Days in this case). Songs like Little Braver, Crow Song, My Song, Thousand Enemies and Ichiban no Takaramono (just came out though) are still on the top of my playlists. My Soul, Your Beats and Brave Song are also nice pieces as well and overall the musical aspect of the show is probably the most polished part of the show.

Coming behind that is episode 10, which is probably the only episode of the whole series to elicit a feeling of loss and grief for me. Truly a case of where KISS (Keep it Sweet and Simple) works perfectly and Yui’s character added on with her backstory still hits hard, especially when playing Ichiban no Takaramono. The rest of the show’s “tear-inducing” scenes just didn’t work at all for me. Yuri’s story was more rage-inducing, Naoi’s was pretty gay, Hinata brought it on to himself, Kanade’s one is well… random and Iwasawa’s story just feels purely unluckiness than tragic. The rest well, they’re all blanks and space fillers haha.

And finally, the random humor element, equally enjoyed and criticized by all, was pretty funny when it worked, as the rocket chairs showed us. T.K. was also consistently funny as heck as he is random, but wasn’t really utilized much. Kanade’s fixation towards Mapo Tofu was cute but also disjointed too, as did her random Sonic Blades as well. It was good yes, but it really ruined the poignancy of some episodes as well. Truly a double-edged sword.

I really don’t feel like adding to the criticism of the show so I won’t add that here. I would most prefer to focus on the positive aspects but hey, we have the comments section open for debate! In the end I’d like to say that Angel Beats! is entertaining but not a great show. The sad thing is? They could’ve fixed a lot of the negatives but instead they just decided to take the route of “hell, i’ll just do what I want and people will still buy my shit at the end”.

Liked: Yes, but the bad outweighted the good in the end.
Rewatch: Probably not (except episode 10).


  1. Shifty Sanders Said,

    September 27, 2010 @ 5:32 am

    Anyone else find it pretty heartless that Kanade would have rather gone on to the next life than live in eternity with Otonashi?

    Plus, all the characters didn’t need to leave after Yuri destroyed the computers.

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