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Working!! 09



When an episode kicks off with a line like that, you know it will either be a massive facepalm-worthy flop or an epic win episode.

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Ichiban Random Plot Twist

Ichiban Ushiro Daimaou

……. what?! Huh? So Keena is some sort of holy maiden girl or something that can interface with the Gods or whatever?!

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Angel Beats! 09

Angel Beats!


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Katanagatari 05



Yes…. apparently Togame is fan of being stepped upon. I guess she really is a ドM.

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Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance

Evangelion 2.22

Got to tip my hat off the sugoi-ness of and DHL International Express, my Blu-Ray arrived right on the morning of May 26th even though I am like a whole hemisphere away from Japan!

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Negima! 289

Pactio Rally Chapter!


And Nagi makes an appearance?!

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery


… or so they say. Amusing. My blog never looked this Web-2.0-ish though! In deference to mikoto/fangzhao’s ballsy-ness, I guess I will follow suit, XD.

In other words, I am finally up on ABT’s. I was having too much fun with the ANB vs Tenchi fan drama to notice until Nova told me.

Makes me wonder, if I posted that Fate/Stay Night was the pinnacle of anime production and the best TYPE-MOON adaptation ever, will I get my own personal stalker for the next six years? Of course, this is hypothetical because there is no Fate/Stay Night anime, right guys?

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Angel Beats! 08

…. they just bloody rehashed the Guild episode this week. And I was expecting something more interesting as the explanation for the multiple Tenshi’s.

Angel Beats!

Admittedly the Red Tenshi’s had a kick-ass attitude, literally. I wonder why Kanade programmed that skill to be so offensive… not to mention uncontrollable as well.

Angel Beats!

a meganekko Yurippe is fine too

Still laughing at how there is an instruction manual (in English too!) for Tenshi’s Angel Player software. I guess Tenshi wasn’t a Starcraft pro player, but a UMS designer instead. Not going to ask how Yurippe managed to edit the skills here and how did she figure out to chain them together using a timer skill.

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K-ON!! 07


Girl meets girl

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“She gave her life for Aiur”

I guess I wasn’t the only one to notice how similar the Hand Sonic sound effects are to the Protoss warping sounds.

Shin’s theory sounds pretty plausible, considering all the crazy shit that’s been going around in Angel Beats! so far. This is a show where anything and nothing, can and will happen anyways.

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